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Features of NewsPaper WordPress theme

  • NewsPaper WordPress Theme is fully responsive
  • Cross browser compatible and all types of devices
  • Fully Color changing theme
  • Coded as per latest WordPress coding theme standards
  • Lots of blog post shortcodes available for different types of posts
  • Category has 2 view types grid and list view
  • 4 types of page layouts also available for use as a website
  • 4 types of home layout possible and any type of shortcode can be added to create your own layout
  • Several Sidebar layouts possible for this theme
  • 580+ font based icons for adding any social media or icons into the website
  • Integrated with Google fonts
  • Cyrillic and Latin sub set fonts also included
  • Several other shortcodes included along with plugin and theme
  • Compatible with recommended page builder for building own layouts and pages
  • HTML5 and CSS3 compatible
  • Several carousel shortcodes included
  • Compatibility and testing done with WooCommerce for eCommerce shop experience
  • Compatibility with NextGen gallery and other types of gallery plugins
  • Compatibility with several author bio widgets and author box plugins is tested
  • Normal WordPress Comments can be used for this site
  • Other commenting plugins can easily be used along with this theme
  • Background and boxed layout pattern is given for this theme
  • Background is easily changeable
  • Several ad widget zones have been used in this theme for monetary income
  • Header and ticket line news is also given on top for flashing or breaking news
  • Can be used for personal or commercial blogging
  • Can be used for any type of industry blog or newspaper site
  • Fully SEO compliant with proper alt tags and heading tags used
  • Compatible with contact form plugins like Ninja forms and Contact form 7 and Gravity form
  • Compatible with SEO plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast SEO
  • Compatible with widget plugin and social media widgets
  • Social sharing plugins also compatible for sharing of blog posts
  • Multilingual and translation ready newspaper WordPress theme
  • PO file available as well as multilingual possibility with several plugin compatibility
  • Easy to set up and full documentation available

NewsPaper WordPress Theme has been designed to cater to news websites which have an array of different news and media from around the globe. This theme is perfect for large scale blog websites or newspaper websites.

It has a news ticker headline on the top which is useful to showcase flashing news or breaking news of any time. Thus giving a great news website feeling.

SKT NewsPaper WordPress theme also have an ad widget on the top header for having great and relevant ads on the top and is a great resource for earning income.

This theme has several spots on the homepage and inner pages for holding ads and advertisements for getting monetary benefits out of the website.

Also this template has been tested and made compatible with various browsers and hand held devices thus testing for both responsive and mobile compatibility apart from cross device compatibility.

Social sharing plugins compatibility has also been tested and found compatible because that is essential for increasing traffic to your blog posts.

Also commenting will increase engagements and increase user interactions amongst themselves and your site will get more authority.

Several page templates have been provided with this theme which allow one to have any type of pages they want. Plus compatibility with page builder plugins have been tested thus one can have any type of layout one wishes or desires for.

Fully SEO compliant alt tags and heading tags have been used in this theme apart from that SEO plugin compatibility is also tested.

Several other plugins like gallery plugins, WooCommerce for easy shopping experience, ad widget plugins for adding any type of widgets in sidebar, header and footer and other contact form plugins also have been tested.

This color changing newspaper WordPress theme also has easy color picker in theme options panel for color changing and font changes.

Also RTL compliant and multilingual and language based plugin compatible for having the site in any language and having multiple language site as well. Author box plugins can increase trust and authority of your blog as author profile can be shown at end of each post.

Several blog layouts for sidebar have also been provided with this theme.

The fame of satellite televisions and the internet has, somehow, suppress the position that reading of newspapers earlier had. But newspapers are still there and will remain as the chief source of bringing the people around the globe closer. In this modern era which is entirely digital, news trends have also changed to a great extent. Now things have become much convenient for everyone. Now, you get news across the globe in just a few minutes. And, this is possible with the use of internet and social media platforms. But, still in some inner areas people are using newspaper where there is no facility of internet.

Although these days also specially senior citizens are reading newspaper. As they are not interested in involving in the digital world to a great extent. Morning cup of tea or coffee with newspaper in hand is actually what they like. But with the changing news trends and emergence of diversified social media platforms, media and press also changed their way. Now, they are adopting both the ways for news broadcasting that is digital and in paper format. So, we are here with this alluring newspaper WordPress theme. If you are stepping forward to build your online presence then this is the immaculate theme for you.

By designing your newspaper website you can reach to a larger number of people. WordPress is one of the topnotch and user-friendly platforms along with its immense category ofthemes. Hence, this WordPress theme enormously contribute to the establishment of your newspaper website as a brand name. With your professional website which showcase all your news in an structured manner you can expect to attainpivotal business and commercial value.And, all your authorwho aims to present their professional career in the digital environment, they can do this with efficacy by your website.

It functions in consent with all the prerequisite features and functionality which are obligatory for the contemporary digital websites. Coded and stylized with the modern programming language, HTML and CSS3 this theme will make you available with a standardized and professional newspaper website. Since coded with the latest programming languages it will ensure that your newspaper website does not need any modification for a long run. But, in a case in future, if you need to do any modification then also this is plausible with this palatial newspaper WordPress theme.

Besides all its immense features it is much resilient as well. You can tweak any element like layout, color, encompass more shortcodes and much more. You can tweak any element with convenience. This way, you can be up to date with the modern changes taking place in this digital world. Apart from its default look and functionality, it is enough competent to add or evacuate elements and can augment the performance of your website.

SEO optimized coding has been done so you can have good search results. You can connect to a larger array of customers by designing a website with this elegant theme. These days, SEO is one of the vital facets of any website. As it is the only way to make people aware of your online existence with good search rankings.

Incarnation of social media plays a major role in making this theme more enticing and tantalizing. This is just the impeccable newspaper WordPress theme no matter you judge it from any of its features. It is designed with the strenuous efforts which are reflected in the balletic design of this theme. When eye-catching images and contemporary features of this theme presented in a concoction with captivating content then the blend will be just mind-boggling. So, try this magnificent theme and take your news agency to new heights.

Also Included with every NewsPaper WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

Few years ago our dad and grandparents used to enjoy tea together and chat with each other and read newspapers. With each sip of tea we enjoyed the newspaper reading with joy. Discussing about world news and daily city news was something we cherished when we were kids and our elders used to discuss and debate about them in our drawing rooms.

Cut to present conditions life has become more busier and we have a smartphone which rings from the morning and has WhatsApp messages and several other forms of communication like email telling us what are our priorities right from the word go starting morning alarm.

Hence people now prefer to read daily news and newspapers digitally. Digital world has become faster mode of communication with the news shared right into the desktop as a desktop notification and people get newsfeed right into their desktop or tablets or mobile phones.

With the increase in usage of smartphones people now get their news readily available via mobile apps or using some other mode of communications like emails. Although the app system is more preferred.

News aggregator apps are also on the rise which showcases various news of various sources and feeds and people can read whatever news they are most interested into.

Thus the importance of a website which is a newspaper WordPress theme based website which is suitable for news agencies and newspapers who want to go online as well as the major benefit of newspaper WordPress theme is that they are app friendly and can be feed directly into any app.

They are digital and multiple authors can post news instantly and at the same time access the backend and can use the platform together along with the visitors who want to read the news.

News agencies and newspaper websites can now avail newspaper WordPress themes which allows for auto posting of curated content into social media.

Has the social media share buttons for visitors to quickly share the feeds in whatever medium they want.

If someone does not want to have it via app they can still access the responsive website via mobile or other browsers in whatever resolution they might be into.

If someone wants to subscribe to the daily email feed or desktop notification can also do that and get instant updates from the site using notification plugins.

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Change Log

  1. Updated October 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts