Stunning Free WordPress Video Themes Templates With Video Header

With each passing day, we are polishing our existing achievements of technology and researching dedicatedly to achieve a breakthrough.

WordPress is one such platform which is contributing a major stake in the development of websites today. Upgraded versions of the platform come with improved functionalities that help in redefining our webspace.

Making a website in the early 90s was a challenging task and it also involved spending a lot of money. Today with the availability of the free platform and its related features it has become easy and cheap.

Plugins that help with the required features of the website and themes that are the central part of the site are available for free.

These are not just free but powerful and revenue-generating peculiarities for a website. With an increasing number of websites, the focus on creating selected and SEO-friendly content have increased.

Videos and picture contribute a significant role in creating content that results in attracting new users.

In this article, we have sorted twelve stunning free WordPress video themes for you that can be used for developing your website.

These free WordPress video themes will assure that your website has a powerful performance.

free video WordPress themes

1. SKT Filmmaker

Film Maker

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In the list of stunning WordPress video themes free, SKT Filmmaker is an inevitable choice.

This is an editable theme with a focus on videos and filmmaking content. It has been designed with the goal that the theme performs exceptionally well even if it has considerable content.

It is a customizable theme and hence you can make the desired changes in the layout and the final look of the theme.

Blogs can be updated as frequently as required and the installation of the theme is also quick.

2. SKT SPA Lite

spa WordPress Theme

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SKT Spa Lite is an emerging free WordPress themes video background.

The theme has been dedicatedly prepared for promoting wellness-related activates and business along with healthcare.

The design of the theme is sober and calm so that it can be used for any other professional business website as well.

It comes with necessary plugin support and has been tested with essential parameters of WordPress website standards. Add relevant videos as required in the theme and be assured about its performance.

3. SKT Strong

crossfit WordPress theme

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SKT Strong is one of the free video WordPress themes. As the name says the theme is strongly built. It has a peculiar corporate preferred theme for hassle less development of business sector websites.

It comes with three slides and by default, Google fonts have been loaded. The list of plugins compatibility is huge hence adding essential features which are mandatory for the website becomes easy.

It is responsive, Google mobile-friendly, and comes with multilingual plugin support. Local icons setup for business requirements like the call to action and social media is possible with this theme.

4. SKT Full Width

Full Wide WordPress theme

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SKT Full Width is a popular theme amongst WordPress free video themes category.

It has a unique and modern design with essential features required to develop a modern website. It can fit screens of all size.

By default, it comes with an SEO-friendly coding to enhance the search rankings of your website. It is compatible with complex sliders gallery plugins.

The theme also supports e-commerce plugins so that you can also establish an online store on the website. The rotating background of the homepage is a peculiar feature of this theme.

5. SKT Panaroma

panorama WordPress theme

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SKT Panaroma is one of the free video blog WordPress themes. The design and layout of this theme differ from conventional and regular ones.

It is fully customizable to set up your video blog and its content according to your planned layout. It also has easy to use no brainer theme option.

Location and social media icons can be set up in the default footer. It has been tested and is compatible with major WordPress plugins which provide enrichment to core functionalities of the website. Backgrounds can be easily changes as required.

6. Beauty SPA Lite

massage center

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Free WordPress theme for video list features Beauty SPA Lite theme. It has a pleasant and soothing design which is often demanded by clients for developing a business website.

The theme maintains the standard of WordPress codex and theme check. Default slider along with services is provided on the homepage.

Hover colors and link colors can be modified while the other colors remain the same in the free version. It has superb plugin compatibility and has been positively reviewed by hundreds of users.

7. Interior Lite

Interior Lite is one of the best free WordPress themes for video. The theme has been designed for featuring a business related to interiors. You can conveniently add photographs, videos, and video documentation related to your project.

The theme is compatible with the gallery plugin and exhibits commendable performance. It has an attractive and impressive design which lures the potential clients.

It is also compatible with the e-commerce plugin support which enables you to opt for an online store on the website.

8. Web Programmer Lite

Web Programming Lite is amongst the free premium WordPress video themes. For every coder and developer out there looking to establish a website and feature technical videos, this theme is the best catch.

The design and layout of the theme are exclusively dedicated to coding and developing. It is a customizer based theme which enables you to preview the changes in live time.

It has a flat and material based design approach which offers compatibility to the site across all devices and browsers.

9. Ele Spa Lite

Ele Spa Lite is an influential free WordPress themes with video header. With a customized design reflecting a dynamic approach, the theme can be used for developing any website. It comes with cache and SEO Plugin compatibility.

It comes with social media plugin compatibility that allows your audience to connect with all your activities on social media.

It also has a free landing page. Static page option for the front page is available. It is easy and simple to use for featuring a blog.

10. Ele Restaurant lite

WordPress themes free video blog includes Ele Restaurant lite theme. It is responsive and has a peculiar design which perfectly suits all kinds of NGO and social service organization’s website.

Front end navigation and backend is simple. Because of the customizer, there is no conflict of the script in the backend. It is cross-device and cross-browser compatible.

Widget friendly sidebar enables dynamic widgets. Donation plugins are tested and successfully working. It can also be screened on a projector as it is HD tested.

11. Clean Lite

The WordPress themes for videos free download list feature Clean Lite theme. It comes with a clean, sleek, and modern design.

The theme is based on a white background which helps the videos and pictures to be noticed by the audience without being highlighted.

It is compatible with the multilingual plugin and is also translation ready. The entire theme is documented and the support for the same is also available.

12. CutsNStyle Lite

This is a free WordPress theme for spas, hair cutting salons, massage parlours, and similar other business sectors which enables you to create a dynamic website.

The theme has a stylish design. It has been developed with the provision to easily accommodate and feature videos without any difficulties.

It also has necessary plugin support for the same. It is easy to make modifications in the theme and comes with e-commerce plugin support.

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