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Theme Features

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Features of StartUp WordPress Theme

  • Simple and elegant as well as beautiful and modern looking
  • Coded with Elementor page builder and works with other page builders and Gutenberg for inner pages
  • StartUp WordPress theme suitable for all kinds of startup and small businesses
  • Responsive and Google mobile friendly test passed
  • Integrated with easy to use theme options
  • WooCommerce works out of the box
  • Plugin compatibility tested for NextGen gallery for portfolio
  • Default slider with 10 slides and animation effects
  • Can replace slider and quick contact form too on top of homepage
  • Contact form 7 plugin tested and found compatible
  • Full color changing theme
  • Translation ready theme
  • Multilingual ready theme
  • Easy to embed maps, videos and podcasts
  • Tested with different shortcodes plugins
  • Retina Ready and HD ready
  • Multiple page styles and templates possible
  • Social sharing and commenting tested
  • Suitable for all kinds of business and multipurpose use
  • Coded with WordPress codex and theme standards
  • Compatible with HTML5 and CSS3

StartUp WordPress theme is built for IT Companies and tech startups as well as for any other small businesses which consider themselves as startups. This theme is responsive and Google mobile friendly and has been tested with cross browsers as well as several devices.

Works out of the box with WooCommerce latest version as well as backwards compatibility. It also works with contact form 7 plugin out of the box and has been tested extensively.

The uniqueness of the homepage is that it has been created to handle about 20 sections of content so you can even have a long landing page or a one page style of website in case you are looking for one for your product or your ebook or any other type of App as well.

StartUp WordPress theme focusses on different ideas of startups as each one of them is unique to their idea and style and hence this theme allows you to change colours.

It also allows you to change fonts, images, text anywhere on the theme. Power packed with simple and easy to use theme options these themes are just plug and play and has a very easy to use step by step documentation to support the user.

Not just that our company provides free installation of the theme service which allows you to get the demo site installed directly on your server.

Tested with NextGen gallery and found it to be compatible with this theme. Apart from that this theme also has built in gallery functionality.

This responsive startUp WordPress theme also covers different aspects like contact forms, shortcodes for content set up of various types, team members area, about us, page templates, service boxes and others.

Elegant and beautiful looking this theme surely has all the options necessary for a startup and small business.

Other than that you can also see that lots of call to action has been included through out the theme like contact form, social media icons, location and call us as well as email ids written. So reaching the website owner or the company would be very easy and this is what the theme focusses on.

Also Included with every StartUp WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

Why do StartUps need website built on StartUp WordPress theme?

Starting a new business or venture is like babysitting your babies. You need to take care of everything right from hiring to networking to set up of the office etc.

However most important aspect of all is marketing. If you don’t market your product or services no one gets to know about it and obviously you can’t sell it then.

A website is one of the major marketing tool nowadays which lets you get and target right from local business to global customers.

It shows off your brand, your success, how you are different from the rest of others etc.

Many people prefer to check your testimonials, previous work, people successfully using your product or service and contact info.

A Website nowadays is just like your resume which presents all about your business to the customer in a very nice way.

And hence it is definitely the most which is required by StartUps.

What makes a startup WordPress theme great?

We have listed some of the good items that should be clearly visible in a website and a startup WordPress theme.

Clear messages and communication: Messages should be loud and clear hence you should have the visible message right on the slider with good sized fonts clearly visible as to what your product or service does and how it helps customers.

This will increase time spent by your actual customers and those who aren’t your customers will close your website instead of wandering around.

Even a tagline is also essential under a logo which summarises your business.

Videos often are clear: Videos often deliver big messages shortly and visually which leave quite an impact on any customer. Quick tour or demo messages also can be done using a video.

Keep it simple silly (KISS) method: Keeping it simple most of the time works as people don’t like over cluttered websites.

Easy to navigate: Navigation should be easy as older customers or ones who aren’t that tech savvy need something simple to navigate around your website.

Call to actions essential: Call to actions will enable anyone looking to contact you instantly get to you without searching for thus reducing bounce rates and exit percentage.

Simple colors: Simple colors which are soothing to eye and flat designs are always preferred as they work with all devices and are eye soothing.

Lastly a mobile responsive startup theme is always preferred.

More info about StartUp WordPress Theme

The success and future popularity of any startup greatly depend on the coherence of the very first steps and strategic approaches. But the truth is that it will be impossible for you to achieve all your objectives without ensuring your presence in today’s so influential digital realm. While it will open up diverse flexible and practical ways to manipulate, establishing and running an online profile can be the most productive fashion of marketing your newly launched business or initiative on a limited budget.

Having your products, services, consultations, apps or other digital products ready-made for the virtual society will also speak to the customer’s favor, so that the latter will have all the chances to look for whatever he needs at the given moment and find it within your high-quality content very quickly and easily.

In this relation, WordPress content management system offers its well-structured and seriously developed startup WordPress themes to easily turn all the relevant aims and objectives of the target industry or organization in the shortest period of time. With their open-source and self-hosted nature, those templates feature all the basic elements and features any new or small business can consider for its rapid growth.

Along the way, Start Up Pro is an amazingly convenient and accessible product for all the non-professionals and non-experts of IT and WordPress worlds, so this startup WordPress theme is cost – effective not only from the purchase standpoint, but also from management and customization.

Hence, you won’t need to hire expensive specialists to stylize, maintain, develop or extend your online profile. Rather, you can control it right from the start and result in establishing a professional environment, which will fully exemplify your new brand potential and capacity, so that all your website visitors will somehow be influenced by your sophisticated digital existence.

Every effort has been exerted to make this template as easy to use and simple, as flexible and adaptive as possible. These are the main characteristic features that will attract any newly started business representative to acquire and use it on the basis of his future project. Anyway, simplicity and adaptability of the theme don’t mean it lacks any functionality or the overall theme structure cannot bear all the challenges of the current, and even of the future technology-based world.

Powered by all the modern standards set by the current WordPress community, StartUp Pro incorporates all the basic functions and options to provide every website admin with extremely intuitive platform on the one hand, and every website visitor with unequaled user experience.
They will be able to scan the whole proposed content about your startup company profile, its founders, staff, services, products, special offers, contact details, etc, and understand how they can benefit from you. Thus, keeping your website informative, correctly arranged and smooth in navigation and browsing, you can establish mutually beneficial cooperation both with your partners and potential clients from all over the world.

This beautiful and visually motivational, modernly stylized startup WordPress theme comes preloaded with compactly distributed homepage sections like home, about us, portfolio section for the manifestation of your works, blog section for all the ongoing projects or upcoming events, contact us section for any useful information to be available not only for the local market stimulation, but also for the global international market.

Default homepage slider has been added to the theme with the availability of holding up to 10 slides showcasing the most alluring pictures and images of any target company or business or any other photo delivering professionalism and power. Should you need some other slider with other functionality, you are empowered to change the current one with some other slider available.
Diverse page styles and templates, color changing and other configuration options, fast loading nature, HD and retina ready quality, smooth navigation and flawless functionality are all present in the StartUp Pro in the most effective manner.

Apart from being easy and lightweight in usage by the application of the prebuilt options and features, this uniquely thought-out and very versatile website builder is open for any kind of extension or auxiliary assistance to make a whole with them and take the website to a new level of perfection. With this theme it will be quite easy to insert maps for showcasing your location, videos displaying your work processes and podcasts to keep your podcasts up and running quickly.

Thus, one can find this template perfectly compatible with Contact Form 7 plugin for managing the display and usability of diverse contact forms, whatever you may find expedient.
Impeccable functionality with NextGen Gallery plugin with fully responsive design styling and lots of applicable features to make your gallery and portfolio look and feel stunningly has also been checked by this modern and creative startup WordPress theme. In this case you can adjust thumbnail galleries, crop, edit and resize them, create clean and beautiful slideshows with an array of diverse transition and other effects.

If running an online store has ever been in your future plans, then you are in the right place, as this template also supports WooCommerce plugin and thus may reveal all the commercial character to be used to monetize the website presence and boost its profits.

Based on multilingual – ready platform, you can also take care of your international customers by making your online presence affordable in multilanguage forms.

What is left for the generalization of this significant and supremely pliable, cleverly coded and deliberately multipurpose startup WordPress theme is its readily responsiveness and mobile and device friendliness. Since the role of total responsive web design for every single web page is more than compulsory, StartUp Pro has been created to be 100% responsive and cross –mobile compatible.

That is to say, all your website content will not only look good and function precisely when accessed on desktop browsers, but also will adjust itself and adapt to any mobile and mobile browser requirements. Hence, you don’t run the risk of negatively affecting your clients and customer’s optimal experience.

This StartUp WordPress theme can end your problems

Starting a website for any startup company nowadays is important because it acts like an online resume to showcase your talent, past projects and current portfolio and contact details.

True that some website do allow for posting of profiles but profile posting only isn’t enough.

People need to relate to that brand and hence brand based domain name should be linked to your website which is why startup companies want to focus on building their website in the first place.

There are no drawbacks in having a website as it adds as an online medium to get quick advertisement as well as recognition for your work also you can share things online easily via your website and increase traffic to your site.

Video postings and sharing them online become easier via a website and having a fan following for everything you do.

Also one can generate interest by having coming soon products which might be exciting and people would want to subscribe to your products and want to know the launch date.

Thus a startup WordPress theme can also act as a landing page for customers who want to know the launch date of your product or service.

Many mobile companies who are just starting and launching their mobile phones have a timer based slider for their products which is how they launch it.

High in terms of visuals and content any startup company should have an attractive website plus it should make sure it shouldn’t deviate attention from the main call to action or point of contacts and hence our theme does exactly that with pressing the right buttons you get good sales and leads plus the info is passed on visually and nicely to the customers.

Contact form given can be hidden and people can have their own forms or do away with the idea of a form on the top of the slider.

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Change Log

  1. Updated September 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts