12 Social Club WordPress Themes for Various Types of Clubs & Communities

Social Club WordPress Themes

Social clubs are all about building a strong community of enthusiasts, fans and members sharing the same interests, occupation, profession, ideas or whatever it is.

And if you are about strengthening your club or non profit organization, amusement center or another tax exempt agency via the digital platform, here are some of the best social club WordPress themes for you.

From anime and gaming to book discussion and lovers’ clubs, from charity work to donation campaigns, from country to chess clubs, the number and occupation of social clubs are both limitless.

While they are revolving around a common topic, activity or occupation, they need additional space to gain popularity and include more and more club members.

The global digital network is a great place for such activities and community building purposes. Particularly, the professional web developers have sweated hard to create and launch many social club WordPress themes to serve such social club and community members and their specific needs. The best of them you are going to find highlighted below.

These social club WordPress themes will make it effortlessly simple for you to build a strong online presence that will encourage people join your club, community, participate in your events and meetings, etc.

Social Club WordPress Themes

These pre designed and well constructed layouts are also totally manageable with customization options, pre enabled shortcodes and additional functionality with plugins and extensions.

SKT Amusement Park

amusement park

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SKT Blessing

SKT blessings

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SKT Mosque

SKT Mosque

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Summer Camp

summer camp

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SKT Association

SKT Association

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SKT Night Club

skt night club

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Donation is a purposeful and good looking template among the most versatile donation and NGO, community and social club WordPress themes.

Featuring demo content to be removed and replaced by your niche specific one, Donation is easy in management with colors, fonts, images, sections and more.

It means you can start the restyling of your website whenever needed and elevate a website that will attract people across the globe with unique images and encouraging texts, thrilling stories and visual material.

The latter can be best displayed with the help of homepage default slider with controllable pause time and other effects.

As one of the best media for donation and charitable clubs and NGOs, Donation is checked for its compatibility with multilingual plugins to make your content understandable for more people, as well as donation plugins for receiving financial aid from across the globe.


Whether your website is going to highlight political or democratic social clubs, more dynamic activities and crowded events, enthusiastic club of hikers or travelers, Adventure is the one to walk with you along the way.

Built with creativity and modern animations put into action, Adventure is effective both in look and advanced functionality.

HD and retina ready nature along with hassle free navigation are the pillars of the overall aesthetics of your site keeping your web viewers engaged with your posts and pages, images and call to actions.

In case you need one of the offered social club WordPress themes to try your commercial skills, Adventure can grant you with that opportunity as well.

Start with adding relevant eCommerce plugin and proceed with the categorization and cataloging your digital or tangible merchandise.

Holy Church

The fact that non governmental and charitable clubs, organizations and activities are of much consequence to the vulnerable economic and social questions can never be further from the truth.

And whether you are organizing donation events and auctions via the Internet or run a brick and mortar religious or NGO center which is going to be showcased online, Holy Church will make all kind of technical things flowing.

This totally modernized and well armed website tool can positively affect your digital experience as a website admin who is a kilometer’s away from what’s going on in the backend of his website.

Apparently, all the complex processes catering to web coding and design controls are eliminated leaving you with a totally understandable and easy to manage admin panel, dozens of shortcodes, page and post configurations, etc.

SKT Recycle

SKT Recycle is one of the famous destinations for recycle products and digital marketers, gaming and Internet clubs, as well as any regional and local, academic, cultural or social club and its members.

The strong HTML 5 coding together with CSS3 styling controls is going to be the safety valve of your site keeping it safe and sound in case of customization processes.

It means that you don’t need to worry about the satisfying appearance and functionality of your site even while you are trying to make it more powerful and flexible from the backend.

Numerous sections, homepage default slider, widget friendly zones and separate blog area are all added to the theme that is also ads and affiliate links friendly enabling your club to make money by means of its virtual presence.

SKT Charity Pro

We have no hesitation in including SKT Charity Pro in the assemblage of the top and best social club WordPress themes.

We truly believe in the dynamism and versatility of this SEO and SMO integrated, full color and font controllable template when it comes to promoting any country or golf club, horse ranch or resort, social or swimming club, nature protection NGO or some other activity.

With SKT Charity Pro you can make the most of the systematized online workload by scheduling your high quality posts and underpinning them with eye catchy images on the homepage slider, giving contact details and social links, running an online store, etc.

SKT Education

Designed with a unique charm and coded for learning and education websites, SKT Education can definitely serve your social or reading, book discussion club’s needs and contribute to its prosperity online.

Totally optimized for being paired with LMS systems and plugins, this responsive and SEO friendly template is also social icons powered and thoroughly social media optimized.

It means that your club will be able to win the attention of social media active users sharing your interests and working policy.

While uniting simple yet fully customizable layout with modern CSS3 animations and durable HTML coding, this theme comes with 4 variations of widget friendly footer and header areas, full color and typography control system, sidebar layout choices, prebuilt pack of shortcodes and much more to come.

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