Beautiful WordPress Themes for Extraordinary and Beautiful Websites

There are dozens of structural and functional principles that have been prioritized beforehand and are strictly followed when planning, developing and launching beautiful WordPress themes.

If we dive into some basics of them, we’ll find that both beautiful and eye – catching external design, as well as simple and easy to use, yet feature-rich and powerful structure are the integral parts of some of them, letting their owners enjoy endless capacities coming along.

Its exceptional website performance combined with extraordinary and unique visual appearance, that together will speak to the favour of any individual or business presentation for diverse reasons.

What fonts and typography use to maintain a simple and elegant appearance while ensuring readability?

When it comes to maintaining a simple and elegant appearance while ensuring readability in typography, there are a few key fonts and techniques to consider. First and foremost, sans-serif fonts are often the go-to choice for a clean and modern look.

simple beautiful WordPress themes

Fonts like Helvetica, Arial, and Gotham have a timeless appeal and are widely used in various design contexts. These simple beautiful website fonts have clean lines and lack the decorative flourishes of serif fonts, making them highly legible and easy on the eyes.

Another important aspect to consider is the spacing between letters and lines. Optimal letter spacing, also known as kerning, ensures that each character is evenly spaced, allowing for easy reading. Additionally, line spacing, or leading, plays a vital role in readability.

Lastly, using a limited color palette and sticking to one or two font styles throughout your design can help maintain a cohesive and elegant look. By implementing these tips, you can achieve a simple and elegant appearance while ensuring that your text remains readable and visually appealing.

We have reviewed and picked out some of the beautiful WordPress themes.

These themes which are rich in inbuilt and ready-to-go features and options, are designed to be user and customer – driven, totally responsive and mobile friendly, as well as are made to work across different browsers.

Every single piece of the below – mentioned templates is in full compliance with the standards specified by the modern WordPress community, so that your will be insured against any technical or functional drawback or loss.

SKT Blessing:

SKT blessings

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SKT Mosque:

SKT Mosque

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SKT Minimal Pro:

SKT Minimal

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GB Shopping:

GB Shopping

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SKT Firefighter:


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SKT Police:

SKT police

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Fuel Station:

Fuel Station

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SKT Karate:

SKT Karate

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SKT Dual:

marketing WordPress themes

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SKT Dual is professionally developed and minutely crafted, beautifully and elegantly stylized, durable and pliable, truly smart and intuitive, responsive and SEO -optimized template, which acts professionally in every case and under any circumstance by realizing all its capacities to meet all the prerequisites and prescripts set by any individual or corporate representative.

Thanks to its flexible and adaptable nature, your original profile and look can be easily created and modified, so that your online presence will be truly amazing and competitive in the relevant digital area. Hence this falls under unique and beautiful WordPress themes category.

Complete Pro:

complete pro

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The dedicated specialists and developers of Compete Pro have exercised an integrated and comprehensive approach towards this theme both as whole and as a unity of diverse parts, sections, areas and options in such a way that it turned out to be really dependable framework complete in every aspect of it.

Being multipurpose and multiniche in nature, quick and light in performance and extremely comfortable in customization, this durable content management tool can be ideal for proceeding with every website building and personalization as per the website owner’s needs and objectives.


simple new

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If you are keen on finding simple and easy to use and understand, yet highly versatile and resourceful, visually attractive and nice template to cope with the establishment and management of your future website of any nature and purpose, look no further than Simple.


doctor WordPress theme

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Handy is overly simple and beautiful WordPress themes armed with the sufficient inbuilt and practical controls and elements to be a key to your online success in the nearest future.

Based on readily responsive and cross mobile and browser compatible, plugin and extension – optimized and HTML5 and CSS3 – based framework, Handy is particularly suitable for doctor and medicine websites.

The practical customization and configuration system of which will grant every medical specialist with tons of possibilities to make a strong and credible presentation online, establishing strong communication ties with thousands of patients across the globe.



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Naturo is another truly exceptional and highly recommended product of WordPress origin to cater to any initiative and ensure its impeccable manifestation.

The theme comes bundled with minimalistic design approach, which is alluring in its own way, easy to manage theme features and options, precisely and neatly arranged theme sections and areas to publish any type of multimedia content.

Full – width slider to arm with the most expressive images and accompanying texts, responsive, SEO and SMO – supported framework to ensure the flawless performance of the website irrespective of the mobile or device used and to boost the website ranking in the relevant search engines.

Again this one hence falls under beautiful WordPress themes.


towing WordPress theme

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Towing is amazingly smooth and sleek, technologically cutting – edge and inherently smart product with multipurpose nature to be a strong and reliable basis for every web profile. With this modern and truly dynamic theme the look and functionality of your website will be right in your hand.

So that you can manage theme any time you may find reasonable. Towing has been created to be totally responsive, multilingual ready, user and developer – related, WooCommerce compatible and e-commerce ready, as well as quick in performance and operation.


premium WordPress theme

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Kraft is full featured and thoroughly worked – out, simple and beautiful WordPress themes equipped with lots of essential features for every user to build up a website he has always dreamed of.

Publish your interactive your content with ease and let it look modern and dynamic to take advantage over many other websites across the modern digital environment, let your content be adaptable for any mobile and screen size at the high-quality visualization and performance level, make it social media integrated and enjoy the benefits coming from it.



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Balanced between cleverly coded and innovative design, flexible and resilient framework, uniquely well – organized theme structural mechanism, Religious is another premium – quality WordPress – based theme generating an ideal builder tool for any website across a variety of religious and church – related fields and topics.

However, the theme potential is not limited to those specific niches at all, so that you can customize and edit it to showcase it in your unique and extraordinary way.

Responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, compliance with all the current standards of WordPress system, the integration of Google fonts and icons, homepage slider with controllable effects have all been taken care of.



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If you have intended to build up a beautiful and motivational, classy and stylish, client – driven and portfolio – based template by exercising all its influential resources.

Here is Fitt with its highly responsive and creative, SEO and SMO – centric character to develop a perspective website for the target groups of the people not only in the online, but also in the real world.

This simple, yet modern and robust website creation and arrangement tool will make you the developer and designer of your online profile, granting you with limitless control over every single part and portion of it to ensure the extraordinary sense of it.

Out of the many falls under beautiful WordPress themes because of the above mentioned points and criteria.

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