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Features of Petroleum WordPress Theme

SKT Fuel Station is an interesting and elegant petroleum WordPress theme that is deliberate for encouraging non-renewable energy source products and other organizations related to oil and petrol.

The petroleum industry can be recognized as an oil patch and oil industry that also involves some of the global processes such as transporting, exploration, refining, extraction, marketing products related to petroleum, and much more.

This industry is much more famous for their products like gasoline which is also known as petrol and fuel oil. For different chemical products too including fertilizers, synthetic, plastics, solvents, pesticides, etc, petroleum is considered the most important raw material.

In three different components, the industry is divided into downstream, upstream, midstream. for so many industries the Petroleum is very essential like for industrial civilization maintenance the Petroleum is important.

Some research shows that per year more than 35 billion barrels of oil are consumed by the world. Some of the consumption patterns of some geographic regions are South and Central America (44%), North America (40%), Africa(41%). Whereas the highest consuming region is Middle East (53%) and the lowest is for Asia and Europe by 32%.

The industry of petroleum is very big and all over the world, its activities are broadening. Because this industry is growing much faster all around the world it is vital to know its activities scope. Project finance can be applied to a wide range of petroleum industry activities.

However, for big scale projects, project finance has been inclined in few sectors of industry. Such as it might cover LNG plants, gas and oil production and development, storage facilities, refineries, offshore projects, petrochemicals plants, and more. For debt funding, these activities are actually not suitable.

In the multitude of products, natural gas will be processed by refining crude petroleum. this will process is handled by the petroleum industry. It also includes in marketing and distribution of petroleum-based products.

The process which it includes is field operation of oil and gas, processing operating of gas plant, operation for refining and refinery and other refining technologies.

A lot of pollutants can be caused because of these activities in form of hazardous waste and toxic emissions which will automatically harm the environment. Actually, the pollution which might cause because of this industry will all depend on which type of operation and design practices have been done.

More than 25,000 tins of oily sludge are actually generated by Oil refineries in India that too per annual.

Very carefully SKT Fuel Station is crafted so that all business people and industry organizations can use it. On the Elementor page builder the SKT Fuel Station is dependent. It is completely supporting the WooCommerce plugin so that you can even start selling your business products online.

Let us study more about Oil & Gas Industry in India

By 2022, it is expected that the Gas and Oil industry might attract more than US$24 billion investment in production and exploration.

Let’s learn about the growing demand in India:
Globally, India is considered the third-largest energy consumer in the world.
By 2029-2030 it is expected that India might demand Diesel to double to 163 MT.
By 2030, India is actually working on some plans to increase the capacity of refining.

Lets us learn about Rapid expansion in India:
At the beginning of the 2021 year i.e. in February, the Prime Minister declares that India’s Government is planning to fund gas and oil infrastructure more than US$ 102.49 billion which is equivalent to ~Rs. 7.5 trillion in the next 5 years.
That means in production and exploration, more than US$ 25 billion investment is expected to attract by this industry by 2022.

Let us learn about Supportive FDI Guidelines:
100% foreign direct investment has been allowed by the Government in the private sector and upstream projects.

For public sector refining projects the FDI limit is increased by 49%.

Now let us see some profitable Gas & Oil business ideas
As mentioned above the refining, exploration, transporting, extraction, marketing, and distribution of petroleum products operation are included in the Gas and Oil industry. Because of large scale operation demands of this industry, these business has medium and small scale ideas that can be started in low capital.

By regional economics, price instability and energy security are the most vital energy issues. 60% of daily energy requirements have been provided by gas and Oil to the 7 billion people of the world.

This is the reason Gas and Oil businesses have global industry impacts all our industries and lives. For new entrepreneurs, some most profitable gas and oil business ideas are given below. With some marketing research and the right planning, anyone can take their footstep forward in the gas and oil industry that will open so many opportunities.

If you feel that given below job idea is suitable for you then you must make SKT Fuel Station yours by paying a basic fee. SKT Fuel Station is actually a petroleum WordPress theme that can be catered to create any type of website related to Oil and Gas business ideas.

Without wasting time let’s check out some profitable business ideas:

Oil Consultancy: The Gas and oil industry is too big. If you have ever worked in such kind of industry then you can explore your skills and knowledge here. Oil companies are actually in search of a person who can provide some guidance and expert advice resolving some of the minor and major issues.

You can simply start writing a blog on a particular subject so you could reach more audiences. This is the major role of the Oil consultancy job.

Cooking Gas Distribution: Another most profitable gas and oil business is the LPG or cooking gas distribution. For starting up this business you do not need to invest a large-scale capital. in addition to this, you will be required to have Government-authorized licenses.

Without any doubt, we can say that the cooking oil distribution’s market is growing so rapidly so this could be the most profitable business idea for you.

And yes, the petroleum WordPress theme we mentioned above can be used to create a cooking gas distribution website too for easy and effective communication.

Gas Station: A gas station can be combined with convenience stores or food marts which will be responsible for providing some services such as automotive repair services, car cleaning, and so on. With medium capital investment, this business can be started easily. In large cities as well as in small towns this business can be started.

Filling Station: A petrol pump or filling station is another well-known gas and oil business idea that will generate income on the basis of the retail segment. with the automobile industry, the filling station market is also increasing rapidly. in some past decades, this business has experienced skyrocketing growth.

For starting your business in such a field you need commercial expertise, systematic marketing, good location, and services that will be the major key of your business.

Another factor that you could add to this business idea is a filling station website that can be crafted easily with a petroleum WordPress theme. Very few owners of filling stations have an online appearance so why do you leave behind when you have SKT Fuel Station in right front of you and make a difference.

Oil & Gas Exploration and Drilling: If your area or nearby location has a large space to store the natural oil and gas then you can consider exploration and drilling business ideas. This business has high-profit margins as they are a capital-intensive business.

Oil & Gas Consulting: If you have expertise and information on Oil and Gas industry then you can start your own consulting business for gas and oil-related enterprises. You could offer consulting services as per your experience and knowledge in the marketing and manufacturing segment.

Some areas that are potential are unconventional and conventional oil and gas production and exploration, refining and marketing, midstream, equipment manufacturing, and oilfield services.

Petrochemical Refining: The natural gas and crude oil will be converted to intermediates or finished products by performing the petrochemical operations and refining operations. After this, it can be used for manufacturing the chemicals.

Various auxiliary facilities like storage tanks and utility units are involved in it. along with this, some processing units are also involved.

By determining the desired products, refinery location, and economic considerations you can have your own refining process’s combination.

The natural gas and oil industry is wide and thus it is considered the largest industry in the world so it could generate a lot of revenue for you by starting a suitable business in a similar industry.

Because the Petroleum WordPress theme we introduced is multipurpose it can be used to create a website for a small as well as large-scale based oil and gas business venture.

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