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Features of Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme

SKT Buddhism is a Buddhist temple WordPress theme that was created to serve a Buddhist and ashram website of any kind.

The template offers outstanding online presentations for your church, retreat center with yoga, spiritual practices, and meditation. Also, the same theme can be used to offer special services like teaching sessions, cultural events, inspiration workshops, and classes.

You just need to pay the amount once and then you can take benefits of a theme update, and support for the next 1 year. You also get access to the plugins, user-friendly page builder, PSD file, demo data, and comprehensive documentation.

The team members have tried to add all important features in this Buddhist temple WordPress theme as it covers all important activities related to this particular niche.

To notify your customers about the upcoming event and related information including the event’s timing, fees, and place, the theme is made compatible with the most well-known events calendar plugin.

The theme offers complete support to some well-known plugins like Nivo slider, Elementor page builder, contact form 7, MailChimp, and many more.

Finally, we have made the SKT Buddhism template compatible with the WooCommerce plugin too. It will offer you a chance to sell your choice products online as well as you will be having a great chance of earning more extra revenue through eCommerce functionality.

If you want, you can also add the SKT Donation plugin to start accepting donations from your Buddhist community from all over the world.

So, go ahead and check out our amazing demo by clicking on the demo button.

About demo:
The demo has a pre-built page including home, activities, events, committee, books, about, contact, and donates now page.

You can choose a layout as per your choice. You can use it to exhibit all your company’s aspects with remarkable ready-to-go pages for different purposes and needs.

The demo is easy and fast to get installed. The things you see in the demo give you an idea of how your Buddhist website will look and feel. However, If you liked our demo then you can replicate it in just one mouse click.

Along with our enhanced sets of elements, the way of customization and editing becomes easier. However, the process of customizing layouts becomes simpler.

Just above the footer section of the homepage, you will find a highly customizable blog section that can be tailored to your necessities in WordPress customizer.

To provide a flexible, and pain-free way of managing donors, and accepting donations, the demo has a premade donation page that allows you to even run a crowdfunding campaign directly from your website based on our Buddhist temple WordPress theme.

SKT Buddhism template does support the wide range of well-known social media platforms. however, it permits you to connect with your potential customers through any preferred social media profile.

Pre-designed header styles: You can select from 4 different header layouts for different purposes. You will have complete control over your footer and header area. Either you can customize the default one or you can simply use another premade header style.

Another benefit of purchasing a Buddhist temple WordPress theme is that you will be having complete access to the theme that is completely mobile device optimized. That means, the SKT Buddhist is not only fully responsive but also it is retina ready layout.

Let us see some facts about Buddhists:
In 2015, the Buddhists world’s population was near about 7% but now it is estimated that the population might decrease to 5% by 2060.

Most of the Buddhists of the world live in China. Whereas rest Buddhist population of the world loves in East and South Asia including 9% in Japan, and 13% in Thailand. Also, it is said that about more than 1% of Buddhists of the world live in countries outside Asia.

Only 10% of Nepalese and 1% of Indians are recognized as Buddhist in both countries.

In the united states, only 1% of the adult population is in the United States whereas two-thirds are Asian Americans of US Buddhists.

You will find so many places in India to study spiritual journeys. However, this Buddhist temple WordPress theme can be used to create a website for the topmost Buddhist spiritual centers.

For example, you can use the features and functionality of SKT Buddhism to build a dedicated website for Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Shravasti, Sankassa, and many more.

With the help of the right set of features, you can explore the Buddha’s teachings including:

Four Noble Truths: The four noble truths that were the realization of buddha’s enlightenment was ‘life is suffering’, because of nature ignorance, all suffering are caused, by overcoming attachment and ignorance the suffering can be lower, and the last noble truth was the path of suffering’s suppression is Noble Eightfold Path.

Anatman: Buddhism examines that the existence of humans is made up of 5 aggregates including perceptions, feelings, material body or consciousness, and karmic tendencies.

Karma: Karma means the acts of a person and their ethical impact. As per the Buddha, varying types of Karma can lead to rebirth as a hungry ghost, human, denizens of hell, Hindu gods, or an animal.

Nirvana: The major goal of a Buddhist’s path is to get relief from extraordinary presence with its inborn suffering.

As it has stunning colors and is packed with resources the SKT Buddhism template can be considered as an all-in-one theme for all different kinds of temples website that will definitely connect you with people all around the world.

With the modern layout, your users will have a great time while navigating your website and learning more about the services provided by your temple website as it has easy and smooth navigations.

The Buddhist temple WordPress theme is tested with major tools and found to work well on all browsers and devices very well.

However, it is fully optimized and permit you to rank higher on the top of search engines.

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Also Included with every Buddhist Temple WordPress theme

  1. Theme FilesAfter purchase you are given a theme zip file which can be uploaded in your WordPress website
  2. PSD Design FilesOne can on demand ask for the PSD design file of the template and we will provide it via email
  3. Sample ContentSample content is provided which is in the form of XML given inside documentation
  4. SupportLogin to our support forum via use of email address is provided once you purchase the template, Skype, email support also provided
  5. Free InstallationHaving trouble installing the theme just like demo showcased ask us for free installation service which will be provided

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