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Features of Police WordPress Theme

SKT Police is a police WordPress theme designed to offer security and police services online to the local community.

It is shocking to consider the fact that there are still so many users and customers who do not use a police WordPress theme that is actually particular and properly coded.

With a poorly coded template or a theme, you might face different issues with plugins, updates, functionality, etc. So to not have such an issue you have to ensure that the theme you choose is perfectly coded and well-optimized from every aspect.

It is very essential to utilize the well-coded theme especially if you are a WordPress user. So, we have listed few highlights of SKT Police to make sure you do not go on the wrong path.

Before checking its features let’s first know more about policemen, their responsibilities, and the qualities needed to ensure their local communities are safe from every aspect. After this, we will check on some factors that why policemen or related people should choose the SKT Police theme.

Through action and perspective, the status of hero can be received and the police profession has achieved this status very beautifully.

Courage, humanity, professionalism, and integrity are the topmost characteristics of every police officers. To treat everyone as the same, to be fair in duties performance, to ensure all education’s highest standards are maintained, and to keep mortal and mental strength to oppose the enemy all these qualities are essential.

The police are the most responsible person for offering the services like emergency help, patrolling, crime prevention advice, and so on. Also, some other duties of police are conducting interviews, protecting lives, follow-up criminals, for police services responds to calls, self-initiate traffic, arrest criminals, investigating, and more.

The police come in the role when a person or a group of people need help in difficulty, crises, danger, etc. Also, policemen will be the most approachable and responsible people when a citizen of any specific country does not know whom to approach and what to do next.

In a society, it is expected that the police must maintain order and the law. However, these two major duties are innumerable that is the reason the police have major roles, duties, functions, and powers.

What is the importance of maintaining relationships between police and the community?

Actually, it is difficult to maintain mutual trust between communities and police agencies. Police officials provide important details on crime in the neighborhood of their community members. To disorder the crime and problems it is important for community members to work with police officers.

Usually not all police officials are able to win the trust of community members for a variety of reasons. On the 10th of July 2015, the national meeting was organized from around the nation of community leaders and police to better the strategy to win the trust among the community and police.

In today’s era, every small business including police stations and local fire departments needs an inexpensive and professional-looking web presence.

Emergency services like ambulance, police, fire, women helpline, senior citizen helpline, and railway inquiry also need such design that looks compelling and grabs the communities attention as more and more people prefer to browse online for getting any type of news or information.

Let us see few reasons why there should be a police website?
The very first reason to have a police website is to let local community members connect with the police personally and quickly.
Another reason is to establish a platform that will help police to investigate easily.
Beautifully and professionally made police website will act as a central system that will store All criminal and crime information along with fingerprints and criminal images.
The process of analyzing the crime patterns will be enhanced.
The process of analyzing all accidents including road incidents will be modernized.
The total turnaround time for traffic and criminal analysis will be faster.
Back office activates for a police station will be reduced including station records management, Preparation of ad-hoc and regular reports.
Better communication between a victim and police officers to solve the case is easier.
better coordination via an electronic information exchange system.

Also, there are few advantages of having an online presence for citizens. Some of the to benefits are listed below

Easily and accurately access of report unclaimed, view, recovered property or vehicles.
For registering petition, simplifying the process
To get services from police they can connect to them via different channels.
For any emergency call, a faster response will be provided by the police.

The police’s priorities have been completely changed to ensure the order and law are maintained. Because of better transport and communication system, the activities of criminals and crime rate have been increased. Moreover, it is actually not possible to maintain the records or crime manually nor the police department has that much time.

Also, it becomes impossible to exchange the criminal operating information in neighboring police stations, states, or districts. Thus this was the major reason to computerize the crime criminal records.

For detection and prevention of crime, the major role that plays is the criminal records. To carry out responsibilities with effectiveness and efficiency the police try their best.

To enhance the capacity of service delivery the security of the police profession should also have a website that will also ensure that this firm is also following new technologies and methodologies to serve their community with the best they could.

Website is the best solution to minimize the inconvenience of the public. Another topmost reason for having a website is to allow individuals to apply for the desired position online.

The police WordPress theme crafted by SKT Themes will help you to begin with ease. Whether you are a guard dog trainer, volunteer firefighting services, or a police inspector you will find this template i.e. SKT Police more helpful.

And Of-course, if you need any type of assistance related to the theme you can get connected with one of our experienced developers and get the solution in no time. You can even hire WordPress Developers from SKT Themes if you are in need of advanced features and theme customization.

But, as the theme is user-friendly and completely customizable a non-coder can also establish a simple yet professional-looking police website with the help of comprehensive documentation provided by our company.

Why use a police WordPress theme designed by SKT Themes?
Actually, SKT Police is designed in such a way that it will engage a community of your locals and will help to alert the public attention. Plus it offers all required sections where a policeman or a suitable person will bring news and updated information.

SKT Police will be served as a secure tool for creating your website as it is followed with all WordPress and SEO Standards. To attract the attention of your visitors the police WordPress theme will help you to achieve amazing results.

It will also help you to list the photos and provide complete information about the security department in the most impressive way.

While designing a theme it is made sure that your website will function well on all popular devices and browsers. Along with this also ensure that the theme supports all required plugins to promote your services and your thoughts.

SKT Police offers 6 pre-designed page templates for blogs, services, about, pages, contact us, and make a complaint page where a new visitor can make complaints very easily.

Call to action buttons like email and contact us are given at the top of the homepage so that a visitor could find an easy option to get connected with the police department or security service agency in just one click.

With SKT Police you will be able to create an eye-catching website as well as you will not struggle while maintaining the website as it offers 1-year of customer support and documentation after the theme is purchased.

To get a professional and clean-looking website it does not matter if your business has a long-term or a short-term plan. By focusing more on white spaces you can also focus more on your community. Moreover, you will be happy to know, police WordPress theme will watch out for your web spaces very well.

Specially SKT Police theme is geared to those who are willing to establish a web page for the police department with a respectable budget.

The demo is created in such a way that a policeman will find a simple way to list their all services like auctions, department missions, patrolling, crime & prevention tips, shooting classes for safety, robbery inspections, etc. Along with this he/she will be able to display some emergency seminars and security alerts without touching the line of code.

But, SKT Police will not only tackle the needs of the police department, and police academy but also is capable of tackling fire stations, security officers, law enforcement, and firefighter’s needs.

Also, it can be used by crime prevention agencies, private investigators, inspection officers, security agents, Civil Forces, private guard centers, and many more.

So, what you are waiting for? Get your website up and running with a decent budget and start promoting services related to police or any other security department instantly.

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Also Included with every Police WordPress Theme

  1. Theme FilesYou get theme zip file after purchase which you can upload to your WordPress website
  2. PSD Design FilesYou may ask for PSD file access via email after purchase. It is not included in zip file
  3. Sample Content1 click demo import is provided which downloads demo data from our server
  4. SupportYour email address becomes your username for the support forum and you can also email us
  5. Free InstallationIf you face any trouble during installation of the theme provide us details via email and we will take care of it

Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare