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Theme Features

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Features of Hotel WordPress Theme

  • Stay here- Hotel WordPress theme is responsive and looks good on all devices
  • Developed using Elementor Page Builder
  • Full color changing theme so that you can change the colours of not just font but the whole theme to suit your style and logo
  • Rooms section for available rooms and their types with rates page is available
  • Gallery section to showcase different types of services and rooms and hotel and dining pictures
  • Built in shortcodes to help you set up any type of content be it accordions, tabs, columns etc easily
  • Built in quick booking form for getting reservations
  • Fully compatible with contact form 7 to have better and bigger reservation form
  • Call to action features like phone number and email on top
  • Blog to write about press releases, new food festivals, new addition in chef or staff etc
  • Lots of other features like font based social icons for having any social icons as well as other icons set up and display anywhere. Font icons means you can change colour as well as sizes of those icons
  • Integrated with 650+ google fonts and default slider with 12+ transition effects
  • Animated homepage to have a nicer effect on your visitors
  • Compatible with many popular plugins including WooCommerce for E-commerce capability
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3

Hotel WordPress Theme

A hotel as a business is a service and experience business and hence it is necessary that your website for the Hotel should showcase the same level of experience, expertise and service that you provide to your clients.

A Hotel is a leisure business and hence people take time to find out the best hotel for vacation suitable as per their needs from their home computers.

Hence the need to have a website for your hotel.

Our hotel WordPress theme is suitable for a business into service. So be it hotel, spa or a resort our hotel WordPress theme has lots of features to set up your website quickly and efficiently.

The Hotel WordPress theme has a slider on home page for showcasing the best pictures you have for your business and which can quickly interact with your visitors.

This theme also has a quick book now form on the home page for quick bookings for people who don’t have time to check anything else but leave their number for a call back.

Gallery section for showcasing images of various services and rooms. Rooms section to showcase all types of available rooms with their prices.

Reservation form to get reservations and bookings.

Lots of shortcodes to implement any other extra functionality which you may think is necessary for your website.

We tried to have a complete site with all features into this hotel WordPress theme.

Also Included with every Hotel WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

More info about Hotel WordPress Theme

Hotel and hospitality industry is highly demanded at present, since millions of people worldwide are traveling across the globe for business or individual purposes, for leisure, etc. The number of tourist arrivals is foreseen to experience steady growth during each coming year. As a result, hospitality, accommodation, transportation and entertainment-based services and undertakings are becoming top priorities for every single traveler. All the tourist clients and customers, first of all, turn to the immense potential of the Internet and worldwide web to search for hotel-related information on diverse target websites.

Specifically for this purpose, every hotel must have a powerful, dynamic, tourism-specific customer-related, content-rich and user-friendly website presentation in the online market to offer their exceptional and cost-effective services to a global audience.

WordPress content management system, as it does in the most cases, have specified a collection of hotel -based WordPress templates to cater to all the needs and requirements any hotel, vacation, apartment or travel website will ever need to satisfy all its potential clients and result in gaining their trust and loyalty.

Stay Here is an elegant and modern, highly versatile and intuitive hotel WordPress theme powered and stylized to stand out among many other suggested products not only to meet a wide range of expectations of the hotel industry representatives, but even exceed them.

This smart and secure, pliable and robust, conceptually well-thought out and visually inviting, functionally strong and technically advanced hotel website builder incorporates all the basic functions and elements in order to investigate the perceptions of the hotel website visitors and build the relevant website accordingly. In this case, you will be able to present high quality content-based and customer-centric online profile, which will be fast loading, easy to browse, smooth no navigate and flawless to use.

It’s not difficult to guess, that the hotel business success and prosperity are positively related to the periodicity and frequency of the website visits. Therefore, this beautiful and functionally saturated hotel WordPress theme has been built to render perfect operational layout, on the basis of which lively, interesting and highly informative website can be established and successfully managed.

Running a precisely compacted, well- stylized and flexible website based on this template will be one of the primary hotel and hospitality marketing strategies to exercise and reach out to a global market, build the brand awareness, attract customers and drive sales. By the application of this highly recommended template, you will be able the true professionalism and huge experience of your business industry through your online existence.

Stay Here comes ready with conveniently structured homepage sections and areas, including home and about us sections for the introduction of your hotel and its history, gallery and photo album for showcasing the images of the entire hotel and its parts, sections, rooms, surroundings, etc, as well as services for presenting the list of the available services to book.

Created to generate boundless possibilities for all types of customization and management controls, the theme will let you change the color schemes and fonts to be more inviting and alluring.

Simplicity and total adaptability, easy to follow and understand nature are other qualities making this product so productive. With this theme you will be total owner and developer of your hotel online version and will have all the potential to contribute to its advancement in the digital world in the shortest period of time.

Lots of Google fonts and icons are integrated within this amazing hotel content creation tool. Inbuilt call to action elements, including phone number and email are arranged on the top to be easily noticeable and applicable by the potential clients to get in touch with their preferred hotel.

Nice looking default slider is loaded with diverse transition controllable effects for displaying the best images of your hotel and its activities, special offers and discounts or any other information to be in the center of the website visitor’s attention.

This hotel WordPress theme has been successfully tested for its compliance with all the high-standard requirements and norms of the current WordPress community, and as such, ensures the presence of all the touches and rules of responsibility and cross mobile and device compatibility.

Since the full experience of the world of internet is immensely available anywhere, every website owner should be sure, that his content looks and feels fantastic for every single desktop or mobile-user. Thus, modern and intuitive, popular and highly demanded responsive design methodology is one of the basic functional approaches seriously utilized by the professional authors of the theme. This completely guarantees the perfect way in which your hotel-centric website will respond to its environment, its sizes and dimensions.

This responsive and mobile –friendly nature, together with perfect visibility and scalability of this hotel WordPress theme will allow your content to function impeccably across multiple desktops, browsers and mobiles. All in all, your website visitors will for sure enjoy the flawless readability and optimal viewing experience no matter what technological output they use to browse your web pages.

As an advanced hotel-related toolbox, Stay Here comes loaded with default booking form which is of utmost importance for every hotel or hospitality center. Your clients will be able to make bookings and reservations without facing any difficulties. In case you want some other form, you can install Contact Form 7 plugin and customize the form as per your wishes.

E-commerce – ready and WooCommerce compatible performance is also typical of this hotel WordPress theme. You can easily establish commercial ties with lots of customers and partners from diverse parts of the world and considerably benefit from it. Turn all your commercial ideas into your business and sell your services, products, tours, tickets or whatever you may find fitting your hotel industry.

HTML5 and CSS3 secure and persistent coding lies on the basis of Stay Here to empower the website with hidden levels of flexibility and resourcefulness, as well as to make the website layout more precise, diversified and easy to percept from the semantic viewpoint.

The theme is nextgen gallery tested for high-image display. It is important that the media content that goes on the website is high-quality. The users will require many information exchanges and for that, form 7 is included in the theme. Since it is a business website hence it definitely has WooCommerce compatibility. The users are free to choose from the wide range of color options.

There is a pallet that has colors that will make the website attractive to the viewers. The users can bring in the changes using the Appearance section in the admin place.
There are professionals who have designed the free wedding WordPress theme thus it is coded with codes that makes it a lightweight website. The non-technical users can use the extensive documentation that comes with the theme that allows them to take on the task one step at a time. WordPress also has a very active online community that has many members who can create the website with simple help from them.

The hotel owners then require a platform where they can find support with the suitable themes. The websites which earlier used to take months to create can now be created in less time. In fact, one can Create hotel website with WordPress by yourself in just 30 minutes. This makes the whole business suitable for many. The business requires a higher number of visitors which is mainly because they will be looking for the amenities that the hotel provides and will be converting the visit in booking.

The Create hotel website with WordPress by yourself in just 30 minutes makes WordPress the leader in many ways. The users of the platform get a lot of support which ensures that all the features that might be required are present on the website. The website which is created in no time is highly responsive and also looks great on all devices. The color theme is flexible and the users can change the colors depending on what they require.

The whole process takes less time and gets a website that is easy to use. There is gallery section which displays the rooms and the services which are offered by the hotel. There is a built-in a form that allows booking for reservations made by the customers when they reach the website. This means that the website will be built with all the functions that are required and a lot of time will be saved. The important part of every website is to be mobile-friendly as that is the popular device which is used everyone these days. The WordPress website will have the flexibility for different devices.

Since there are a lot of things that happen in the hotel industry the website would be required to display various different things each time. The celebrations, special dinners, exhibitions can be placed on the landing page or the news flash to ensure that the visitors see that as the first thing when they reach the website.

The use of WordPress is inevitable as it allows the users to create the website will all features in no time. The WooCommerce which is important for any form of business website is compatible with the theme. The users have a huge choice when it comes to plug-ins to add the functions they feel are required and are missing in the theme. The themes created by WordPress are compatible with WordPress plug-ins and third-party plug-ins.

When you can Create hotel website with WordPress by yourself in just 30 minutes then the cost is not a major issue.

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  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts