Towing - Towing WordPress theme

Towing - Towing WordPress theme
Change Log
  • Updated July 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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Towing WordPress theme features

  • It is a responsive towing WordPress theme targeted for the towing industry
  • The homepage of the towing WordPress theme has all the areas managed via page builder which makes it super easy to manage
  • SKT Page Builder plugin is integrated along with the towing WordPress theme
  • CSS3 animation gives the template a new dimension and fun to watch
  • True 1 click demo import given within the towing WordPress theme
  • Multipurpose template and can be used to easily set up any type of website because allows image changes, font changes, text changes and layout alterations too
  • Industries like automotive, automobile, garage, repair and several other types of industries can create their website using this towing WordPress theme
  • Page templates with and without sidebar have been provided for setting up content the way you need it
  • Cross browser friendly with all popular browsers across a variety of devices being checked
  • Cross device compatibility also checked with hand held devices as well as smart phones, laptops, desktops and smart TVs as well
  • Support of 1 year is included with each and every one of our themes
  • Plugins compatible list is huge and includes all types of popular ones
  • WordPress codex theme review standards have been followed
  • Google mobile friendly test passed
  • HD and retina ready devices compatibility tested
  • Blog layouts for sidebar on posts and single blog post provided
  • Google fonts with more than 800+ included for limitless typography options
  • Cyrillic and Latin sub sets also included for special characters compatibility
  • Header and footer layouts more than 4 in number provided
  • Site layout 2 types namely boxed and site wide provided
  • Inner pages header can have a gallery, mixed content, HTML, text, slider, image banner etc
  • Sidebar is widget friendly and can hold as many widgets as needed
  • Widget friendly towing template with header areas and footer areas also widgetized
  • Customizer based so check changes in real time while doing them
  • Documentation is extensive and includes video on how to do things
  • Nested comments provided as well as commenting plugins like Disqus and Facebook ones also compatible
  • Social sharing plugins also compatible
  • Drop down navigation menus up to level 5 included for large navigational experience and better UI of users
  • Ample call to action provided which means that one will get a sales boost after using this theme
  • Default slider is provided to set up slides instantly
  • Other sliders include video sliders, master sliders, image and fancy layered sliders as per choice and preferences of the customer
  • Fast loading of a website is always preferred and cache plugins work just fine to boost the speed of the site
  • Multilingual as it is compatible with qTranslate X for multiple language websites and also is translation ready for usage into other language websites
  • Quite fast theme with very little loading speed
  • Shortcodes breathe a life into the theme with so many features like info boxes, accordions, galleries, and testimonial sliders.
  • It is compatible with the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin which has more than 100+ shortcodes
  • Proper call to action is included. Sidebar contact form also available
  • Compatible with Nextgen Gallery for portfolio and gallery usage
  • Compatible with WooCommerce so that you can easily add a shop and start selling
  • Compatible with 2000+ icons pack for adding as many social and other icons as you want throughout the website
  • Contact form with captcha to help protect spam and contact details.
  • Responsive to cater to smartphone users and Google mobile friendly theme
  • Gallery area to showcase work in pictorial and video
  • Blog to speak your heart out and also issue news and press releases
  • Towing WordPress theme offers theme options, google font compatibility and link and font colour change options
  • Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and PHP
  • HTML 5 and CSS3 compatibility

The towing industry is known to couple other objects like cars, buses and other objects and displace them from one area to another. Towing cars are mostly used when a car is broke down or gets involved in an accident and needs to be taken to either a garage or the police station.

Our towing WordPress theme gives you just the right feeling about the towing industry and a towing company.

Every detail and service and phone number are explicitly shown in the towing WordPress theme so that immediately one may get the contact phone number and location of the company to call for its services.

Since smartphones are on the rise we kept the theme responsive.

On the home page, we have a nice slider showcasing the works and way you carry out your services.

The About Us section tells about the company. It may hold a mission statement, history and about the team of people who started the company.

The services section gives an idea of what the towing company offers to do in a nice and clean way. The boxes give a snippet of each service as a quick overview.

The gallery showcases the present and past work done. It has a video as well as an image gallery.

The blog is optional if one feels and wants to write regularly about their services or educate clients about what to do when the car breaks down.

Contact Us comes with a contact form and captcha and contact details.

Towing WordPress Theme for tow truck and hauling services


The towing WordPress theme has been known to provide the tow truck services to any vehicle. Apart from that this multipurpose theme can suit any type of repairing business or service type of business as well.

The latest news area to nicely showcase the latest blog posts.

Gallery in built and other gallery plugins are also compatible to suit the requirements of such templates.

About and services area which can be handled easily. Inner page templates which can be used effectively depending on the page type and also use of page builders for inner pages means that one can have their own layout choice.

Town Truck services are also easier to manage using this tow truck WordPress theme.

The towing business is required in any town or city because if your car or truck or mini van gets stuck due to some problems in the vehicle it needs to be transported back to the garage. Also, there are many times a car is stuck in the middle of the road.

And it also happens that several times traffic police wants to take cars or other vehicles in custody. During this time as well they use towing vehicles.

Hence towing WordPress theme has been created because just like other businesses towing truck businesses also need information for sharing online and for people to visit their website and know about the services as well as know about the information about the business.

Towing is the coupling of two objects and to be pulled by the object which has the more power to draw the other object and drag or pull it to its destination.

Towing can be done in various sizes as well as types and can be carried on land, air and water.

For land, we use towing trucks and for water, we use tug boats and towing boats.

For aircraft, we see mostly tows for military or bigger commercial planes and not for regular use as the risks involved are more as well.

Towing businesses mostly do their work on land and sea and provide custom solutions for a variety of purposes.

Our towing WordPress theme tries to be a multipurpose solution and a complete website solution for towing businesses that provide such a solution.

There are also a variety of trailers and custom sized trailers provided which can be towed at the back of your passenger vehicle or truck.

Such trailers are also created and custom designed for multipurpose uses. These types of trailers are created and then towed by their vehicles.

These trailers can be useful for custom events and parties. It can be useful for showcasing a variety of custom sale items and these trailers if big can be towed by towing business professionals as well.

These trailers are also used by celebrities and politicians to travel to various places easily along with their crew and equipment.

It is also easier for people like doctors to run a health checkup camp outside on roads or in villages or towns for the benefit of the poor.

Towing businesses also are useful when someone wants to take their equipment like bicycles or wants to take their boat for sailing purposes to a nearby coast.

Many power boats fit the trailers provided by tow business professionals for taking them from factories or shops to their rightful owner’s sea location or coastal areas.

The towing business also delivers containers and other types of trailers which are needed for carrying custom goods as well.

Towing is done in variety of ways and types for variety of purposes and there are various laws as well for towing in several countries.

While we need not go into specifics of how and why towing is done we generally would speak about how this template will benefit the towing business customers.

Since this template is SEO friendly and Google mobile friendly anyone from mobile or desktop can easily reach the towing business and call them to ask for an appointment. Since most towing business do not make regular changes on the website this template is dynamic and kept simple and easy so that even novice business owners with know how about computers can easily carry the work and get it done as per their requirements.

Most of the times when there is an accident in highways or anywhere around the world towing trucks and towing professionals are hired by government and insurance agencies to deliver the car to nearby police station, garage or to the owners place for further work to be done.

This SEO friendly towing template will surely bring in more business for the towing business owners.

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Also Included with Towing WordPress theme

  • Theme Files

    Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased

  • Sample Content

    1 click demo import to set up all the content of all pages easily

  • Support

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  • Free Installation

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