13 Ministry WordPress Themes for Creating Religious Websites

This article includes various Ministry WordPress Themes for creating Religious and spiritual websites.

With the advent of digital era , the world has achieved many stages of progress and the population living into it has now become accustomed to this modern time invention.

Not just the corporate sector and the non-profitable trusts but the holy places of worship have also been adopting this medium to preach their learning and make every individual aware of the same.

This approach has also proved beneficial to get connected with the other members and followers across the globe.

Websites created for the religious and spiritual purposes help in spreading a word of religion but in the recent times they have also become a source of knowledge and information.

Many of the church websites provides details about the upcoming events, funerals, weddings and also tell us about the aspects that are other than just religion and are related to society and public welfare.

It can be observed that a website created for church has the content which is not just limited to religious deeds and highlights the scenario of current updates and news, blogs reflecting various issues, some press releases with the top discussions happening and some sections of social media to follow.

To have all these multiple features available within a Church Website, it is equally important to have a relevant theme to cater all the services and provisions.

The following range of Premium Ministry WordPress Themes can be observed to choose for developing a website.

Ministry WordPress Themes



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This theme is one of the Ministry WordPress Themes which is responsive and Google mobile friendly. It provides the Sermons and gospel music section with their own icons which look cool.

It has been integrated with social media for fan following and promotions via these medias. It is a kind of theme that comes with a gallery section where one can have video and pictures.

It has the Theme options that allow one to change font style, size and link color all through out the website. It has over 600 Google fonts to choose from which are integrated along with the theme so that you never run out of fonts options.

It comes with a standard slider with 12 animation effects and way to control speed and fade and pause time.

SKT Blessing

SKT blessings

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SKT Mosque

SKT Mosque

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SKT Association

SKT Association

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SKT Funeral Pro

SKT Funeral Pro

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SKT Municipality

SKT Municipality

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SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme

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SKT Perfect is one of the unique Ministry WordPress themes and template that allows for multiple features to develop a Church website.

Be it the selection of font or the choice of colors you can select from many of the options available. Making it a tested and a mobile friendly theme, it can serve the function for any type of Religious or church website by providing one’s choice to place the content.

With the use of this theme making a ministry website is now much easier and possible as there are several options for the blog layout and to make the website more lively it comes up with many in-built templates and pages to choose from.

SKT Dual

SKT Dual is the ministry template of WordPress that can be used extensively for creating an alluring website of Church. This is the just right platform to deliver optimum services for your website with its one of a kind features and eye catching color combinations.

It is a well designed and beautiful template to develop more than one website for Churches helping them to get connected more and more. The responsiveness of this theme is unmatched and it is very tender in its nature.


SKT Biz PRO is an elegant and attractive, easy to use and highly customized type of Ministry WordPress themes. It has been designed to cater for making the best of the Church websites with its multiple features ranging from some awesome font types and colors.

It enthralls with one of its unique style of editing the homepage at ease allowing for different sections.

It has the persona that is suitable for a Church website. With more than 5 page templates and 100 shortcodes you can just portray your content with your desired way making the website more spiritually graceful and informative.

To further enhance your experience and make it delightful this theme is made compatible with popular plugins of WordPress.


Simple is a subtle and aesthetic kind of Ministry WordPress template for creating a religious website of Church. It has been designed by keeping into consideration how a Church website should be and hence the colors pallets and the fonts selection has been made thereafter.

It allows a very positive approach to the user by the options of changing the color of background and one can just make the essence more sophisticated by choosing from more than 580 integrated font based integrated icons.

It is the simple yet the most stunning Ministry WordPress themes solution tested with all popular cross browsers and has 100+ shortcodes with usage instruction.

SKT Charity Pro

This WordPress theme is basically meant for Ministry websites and can be used by the NGOs as well. It can also be used by fundraising event websites as they can integrate event calendar and WooCommerce for selling tickets. This theme is also helpful for the donation websites for collecting funds and donations.

This theme is simple to use with the provided theme options which allows for color changes, font changes and changes of content to the homepage via sections.

It allows for 50+ shortcodes which are inbuilt and compatibility with a shortcodes plugin for 100+ shortcodes so that one can arrange content in anyway they want. It is integrated with over 580 icons which can be used all through the website.

SKT Trust

This theme is yet another feature filled, fresh and mesmerizing Ministry WordPress theme for fundraisers, charities, churches and NGOs. It has been designed specifically with enough areas where it shows donation buttons.

The theme is fully compatible with charity and donation plugins available for free in WordPress and also WooCommerce as well to have a non profit shop.

This theme can prove essential for Churches and fundraising organizations as they need to showcase what they are doing and also what they have done in the past.

This theme has been tested for cross browser and device compatibility and offers over 580 font awesome icons with ample opportunities to add our own social icon.

The name of this theme has been kept such keeping in mind the thought that donation and fundraising is a matter of trust.

Complete Pro

Complete WordPress theme is one of a kind of Ministry WordPress Themes that has been designed with due considerations of how a Church website should look like.

It is highly enriching, lively and processed theme that fits right on all the parameters of creating a religious or spiritual website.

It allows the user to have a very peaceful and complete experience due to the number of options it provides for placing the content and the color splashes.

Complete Pro is a pinnacle theme that lets us to change the color of background, texts and even links to contribute for making a Church website more appealing with more than 100+ shortcodes.

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