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Features of Mosque WordPress Theme

Nowadays you might hear about Islam via conversation with coworkers, fiend, or via media. Another option to learn more about Islamic culture is to browse on the web. Here comes the importance of having Islamic websites.

Islamic website can be categorized as a website for different use for different people. The major aspect which makes your website more Islamic and authoritative is that the website is particularly created for readers.

The main purpose of creating the SKT Mosque is to help believers to convey the true meaning of Islam and teach them Islamic culture online. This will help them to promote peace among other communities, religions, and groups.

With mosque WordPress theme you can create different sorts of Islamic websites which can be also categorized as information-based, organization-based, community-based, culture-based, quranic-based, and hadith-based websites.

While creating a website it is very important to consider some of the aspects to convey the right meaning to your online users. The three main categories which will help you to examine all required features for your website are Islamic features, design features, and content features.

The design can be referred to as the performance of a website. Also, it can be measured by accessibility, usability, functionality, attractiveness, navigation, privacy, security, and so on.

Content can be referred to as the level to which the request and user’s expectation are satisfied or not by your website’s information. it can be measured by reliability, credibility, authority, and legitimacy.

Whereas the Islamic feature is referred to as a characteristic of a website that will convey principles of your Islam. This can be measured by Niyyah, Tawhid, symbols, ethics, sunnah, software, and identity.

Daily life aspects of Muslim communities:

Name: In most of the communities, some of the Muslims will not prefer to recognize them or address them with their first name.

Languages: Mainly, the Arabic language is used while worshiping. The main reason they prefer Arabic is that the Qur’an is actually written in Arabic. Muslim communities might use different languages for communication. The Bengali language is used in Britain plus some other speaks Somali, Urdu, Farsi.

Dress: Mainly men wear a Kufi, Topi, whereas the scarf is used by women to cover their heads which is also called a hijab. Whereas in some of the communities, they cover their full-body including their face with a dress which is mainly known as a burqa.

Diet: Products that are made up of pork are mainly avoided by the Muslim community. However, alcohol, smoking, and drugs are totally forbidden

Fasting: fasting plays an important role in the Muslim community. In between sunrise and sunset, they fast. In order to break the fast, the people need to come home by sunset.

Festivals: The Muslim community mainly follows the lunar-based calendar which has 12 months but only 354 days a year. This means by 10 days in accordance with previous years the dates of the festivals will vary.

Also, the Islamic culture has so many aspects and it is very important to get fully informed about all this stuff. And the better way to inform your community members is to get your religious organization online.

With love and respect, you can spread knowledge about Islamic culture with SKT Mosque. Today we have fully optimized and committed mosque WordPress theme to mosques, Islamic centers, and other non-profit organizations.

Some reasons that why you should choose SKT Mosque for the loving mosques?

Before creating SKT Mosque we have visiting different Islamic and mosque related themes:
While building SKT Mosque we have considered all important documents so that you get all necessary functionalities in this template. It has splendid designs as well as an impressive slideshow to get more potential viewers attracted.

Stunning design: To help you to increase more followers and viewers, we have made sure to use all smart-looking and clean sliders. The most impressive look will help you to attract all types of visitors to your online presence and will help you to make impressions for a longer time.

Our Mosque WordPress theme has a responsive design and is fully mobile-optimized:
The theme is made totally responsive and mobile-optimized by default so that it can be used in different devices including small and large. This will make sure different types of users is able to access your website from any device frequently.

This will allow your customers to share their opinions and ideas about Islam or any other related culture with the help of our mosque WordPress theme.

SKT Mosque loads much faster: For better google rank, everyone looks for a fast-loading website for their potential visitors. We considered this point very seriously and we have tried to maintain all SEO and WordPress standards. So, that we can help you to start earning better in top search engines.

SKT Mosque is compatible with the WooCommerce functionality:
Our template gets integrated well with the WooCommerce plugin so that with this plugin you can easily start an online shop website. Different sort of Islamic products such as Quran real pen, Islamic wall art, books for kids, sunnah box, Quran, Islamic cap and so on.

The theme is made friendly with RTL so that your user will find an easy way to switch default language into their native language. Also, the theme is supported by some important modules that allow you to add details about educational programs in detail.

It has a clean and impressive web design with some special unique features. As well as the theme is supported with a variety of WordPress plugins to make it appear greatly from every aspect.

However, the template is all set for setting prayers time, calendar, eCommerce, and other useful features in just one click.

You are free to set the time or adjust the theme according to you that too without taking the help of technical experts. To showcase what’s coming up the mosque WordPress theme provides you an easy use and the most convenient Event Calendar.

To make sure your website performs very well on search engines the SKT Mosque is made SEO optimized. It will for sure expand your user base to take you to the top of search engine ranking pages. It will maximize the revenue and increase the traffic in a short period of time.

For setting up some extra gadgets you don’t need to waste your time. For every modern device, our mosque WordPress theme is fully optimized. We have sure our theme continuously provides you a solution by following all the latest trends.

So some of the most important plugins that are essential and valuable for your website are Nivo slider, WPML plugin, Elementor page builder, Yoast SEO, Woocommerce, contact form 7, cache plugins, and more.

On your website, you can enable the donation feature any time with the help of a built-in plugin which is included already in the SKT Mosque. Finally, we have provided inbuilt contact for special for Islam community so that they can get user input without struggling.

The major point to consider about SKT Mosque is that it gives free access to theme documentation to the premium theme users as well as they will be provided with professional assistance for 1 year.

More about SKT Mosque demo:
SKT Mosque has demo content and some predefined pages for listing services, blogs, contact details, etc about Islamic culture.

Nivo slider is used as a default slider to make your header section more attractive. In the slider section, you can highlight the main slogan of your religion to get it notified by your believers.

While scrolling the live demo you will find a separate section crafted just to showcase prayers timing for Dhuhr, Maghrib, Isha, Fajr, and Asr.

In the same section, you will find a small block that urges believers and site visitors to join the community.

After this, you will find another section that gives a short description of the Islamic Center. By default ‘learn more’ button is added but you are free to add the ‘read more or any other call to action button as per your community requirement.

The best thing about SKT Mosque is that it has a dedicated service section as well as a service page so that you can add details on the things that you offer like Quran learning, Prayer & Salah, Halal Food, Zakat, Hajj & Umran, Help Poor, Funeral and so on.

Scroll the page and you will find Donate now button, the Play Video button as well as a total of the Mosque, the feed hungry, and the expenses support that you need. You can also raise funds easily with SKT Mosque for Health care and public facility.

By default, more than 8 sections are designed that will allow you to add information on Mosque news, your community members, Islamic scholars, your vision, and your Mission.

We hope, with the mosque WordPress theme you will get the best experience to fulfill all your culture and Islamic community needs.

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Also Included with every Mosque WordPress Theme

  1. Theme FilesYou get theme zip file after purchase which you can upload to your WordPress website
  2. PSD Design FilesYou may ask for PSD file access via email after purchase. It is not included in zip file
  3. Sample Content1 click demo import is provided which downloads demo data from our server
  4. SupportYour email address becomes your username for the support forum and you can also email us
  5. Free InstallationIf you face any trouble during installation of the theme provide us details via email and we will take care of it

Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare