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Theme Features

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Features of Charity WordPress Theme

  • SKT Charity is a responsive charity WordPress theme
  • Coded with Elementor page builder
  • Compatible and integrated with SKT Donation Plugin for accepting donations
  • Compatible with qTranslate X for multilingual options
  • Compatible with various donation plugins
  • Translation ready theme
  • Compatible with shortcodes plugin which gives 100+ shortcodes so setting up content becomes very easy
  • Nextgen Gallery compatibility for ease of gallery and portfolio set up
  • In built gallery, contact forms and other shortcodes included
  • Integrated with 580+ icons pack for social media lovers and icons users
  • Loaded with default slider which can be changed for pause time and animation
  • Slider can be replaced with any other slider plugin
  • Easy to use theme options
  • Color changing theme
  • 650+ Google fonts integrated
  • 8+ page templates included
  • Standard pages like 404, search, blog, category, archives included
  • Our team, donators, and other standard post types included
  • Cross browser compatible and Google mobile friendly theme
  • Faster loading theme and SEO friendly with compatibility with all major SEO plugins
  • WooCommerce compatible for shop and Ecommerce
  • Compatible with various contact forms plugin like contact form 7
  • All sorts of call to actions like phone number, address and social media included in header and footer
  • Sidebar and header and footer fully widgetized for easy edit
  • Tested with latest version of WordPress
  • HTML 5 and CSS3 compatibility

SKT Charity is a responsive charity WordPress theme which can be used by churches as well as NGO and non profit organizations.

It can also be used by fundraising event websites as they can integrate event calendar and WooCommerce for selling tickets.

It can also be used by donation websites for collecting funds and donations.

This theme is multilingual and can be easily configured with the use of qTranslate X plugin for ease of use.

It is also a translation ready theme. We took great care to check the theme via different devices and browsers for cross browser and cross device compatibility.

This responsive charity WordPress theme also is simple to use using theme options which allows for color changes, font changes and changes of content to the homepage via sections.

It also gives 50+ shortcodes which are inbuilt and compatibility with a shortcodes plugin for 100+ shortcodes so that one can arrange content in anyway they want.
It is also integrated with 580+ icons which can be used all through out the website.

This theme consists of various pre-built elements like donators, columns, boxes for making it easy for users to make use of them readily in inner pages.

Also consists of layout options like whether to keep sidebar and where to use it in left or right for inner pages as well as posts.

Similarly for Blog also various layouts are available. Compatibility with various plugins like WooCommerce for shop, contact form 7 for forms and Nextgen gallery apart from the inbuilt form and gallery also makes this theme scalable and flexible.

This responsive theme can be also used for multiple purposes and can be used for business, corporate and other industry uses.

Also Included with Responsive Charity WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes all the pages in PSD format so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

How responsive charity WordPress Theme can benefit organizations?

Several non profit organizations and charitable trusts recommend having an online website for having donations through out the world getting collected from their staff through the online medium.

Thus it reaches the trust directly.

Why is WordPress considered is because it is one of the best CMS currently available in the world and is easier to edit and post updates from the staff of the charitable organization or trust.

Here are some of the benefits a website provides to a charitable trust:

1. Direct online donation: Direct online donation means that people can trust your organization and that they are also assured that the donation reaches the trust directly and not just some middle men. Hence it becomes easier for even staff of the trust to collect donations online and asking their donors to submit funds online. Thus bringing back more charity and donations.

2. Easy to collect donation: As it becomes easier to collect donations online and to submit tax documents many people prefer online donations. Also staff can direct the donors to the website and they can submit using mobile phone or tablet or using their computers from their home.

3. Get better recognition worldwide for their work: Recognition for good work is important and most people do not know about good organizations who are doing good work and online medium is a great place to promote. Hence a website is a good start to focus on posting events, galleries of past and present works and explain to visitors about what your organization does.

4. Easy to promote: It becomes easier to promote because everything stays online and hence one does not need to time and again print brochures just like old times.

