Airbnb WordPress Themes for Hostel Accommodation Hotel Vacation

If you have any hospitality, home rental, or real estate business and want to market it only, you can check the list of the best Airbnb WordPress themes which are all devoted to the creation and management of pro quality and lead generating digital platforms.

Rental and booking accommodation, hotel and hostel, vacation and venue, travel and city tour, travel agency and host management companies and other relevant businesses can use any of these Airbnb WordPress themes to get more clients and visitors and make more money with a wonderful website.

Airbnb is one of the popular online marketplaces offering hospitality services and holiday cottages, apartments, vacation destinations, homestays, hotel rooms and hostel beds, city and walking tours, reservations at different places, and more.

It’s a kind of brokerage service linking tourists and travelers with the best and the most budget friendly offers so that both sides are satisfied and happy with their experience.

Now, if you are planning to build and exploit any Airbnb style website for establishing contact between the hosts and the guests, offer homes and apartments, hospitality and accompanying services, accept online payments, and process transactions, these Airbnb WordPress themes are what you are looking for to get started.

Top Airbnb WordPress Themes

Your website based on any of these hospitality and Airbnb WordPress themes can be both artistic and commercial, which means you can present a visually pleasing profile that is also professional in carrying e-commerce nature and recording higher sales volumes.

airbnb WordPress themes

They are all made for ambitious businessmen and entrepreneurs to promote their services, offers, tours, and more and win a wider online audience and better client engagement.

They also share the best website coding and design solutions ready to make your website a truly valuable and high-quality product that will be much appreciated by the users.

Ele Luxury Hotel

luxury hotel

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Stay Here

hotel WordPress theme

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SKT Beach Pro

Beach and Resort

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GB Hotel

GB Hotel

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Real Estate

Real Estate

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Real Estate is exactly what you need. With a properly worked out and modernly touched interface, convenient area for any kind of listings, be it a real estate or movable property, room or bed rental services, and more.

Real Estate is one of the most suitable B& B and Airbnb WordPress themes ready to host your niche-specific rental or hospitality website.

Commercialized and e commerce optimized, Real Estate makes it unspeakably comfortable for you to conduct commercial activities online with relevant plugins, as well as activate different payment systems and gateways to instantly receive payments from the website users.

Other plugins compatible with it are translation and shortcodes, slider and gallery, SEO, and SMO, post pagination and caching, page optimization and XMT sitemap and many others to make your presence more meaningful and functionally enjoyable.

Yacht and Cruise

yatch and cruise

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Hotel and hostel, Airbnb, bed and breakfast, holiday and room, yacht and boat rental services can all be showcased and advertised with the help of Yacht and Cruise.

This ambitiously beautiful and energetic website template will quickly fascinate the website guests with lovely colors and high quality images on the homepage slider, as well as will meet their primary needs to quickly review the offers, make a virtual tour around the offered rooms and apartments, compare the prices and find the best offer.

The luxurious and flat design based look of this responsive and mobile optimized, SEO and SMO practiced template will also result in a better user experience with its lightweight interface and smooth navigation, legible typography and accurately deployed content zones.

Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfast WordPress theme

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You are going to love the flexibility of Bed and Breakfast whenever it comes to exercising your talents as a designer and adding unique colors and combinations to your B& B or Airbnb website.

One of the top features that makes this template so attractive is its modern yet uncluttered design that is combined with an advanced technological base and powerful inner capacity.

There is also a wealth of preloaded elements and shortcodes for you to use, as well as ready to be extended functionality to work with as many plugins and extensions as your hospitality or lodging industry representing website will ever need.


accomodation WordPress theme

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Increase your site performance, enhance responsiveness and cross-mobile compatibility, and make it look better and more versatile when based on Accommodation.

With boundless options of how you can control its form and function, Accommodation comes with simple and hassle-free layout and widget-ready layout choices, blog page, and other standard pages included for making the user’s virtual life more organized and time saving.

The overall responsive nature and modern flat design of Accommodation lacks excessive elements and features so that the website surfers can focus on the content instead of distracting features.

Car Rental

car rental WordPress theme

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Car Rental is another valuable template you can find among Airbnb WordPress themes and use it for the establishment of your online excellence without spending much.

Whether you offer immovable or movable property for rent, rooms and beds, hotel and hospitality services, adventurous or seaside tours, underwater hunting, or any other offer tourists and business travelers may need, this HTML 5 and CSS 3 armed website builder will proudly host your target content.

As an Airbnb style website owner, you will need a practical contact form, e-commerce environment, online reservation form, and location based testimonials area to prove the prospective clients you are worth trying. All these can be well organized and implemented thanks to the Car Rental’s plugin compatibility and general versatility.

Hotel Booking

hotel booking WordPress theme

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Let people find fantastic options on your website supported by Hotel Booking. Showcase lodging listings in the most productive and easy-to-follow way with all the details, images, and other important data, use the capacity of preloaded sections and areas, layout choices, and shortcodes to give an unbeatable look and feel to it.

Offer guest review system, eCommerce platform, multilingual content, online payment gateways, contact form, privacy, terms and conditions of use, safety mechanism and any other important functionality with supplementary plugins and add-ons.

You can also record higher ratings with SEO plugins and better social medial sharing and commenting opportunities with social media plugins.

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