15 Best Viral WordPress Themes for Viral Marketing and Content Sharing Sites

Check out the following viral WordPress themes and consider using them for your website.

Everyone wants their website to become viral, but only a few manage to achieve that viral state. There are multiple reasons for a website to go viral.

It could be SEO and SMO works, it could also be due to the digital marketing and promotion schemes or purely by word of mouth.

One of the major driving factors is how the website’s design is. If it looks stunning and extraordinary, you will always find new audiences and word of mouth will do the trick of making it crazy viral.

There are multiple viral WordPress themes available that can make your website popular in a matter of few weeks.

Viral WordPress Themes

The Art

the art

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The Art is a popular WordPress theme designed for artists and creative professionals. It’s easy to use and helps you create a beautiful website to showcase your work. The theme has a clean and modern design, looks great on any device, and can be customized to fit your style. You can display your artwork, run a blog, and even sell your creations with its built-in e-commerce support. With The Art, you can quickly build a professional online presence without any coding skills. It can be translated into many languages so your customers can understand easily no matter where they belong

Features of viral WordPress themes with demo content

Extremely fast & lightweight
Great for Both Beginner and advanced users
Multimedia support
Drag-and-drop page builders
Header and footer customization
12+ homepage designs

Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme

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SKT Journal

SKT Journal - Journal blog WordPress Theme

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Minimal Blog

Minimalist blog WordPress theme

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SKT NewsPaper Pro

newspaper WordPress theme

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It is natural for a news website to go viral and hence, the theme must be tailor-made accordingly. SKT Newspaper Pro is one of the best viral WordPress themes to use to design a professional and commercial news and content website.

It is suitable for every device irrespective of size and resolution. It has advanced shortcodes to make all the components unique.

There are multiple options and variations for designing your website the way you want to. Advanced SEO support with proper coding and plugins will help you get more exposure and receive more hits every day.

SKT Adsense

Adsense Friendly WordPress Theme

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This is an amazing theme to setup your health and food related blog and blogs need to go viral else they are of no use.

This is one of the most versatile viral WordPress themes with all the designing and feature components. The theme is clean and intuitive in navigation.

It has all the social media plugins compatibility because social media is the determining factor for a website to go viral. It is also mobile friendly and has fast loading sped. You can use different decorative fonts and icons for your content.


free blog template WordPress

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SKT Tube

Video WordPress theme

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It is one of the bestselling viral WordPress themes, and it is tailor-made to make your website crazy viral.

It is used for video blogging and it is very much like YouTube except the fact that it is more controlled. There are video and image sliders and galleries.

The other sections on the homepage are simply stunning to look at. It loads super fast, and there are so many variations available for every designing component including slider and gallery options.

SKT Magazine Pro

magazine WordPress theme

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This is a beautiful and eye-catching theme, and it could be used to sell products related to fashion with a blog section to write engaging posts and recommendations.

On the other hand, it could be used completely as a blog, and it is likely to go viral due to advanced SEO works and extremely addictive outlook.

Features like creative galleries, powerful sliders, advanced shortcodes, and retina ready resolution for all devices make it the most sought after viral WordPress theme.


Lifestyle WordPress theme

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PicArt probably has the best design among all the viral WordPress themes listed here. It is attractive, colorful and the gallery is mind blowing.

It lists the photos in collage mode which is quite innovative, and the different types of headers and footers and other designing components will make the website dynamic.

It is retina ready and SEO ready as well to conquer the world of search engines. It can be used for photo blogging and fashion and lifestyle content curation website.


This is truly a Girlie theme and is one of the potential viral WordPress themes. Most people use tit for blogging on movies, celebrities, and gossips and they have to depend on web traffic to earn something from the website.

The theme has all the ingredients to make the website viral once you put up quality content.

It has stunning sliders, contact form, and call-to-action options, widgets, header and footer variations and it appears beautiful on all devices.

High Tech

You can use this theme for tech blogging or selling tech products and service. Your website needs to be viral to increase the sales figures and revenue collection by selling items or by ad segments.

The theme is clean and modern. It has social media support which is likely to make your website viral if you opt for paid social media campaign.

Call-to-action and integration with email subscription plugin will get you more subscribers and will make your website word of mouth.

Resume Pro

This is a stunning theme to make a creative person go viral. It could be an artist, a motivational speaker, a technical service provider or a comedian.

The theme has some awesome animations that will keep the audiences stay glued to the website naturally. There are sections for image and video galleries, the slider has creative transition effects, and the segments on the homepage are dynamic.

You can sell products and services directly through the website as it has WooCommerce support. Most importantly, it is search engine optimized and has social media share plugins to make your website go viral.


This is one of the amazing viral WordPress themes that you can use you list your gym or fitness related products and services.

It looks great to the eyes and has SEO support to increase the visibility of the website on the search engines and make it viral in a short period of time.

All the necessary pages are present, and you can change the page templates effortlessly. Beautiful animations are there on the homepage that would capture the attention of the visitors.

Coffee Shop

This theme has a stunning design, fast loading speed and overall it is very eye-catching. It has all the features and functionalities to become a viral website and make the business shine quickly.

It is tailor-made for café to reach out to the targeted audiences easily. The color scheme is changeable and so are the designing components. The slider is beautiful, and the galleries are the main attraction.

These are the most awesome viral WordPress themes you can use on your website and earn money through ad segment once you start receiving thousands of web traffic every day.

It will also help your service and products to reach out to the targeted audiences, and the sales figure will increase exponentially.

On deciding to get your website up and running, you are better off going with WordPress as opposed to other sites for the simple reason that WordPress offers you better flexibility and comes loaded with more features, tools and widgets than you can shake a stick at.

But it all comes down to the theme you choose for your website and once you have selected the appropriate theme, you can then move ahead and set up your website, as per your taste. But more importantly you would definitely want to check out some of the viral WordPress themes.

There are any number of reasons for why a website goes viral, it could be the way the website was designed, making it all the more attractive or it could be the content itself. Of course, there’s no guarantee that with these viral WordPress themes, your website could go viral as well.

But the nub is that these viral WordPress themes could well promote you to a new realm altogether, with increased traffic, higher rankings and even a better conversion rate. And that’s why you need to check out our viral WordPress themes and see if they are a good fit for your website or not.

  • Traffic: These viral WordPress themes have all been tweaked and developed by the experts and as such, the design of their templates is really outstanding. That’s what makes these viral WordPress themes all the more attractive and coupled with some quality content and third party plugins for added functionality, the chances of your website going viral is quite good.

    Just remember to check and make sure that the selected theme is HD and retina ready and is 100% responsive. In due course, this should result in increased traffic and better rankings for your website

  • Layout: People often miss the forest for the trees and often focus on the content and give the layout a miss. For any business website, a loss of a potential lead is still a loss and given that, you would naturally want to optimize your websites so that customers are naturally attracted to click on the “call to action”.

    That’s why you should opt for these themes, as they come with a good, well structured layout, with a front page that borders on minimalism along with galleries and built-in templates.

  • Ease of use: One of the outstanding features of these viral WordPress themes is the fact that they make it quite easy for you to upload high resolution images and HD media with ease. And since images and media are more effective as far as the audience is concerned, it makes more sense to host a few on your website.

    What’s more, with these viral WordPress themes being installed on your website, your users should find it easy to navigate through the various pages, and the icing on the cake, there’s little to no lag time when it comes to page loading.

These are some of the best viral WordPress themes that you can opt for but remember that some of them have a free version with limited functionality while others have a full free based form. You can take your pick and choose the one that you want to go with, but make a point of checking it out.

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