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Features of Fight Club WordPress Theme

One of the ventures that can be proved as a revenue-generating business is a karate academy. The task of opening the karate academy can be simple but it totally depends on the natural progression.

For someone who practices karate daily and encompasses their complete life in teaching karate to others can live totally with the best business strategy and marketing techniques.

For individuals, the karate academy or business related to it is a good option. Especially it is a good option that is specializing in martial arts and enjoy while working with different people.

Nowadays many schools are trying to teach karate to their students not only to make more profit but also to explore their student’s passion in the field of self-defense and karate.

Rather than any other sports, karate seems to be more professional and discipline for the parents so that they can provide all required self-defense capabilities to their children.

Karate actually includes some of the tricks of self-defense that you can use for the safety of your wealth and health safety. Nowadays more and more people are getting interested in this field and trying to explore this sector as much as possible.

However, if you are looking to explore this niche then let us tell you that the best way to reach more people of the world is to create online presence so that people from wider area can reach to your by enrolling their names and getting online session started as soon as possible.

You will be amazed to know that SKT Karate is actually a fight club WordPress theme that was created by keeping one thing in mind that maximum people should be able to get connected to your business that too with ease.

But before starting your business in the karate niche there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

The very first thing that you should consider is an idea or thought of business names. One of the most powerful tools that can grow or down your business is the name of your business and its concept. And another most important thing is the look of your online presence.

If you end up with a website that looks horrible or unstructured then how your visitors will find you’re trustworthy or reliable? How they will try to contact you? How they will know about your offerings and so on.

To provide a solution to such a problem, the SKT Karate was created that make sure your website at least looks responsive and structured on every device that your visitors choose.

Let us see some various sorts of martial arts

In the industry, martial arts are categorized into 5 distinct. These are weapons-based styles, striking styles, standup styles, low impact styles, MMA, or grappling styles.

Karate, Kung-Fu, boxing, krav maga, etc comes under the striking or standup styles

Whereas shoot fighting, Russian sambo, and wrestling come under the grappling styles and so on.

6 different steps are given that will guide you in establishing the martial or karate school

Get skills and expertise: Before getting into this venture makes sure you have proper knowledge and qualification on it. The qualification will actually depend on which type of school you will be starting. Or you can hire the one who has a master’s in such a field.

Create a business plan: The process of business plan creation is very important just like other businesses. You will need to figure out your targeted clients as well as find the solution to attract more clients.

Business Location: Now this is something that most small businesses suffer with. How many customers you will be able to target all depends on the location you have chosen for your business.

However, if you believe in the online market you can target people all around the world for online karate classes. This is possible only if you have a website that looks trustworthy and professional.

By having a website you do not need to purchase a physical space to target a wide range of people. Only your online presence is sufficient to serve them.

Staffing: Another aspect that can help you to grow your business is staffing. you can hire more employees as per your requirements like you can hire a developer to manage the website, digital marketing for handling marketing stuff, designer for designing the website, and so on.

But wait! Do you know with the help of the fight club WordPress theme a beginner or a non-technical person can also create a website that looks professional and functional too?

The theme was created by considering a beginner and non-technical person in mind so they don’t need to invest money in unwanted stuff.

Market your martial arts school: marketing your martial arts school with an offline medium will go wrong because most of the people are found to be online so it is always better to grab their attention online. With the fight club WordPress theme you will be able to promote your business not only on just one platform but also you could be able to reach an audience on social media.

With less time and effort you will be able to find sponsors for your business.

Making your brand stand out from the crowd is very much important when it comes to karate or martial arts marketing. However, it can be the most challenging task through the process of business setup.

In few last years, such industry has noted a drastic growth. Some reports also stated that in the US the total revenue generated in this sector was about $5 billion a year. This is quite a big amount

Also, some reports state that every year about more than 3.6 million people is participating actively, and more than 80,000+ martial arts businesses are established.

Like others, there are so many different marketing tactics that can help you to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of maximum audiences.

Sponsor event or community team: to boost the image of your brand, sponsoring an event can be a great idea. If you have decided to build a website with a fight club WordPress theme then you are the lucky one because it is capable of managing a number of events with ease. You will be able to organize the events the way you want.

Host martial arts tournaments: To host tournaments on behalf of karate schools so that they can be aware of self-defense and other art schools nearby your area is actually a good idea. On your website, you can put all the required details about your tournaments or the list of schools that offers karate and martial arts classes.

Reach more people: it is found that more than 85% of consumers make the purchase only after watching the videos or other visual content. So you can consider this as a vital factor and upload high-quality videos and images of your karate school on your website so that people can find it more helpful and get connected to you for more details.

Fight club WordPress theme is HD and retina ready that allows you to add multimedia content and display it on your website very beautifully. You can also make use of social media integration like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. You can link your active social media accounts to it to showcase all updates on your school.

You can also add short testimonials videos of your customers in the testimonial section.

You can promote your giveaways also you can add social share buttons so that your visitors can share useful content like blogs and articles with their social media friends.

You can praise the progression of your students. Also, you can show your expertise with the progress bar.

Before creating a theme we have studied the business carefully and also taken the help of school managers and founders of martial classes so that we can know their requirements. So you can say that the theme has complied with all features and functionalities that you may require. Also, it will not only improve your existing online presence but also help you to boost sales.

Building your online appearance with SKT Karate means representing your business across the web and urging people to learn about your experience and expertise.

This theme can be used for bodybuilding websites, yoga, cross-fit centers, and MMA clubs too. This theme also suits well for sports, coaches, trainers, sportsmen, runner companies, and healthy lifestyle-related websites. It is provided with drag and drops elements so that you can create a quick and secure website without wasting time and effort.

By default, more than 7 pages are predefined to ensure you are able to explore services, programs, schedule, blog, contact details, etc about your karate company. While scrolling the demo page you will find that how smoothly the theme works as it is drafted with clean and valid code.

Your website will not only look authentic but also credible. So, utilize the features of the fight club WordPress theme to reach your goals.

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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
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  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare