Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins for your blog or website

Best WordPress newsletter plugins for your blog and website have been discussed here.

To increase traffic its essential that you build your subscriber list. This article speaks about plugins which help you build your subscriber lists.

Sending a newsletter and email marketing will form part of another article which will be published soon with cheaper ways to send newsletters to your subscribers using various services possible.

Now lets focus on list building plugins which is the main source and the first step in email marketing.

Among older ways to reach a client Email Marketing is still considered one of the best ways to increase instant traffic and reach directly to your clients who have signed up to receive updates of your website.

Popular plugins to consider for List Building:

mailpoet newsletter plugin WordPress

  1. Mailpoet Newsletters: Mailpoet Newsletters is one of the best WordPress newsletter plugins as the name suggests is not just a nice list building plugin but to store unlimited subscribers and also integrate itself (ofcourse paid) with several services like Amazon SES, Mandrill etc.

    So that you not only build your list but also start sending emails using either services like the ones given above or using SMTP. Free version has limit of sending only 2000 emails. Pro version doesn’t have any limits.

    However costs are a bit on the higher end if you consider paying every year for this service. Check out this service here: Hence as stated above this plugin is good for list building. You may consider other methods to send email.

  2. newsletter WordPress pluginNewsletter: This plugin is one of the best we found for easy list building and adding as many subscribers as you may want. One can track the email subscribers.

WordPress Newsletter Plugins

It also has additional options to send emails using SMTP which might be configured with Gmail or other email services for sending emails free.

Since this plugin not just is a list building plugin but also a email sending one we added this one above others.

  1. Sendy widget: We all know Sendy is a software which you can install on your server and tie it up with Amazon SES for sending emails.

    If you haven’t heard about it i just wrote a small write up above explaining the same. As this widget names itself, it is used to build your list directly into Sendy server. So no need to do anything else but keep on adding subscribers to your ever growing list at Sendy.


  1. sendpress newsletter WordPress pluginSendPress Newsletters: Sendpress is another good list building method for subscribers. However the yearly price of $99 is too high if you just want to have it for list building you don’t need to pay anything.

    But in case you want to use it for services like mandrill, Amazon SES and then using them sending email newsletters then you will have to shell at least $99 per year. For list building methods this plugin does the job right and is quite good.

  2. Newsletter Form: Newsletter form is another method of list building. However the problem with this plugin is that it directly integrates with services like mailchimp, aweber etc.

    So basically you don’t have your list of subscribers in your database but into some of the services i listed above.

    Even though this method makes sense for users who want to send emails using services like this for users who just want to build their list this plugin might not be suitable.

  3. Nifty Newsletters: Another great plugin to build your list. However nowadays every plugin tries to market itself with not just list building methods but premium features where you can create a newsletter and send using services like SMTP, Amazon SES or Gmail.
  4. ALO Easymail Newsletters: Easy for list building. Not very intuitive for sending emails. Some reviewers have also pointed sending same email 10 times to same mailing list. Hence consider this plugin for list building methods and not for sending email newsletters.
  5. Email Newsletter: This is a simple plugin and not very intuitive. However it does work good for building list of subscribers but not very good for sending emails. It has SMTP email sending method.

We know there are many more newsletter list building methods. Most of them are paid.

If you find any free WordPress newsletter list building plugins for WordPress left by us do let us know.

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