5. Easy to update and send updates: Since it is based on CMS it can be kept updated every time. Hence this responsive charity WordPress theme has got the essentials to easily get updated and also send updates via desktop notifications or via email newsletter to their customers or donors about the latest updates in their trust.

More Info about Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

The importance of charitable and donation, fundraising and philanthropy organizations and undertakings in the current state of the world full of thousands of urgent questions and pressing situations to focus on and act reasonably in order to save lives and fates can no way be underestimated. And the fact, that hundreds of such initiatives across the globe determine a set of reasonable patterns of the successful charitable projects, as well as beliefs that every single penny any donor gives matters greatly. However, one of the key points running on the theoretical and conceptual basis of such undertakings is the conversion of as many people as possible in order to rely on their support and participation to this or that extent, make a difference in the lives of millions, and finally, reach all their humanitarian objectives in the future. This is exactly the point where universally known and widely exercised WordPress content management system with its charity – based templates matters the most in order to give the best start of any type of charity or non – profit online profile in the digital environment and let it be presentably accessible for the large groups of people worldwide.

SKT Charity Pro has been thoroughly planned, seriously worked out and tastily stylized to appear as one of the best and the most dynamic charity WordPress themes to cater to any target topics, projects, events and meetings of any priority or preference. This premium – quality donation and NGO website builder seems to be beneficial in all the material and essential aspects. First of all, the theme is cost – effective and thus very suitable for all such organizations operating on a limited budget, moreover, it may be the most perspective dollars you’ll ever spend to boost your popularity and manage the public trust in the shortest timeframe. As a really exceptional and comprehensive product, SKT Charity Pro comes integrated with almost every single section and area, feature and option, essential or control any charity or fundraising project manager or organization representative will be in need of to make a strong and credible presentation online and positively affect the people’s perception, guiding them to ensure their participation in your future projects.

From a structural and functional viewpoint, this non – profit WordPress theme is functionally feature rich and all –inclusive, robust and reliable, clever and smartly coded, which is highly versatile and resilient, amazingly flexible and adaptable towards any customization and modification processes taken within the it and which is splendidly combined with a conceptually unique and original, visually serious and professional, amazingly motivating and readily thriving visual appearance to speak to the favor of your company or organization in all the practical ways. Functional possibilities and customization potential are endless with this lovely template to personalize and embody it as per your target needs and requirements by the right application of dozens of shortcodes available to choose and create your user – directed specific content, embed well – formatted posts, pages, files, widgets or create other objects with very little effort spent; powerful icon package with lots of social and other icons to support your content in the overall website design by visually breaking up the content to make it visually expressive, more communicable and less boring; homepage inbuilt and nice looking slider to arm with the most motivational and effective images or any other important details about the ongoing charitable projects or fundraising events to grab the website visitor’s attention; homepage ready-made and neatly arranged sections and areas, including home, about us, portfolio, contact us and others to display the most relevant charity – centric content and details and provide the website user with the quick to search and find experience, lots of Google fonts and more than 8 page templates integration to target any specific page and customize its overall look and feel, our team, our donators and other custom post types and much more. Based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling combination to generate perfect functionality and visualization, the dedicated specialists and developers working on this charity WordPress theme have spare no efforts and time to guarantee its compliance with all the current standards and trends in order to make it pretty competitive and trustworthy for every single NGO or non – profit organization.

Hence, SKT Charity Pro features flawless mobile – friendliness and impeccable responsiveness across all the modern devices, mobiles and tablets, so that the visitors and donators will have all the possibilities of browsing your website with ease even while on-the-go and quickly look for whatever is required at the moment. And what is more exciting, the compact and precise visualization of the content is no way deteriorated or distorted, but instead adapts itself to any default screen size and dimensions.

