16+ Free Premium WordPress Church Themes for Religious Sites

Are you looking for a WordPress church theme for churches? Check out our preferred list of the best Church WordPress themes – both free and paid!

Free Premium WordPress Church Themes

The article lists several free premium church WordPress themes which can be used for variety of spiritual and self learning as well as divine blessings and offerings to your favourite place of worship online or to donate and work for their social cause from your own workplace.

While many pastors use computers at church, however, not every church has their website. Many churchgoers often use the internet to search for places of worship. Having a church website can help them to connect to their preferred churches.

Besides, with the help of a website, churches can keep their members updated about various ongoing or upcoming events and activities so that members can participate in them. They can also publish bulletins regularly.

Free Premium WordPress Church Themes 

Church website also allows people to make donations and contribution to the causes of the church. It also welcomes outsiders to the Ministry and church. Following are some of the free church WordPress themes which can be used to build websites for churches.

1. Fundraiser Lite

fundraiser WordPress theme

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As one of the free premium WordPress church themes, this theme can be used to develop websites for churches. This theme allows the site owners to regularly, update blogs, articles, post, pictures of events, videos, etc on their site to keep the audience engaged.

The social media plugins allow the website content to be shared on various social media platforms.

Since it is compatible with WooCommerce plugins, churches can build their websites as an online platform where the regular churchgoers or the visitors of the website can leave donations or contributions to the church.

The theme’s compatibility with AMP plugins makes it possible for the website to be viewed from different types of devices such as mobile, tablets, desktop, etc effortlessly.

The commenting feature of the theme allows the viewers to leave their comments on different website pages.

2. SKT Charity

SKT Charity Pro New

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This is an effective free WordPress themes for churches. Owing to the presence of POT files, the site can be translated into multiple languages.

The theme is coded according to the latest Codex requirements. While building the website, customizer allows the site owners to make any changes as per their requirement.

One can also add different widgets to the sidebar of the page. Documentation is also available with the theme. It is compatible with various plugins including NextGEN gallery, Contact Form 7, social media icons, WooCommerce plugins, etc.

Standard pages such as 404, archive, search, and category are available with this theme.

3. SKT Mosque

Mosque WordPress Theme

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This WordPress theme is designed to cater specifically to religious websites, providing a platform that fosters spiritual connection and community engagement. It likely embodies elements of reverence, tranquility, and devotion in its design, aiming to create a serene and immersive online environment for visitors seeking spiritual content and guidance.

This WordPress theme is ideal for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, with its adaptable homepage sections and sturdy navigation evoking the festive atmosphere. Users may easily customize everything from basic banners to adaptive sliders, including compatibility with a variety of slider plugins. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy setup, making it perfect for both business owners and first-time users. It is versatile and suitable for any Christmas or festival website, with WooCommerce compatible for quick online store creation and special specials display. With over 100 shortcodes, numerous layouts, and widget-friendly regions, customization is simple. It is responsive and Google mobile-friendly, and follows recent design trends to ensure compatibility across devices and browsers.

4. Activism Lite

Activism Lite - Features of free activism WordPress theme

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As very useful responsive free church WordPress themes, it includes five slides on the default slider. They are compatible with numerous popular WordPress plugins.

This theme is visually attractive and one can customize the website by changing colors of links or buttons, or adding widgets.

Page builder plugins can be used to create inner pages of the website. The theme is very easy to use and the social media integration allowed the content of the web to be shared on multiple social media platforms.

5. Ele Nature Lite

ele nature

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This free WordPress church themes can be used for creating a church website to interact with the audience regularly.

The team responsible for managing the church website can update contents, pictures, videos, press release, etc for their viewers on the blog section included in this theme.

Customizer allows making changes in the website and one can preview them real-time during implementation.

The homepage includes a slider by default and various sections that can be utilized while updating contents for other pages. Its compatibility with WooCommerce plugins allows the site to be used for raising fund or collecting donations for charitable purposes.

Various call-to-action buttons can also be included in different parts of the website to encourage the audience into taking various actions such as subscribing for the newsletter of the church and many more.

6. SKT Simple

simple new

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SKT Simple is the best free church WordPress themes that is compatible with multiple browsers and can be accessed from multiple devices with varied screen resolutions.

The page builder plugins allow the site owners to create various website pages and it also includes multiple widgets that can be used to customize the website.

The color of the links and the buttons can be changed as per preference. The theme also allowed uploading of logo and tagline of the website.

7. SKT Education Lite

SKT Education

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SKT Education Lite is the free premium church WordPress themes used for building church websites. Apart from blogs, articles, churches can share updates related to their educational programs and similar to their websites.

Widgets can be added to the websites as per requirements and customizer helps in previewing the changes made to the website while working at the backend.

This theme is compatible with plugins such as WooCommerce, page builder, slider, gallery, and others. Due to its compatibility with SEO plugins, SEO friendly websites can be developed.

The SMO plugins allow the website to share their content on various social media platforms. The theme includes 5 levels of the drop-down menu which is quite effective while navigating different website pages.

8. Yogi Lite

It is a multipurpose free WordPress themes church that can be used to build the websites for a church. With the help of Customizer, websites could be easily developed on this theme.

It comes with five slides by default and boxes for welcome message and content are available on the homepage.

One can also customize the site by adding widgets to the sidebar and can upload images and contents related to the various events, programs and other activities of the church.

9. Naturo Lite

Naturo Lite is a responsive free WordPress themes for church websites. The design of the theme is minimal and can be customized as per the preference and requirements of the site owners. It is compatible with SEO and SMO plugins.

It is also compatible with some of the popular WordPress plugins such as NextGEN gallery, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and other.

Websites built on this theme can be easily accessed from various devices. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and coded with HTML5 and CSS3.

10. Black and White Lite

As a part of best free WordPress themes for churches list, this theme helps to build websites that appears great on multiple devices irrespective of their screen resolution.

It is compatible with various plugins such as WooCommerce, page builders, contact form, SEO and many more.

The site owners can customize their website in their preferred way by changing the color of the website, or adding widgets and many more. Various call-to-action buttons can also be added to the header or footer section.

Standard pages such as 404, archive, category, and search are included in the theme. It also comes with an auto-upgrade and support features.

11. NatureOne

This WordPress themes for churches free includes five slides by default and the transition effect can be controlled. The homepage includes multiple sections that are easy to set up.

It is also compatible with multiple plugins. One can customize the website as per their requirements and also include multimedia files in their content to make it more engaging for the viewers.

12. Play School Lite

It is a very helpful WordPress church themes free that is lightweight and sized only a few KB. It is compatible with plugins such as tutorials, LMS, FAQ and other knowledge-based plugins which helps the churches to update educational columns in the church website.

POT files allow the site to be translated in multiple languages and the social media plugins allow the content of the website to be shared on various platforms.

As it is very easy to manage, various church-run schools can edit and make changes to the websites as per the requirements.

13. Flat Lite

This free premium WordPress themes for church websites come with a landing page and is licensed under GPL. One can add multiple widgets to the sidebar and also include call-to-action buttons on the header and footer section of the website.

It is compatible with multiple plugins such as page builder, WooCommerce, SEO, shortcodes, gallery, slider and many more.

Websites built on this theme have a great appearance irrespective of the device type or screen resolutions. The theme also comes with a manual which makes it easy to develop a website.

14. Clean Lite

As free premium church themes WordPress this theme is quite efficient in developing a website. It is compatible with many WordPress plugins such as SEO, gallery, WooCommerce, multilingual plugins and many more.

The web content could be shared on various platforms owing to the sharing plugins and the comment feature allows viewers to leave their comments on different website pages.

15. Spirited Lite

For developing church websites this WordPress free church themes is quite helpful. By using contact form plugins, it can offer provision for its viewers to subscribe to the website.

The WooCommerce plugin, on the other hand, helps in raising fund for charitable activities.

One can customize the websites by changing colors, adding widgets, etc. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and includes standard pages such as blogs, archives, category, 404, etc.

16. SKT Black

SKT Black is one of thefree premium church WordPress themes that help in building dynamic websites which could be accessed from different types of devices and also through multiple browsers.

It comes with a default slider and is compatible with multiple plugins. It also includes standard pages such as archive, search, 404, category, etc. The pages of the website are easy to set up and no knowledge of coding is required.

All the themes mentioned above are effective in representing the views, activities as well as the background of a church and also to connect to churchgoers as well as outsiders.

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