SKT Charity Pro has also been checked for its SEO – friendly coding, so that you have all the functional potential to make it totally SEO – optimized for the effective usage of SEO plugins for search engine rankings, boosting the target website visibility and generating growing traffic to your web pages. Anyway, SEO plugins are not the only ones supported by the theme. The truth is that this charity and fundraising template provides immense functionality with a wide range of diverse practical plugins to meet different business goals, contribute to the inflow of donations, to manage all the charity programs aimed at supporting children or other vulnerable groups and sectors, as well as run an effective leadership for achieving something really important in practice. Some of the compatible plugins are WooCommerce making the them e-commerce and shop – ready, Contact Form 7 and other contact forms plugins to extend the site functionality and create diverse useful forms so essential to your working profile and operational direction, slider plugins to use your favorite slider functions and controllable elements to show off any images, videos, slideshows or whatever it is, donation plugins to accept donations from every single part of the world, as well as qTranslate X plugin for turning your website multilingual – ready and realizing multilingual content management.

Non profits around the world have taken initiatives and doing good work and helping others. Each and every non profit has some or the other cause dedicated to for which they work. Each NGO or non profit organization invests time and gathers volunteers and devotes the money they collect for the social cause their whole organisation works for.

Hence non profits aren’t taxed and non profits try to have something in a cheaper or budget way. Reason behind this is for everything they spend they have to collect the same amount of money in form of donations and hence this becomes an unending task.

Hence they ask for volunteer work to be carried out mostly so that most of the tasks gets taken care of either free or within budget.

Also any type of non profit organization needs donations. These donations can be taken online or offline. For bigger non profits it makes sense to go for online donations as most of the donators are outside the country or not in the same location.

Hence we have come up with the right kind of non profit WordPress theme which can turn into a useful solution for people to accept donations easily.

Non profit organisations can easily list the number of donations they have received and can also list the various types of donation they can accept. They can accept recurring donations from their donators and get their recurring costs taken care of.

Easy to manage and maintain even these people can easily manage the website on their own without much help from external developer or designer as their staff with only basic computer knowledge will be able to handle this non profit WordPress theme as WordPress CMS is very easy to manage and handle.

Easier solutions are provided in the form of color picker which can be used to change the color of even buttons, text and other elements of the website.

Other solutions like page layout and blog post layout are also provided to have the choice of sidebar for any page or post on the website.

Other parameters like having a nice slider on the top which can hold upto 10 slides and has call to action buttons.

Also donate and become a volunteer icons and nice links given on the top of the page.

Also one can link the theme with any type of donation plugin or any other type of contact form plugin to have volunteer submissions as well.

Also for contact page one can have a map as well as contact form listed as well.

One can also use our in built shortcodes to have fancy content listed on the website otherwise one can make use of other shortcode plugins to have fancier content listed anywhere on the website.

Also the website is page builder friendly and can be used in sync with page builders so that one can have any type of content and layout created for their own good.

Any novice can follow the documentation which is step by step and set up the website template of non profit on his own. Other than that one can easily get support from our end and continue to receive support for 1 year from the date of purchase which acts like a huge relief.

There are several thousands of large non profits around the world and what work they are doing can only be shown with the help of gallery.

Hence gallery is very important.

We have provided a default gallery for the same however the non profit theme is also compatible with a lot of other plugins like nextgen gallery and slider plugins which can be used and made use of to have fancy style of photos and videos showcased on the website.

Relevant Industries: kindness, kindliness, compassion, feeling, goodwill, generosity, gentleness, charitableness, tolerance, mercy, humanitarianism, understanding, kindliness, liberality, nurture, relief, generosity, help, leniency, allowance, kindliness, favor, selflessness, unselfishness, love, kindheartedness, support, tenderness, goodness, donation, charitable foundation, offering, indulgence, kindliness, fund, assistance, benefaction, contribution, generosity, brotherly love, caring, clemency, concern, pity, sympathy, benignity, empathy, welfare, charities, gift, aid, help, grace, ngo, non-profit

Change Log

  1. Updated November 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare