WordPress eLearning and LMS Plugins for Your Educational and Online Course websites

WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins have been discussed in this article.

Speaking of the modern day learning and education, it becomes clear that, along with a set of standard educational formal programs and concepts, new perspectives and possibilities are coming to the light to be accessible to millions of people worldwide, irrespective of their location or nationality.

The unlimited number of online courses, programs and classes, as well as other e – learning options comes to be totally obtainable to everyone thanks to the online medium, suggested by the online networking platform.

Hence, the demand for the respective digital frameworks to be exercised for reaching the target online learning goals and objectives is successfully personalized into the respective proposals with the reliable mixture of WordPress flexible themes and the WordPress e-learning and learning management system plugins.

WordPress eLearning and LMS Plugins

As a result, the internet learning – optimized website comes armed with all the necessary educational models and paradigms and provides an easy to practice digital environment for the learner or the student.

In this article we have sort out the best e-learning and WordPress educational plugins to contribute to your learning – oriented website or blog

These plugins are aided by all the necessary inbuilt functionality, as well as customization options to ensure your online fame and success.



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Learn Press is entirely intuitive and WordPress website compatible plugin for universities, colleges, schools, higher educational institutions, online courses, private tutors or other relevant structures or individuals.

This plugin shares premium features and controls, however, it is available on the market entirely for free. With the help of this learning management solution, one is able to add diverse courses, lessons, tasks, assignments or quizzes to the website and get the learners involved in them with great enthusiasm.

One of the striking points in relation to this product is its entirely user – friendly stylized design, letting you undertake certain operations with ease and without wasting too much time.

MasterStudy LMS – WordPress LMS Plugin

Master Study

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WordPress LMS Plugin MasterStudy works as a comprehensive software that comes as a convenient educational plugin. This LMS plugin can give a WordPress website the attributes of a professional online platform.

Also, it lets you have industry-specific e-learning and various LMS features. You can easily create tools for the selling and online courses with this plugin.

This plugin comes with the essential learning management system, which makes it easier for course managing, quizzes, and educational content management, etc. It lets you sell courses and lessons specific along with delivering the service for online education.

The feature of this plugin includes a powerful admin panel, space for posting quizzes, messaging system, a place for the announcement, and result.

This WordPress LMS plugin works with the theme for an educational setting. At the same time, it includes seamless customization options. To create interactive lessons along with slides, videos, graphs, images, etc., this course builder is fantastic.

Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution

Tutor LMS

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This plugin is packed with features as an efficient plugin or WordPress. Using this LMS plugin, you can quickly sell courses online.

All the learning management systems of this come with compatibility with various checkpoints. This plugin lets you easily create interactive lessons, quizzes, stats making, powerful reports, etc.

A large number of features is the USP of this plugin, which makes it easier for you to create online courses for your WordPress site.

It works as an intuitive course builder. There are unlimited opportunities for building courses and lessons. Also, it includes the frontend student dashboard along with video lessons.

This WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins also lets you create quizzes, lesson management, teacher profile, and panels.

Here are various styling options, along with course widgets and purchase history. You can create a teacher registration form along with a course review and rating system.

WP Education- Education WordPress plugin for Eliminator

WP Education

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WP Education works as a WordPress Education plugin that allows you to show the education-based online sites. Also, this plugin comes in a fully responsive and mobile-friendly design.

It comes with various options for customization. You can easily create any king of unlimited education customized post type. There are options for events, courses, galleries, teachers, team, testimonial, classed, excursions, etc.

The plugin comes with various p educational, course, relevant, and teacher detail pages. The plugin, at the same time, also supports the Elementor page building.

The exclusive features include a clean design along with code. No coding is necessary for this plugin. Also, it comes with an easy education option page. The bootstrap works as a framework based one. There are fantastic font icons.

The plugin also goes compatible with the image icon and feature images. The number of columns is easy to customize. It is cross-browser compatible. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 for online course creation.

Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash

Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash

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For your eLearning site, this Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash offers 15 modules, which include a login redirect. There are various resume capabilities. Thus, it lets you create an immersive learning experience for the students.

This plugin comes with various features. It includes the front-end login with which you can add a branded page. It supports password reset along with a custom email. With the hide admin bar, you can use it for specific roles.

The resume button allows you to pick up from where you left your course. Along with login/ logout redirect, it comes with a particular URL for signing in and out.

The menu item is easier to see. You can show or hide the contents using shortcodes. There are options for logging in and logging out of links. With the Topic autocomplete lessons, it is easier to use.

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar

eroom zoom meetings webinar

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This one of the reckoned WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins comes as a good suite for creating a top-notch LMS educational site.

It lets you create video conferences, chat sessions, online meetings, which play an important role in improving communication with the participants.

The process gets more innovative with the StylemixThemes developed eRoom with Zoom meeting and webinar from your WordPress Plugin.

You can easily manage the zoom meetings and scheduling options along with the WordPress dashboard.

This free plugin comes with a reliable extension, which comes with proper integration with the video conference tool. This plugin lets you create and manage the meetings, which makes it easier for the user participants.

The main feature includes WordPress compatibility. It offers the complete integration of the zoom using WordPress. Also, it enables the zoom video conference features. The plugin also comes with various shortcodes for managing meetings.



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This WordPress plugin works as one of the convenient plugins for creating various online course-related sites. This uses a WordPress learning management system for creating multiple courses, assignments, and quizzes.

This WordPress e-learning and learning management system plugins goes compatible with the WPLMS course along with the ajax mode. Also, the plugin goes comfortable with the WPLMS units and quizzes.

This plugin also goes compatible with WordPress multi-site. At the same time, it seamlessly supports any of the WordPress themes.

The School Management – Education & Learning Management

The School Management

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This School management system works as a WordPress plugin for managing schools. At the same time, it uses entities like sections, classes, ID cards, teachers, staff, noticeboard, etc.

You can easily use this plugin using easy shortcodes. You can add a shortcode on any page or post for displaying the admission inquiry, s student login, and the fees submission.

The multiple ranges of features let you add the classes and sections, subjects, student admission for classes, etc. Also, there are options for the roles and permission, admin staff, teacher and accountant, student promotion, etc.

Moreover, it also lets you create various widgets with mail templates and multiple settings. There are options for pages and shortcodes.

TP Education

TP Education

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The TP Education plugin is the best way to add a large number of customized learning courses to your WordPress website. The plugin comes with the features for the custom post type.

You can easily add any events, classes, courses, excursion team, affiliation, and testimonial to your site.
One of the responsive WordPress e-learning and learning management system plugins works with the required meta fields and for the educational sites.

This plugin works with convenience to give you the flexibility to create various theme-based academic courses.

Moreover, it includes a large number of codes for the front-end submission. It comes with immense customization and flexibility features. You can easily overwrite the templates.

WP Courses LMS

WP Courses LMS

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This WP course LMS is relatively easier to use. This fully-featured LMS comes with free capabilities. This press site is more comfortable to operate using an intuitive interface.

There are drag and drop tools along with the video and tutorial. This LMS integrates easily with any of the practical themes. It is quite a mobile-friendly site.

Need no coding knowledge, which makes them easier to use. You can easily restrict the lesson content with the controlled le user log-ins. It lets you create any lesson, including the videos.

There is a seamless course for the browsing experience. Also, it supports unlimited courses that you can browse as per the category.

Each of the courses comes with its area for description, video, and other types of content. The WP course gets active support with the development of new updates and features.

This LMS plugin fully supports any translation. The premium version includes various other advanced features that are worth opting for.

Learning Courses

Learning Courses

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This one of the WordPress e-learning and learning management system plugins LMS adds on coms a convenient one for creating the online courses along with your WordPress site. This plugin is handy that lets you create learning purses using video presentations.

Also, it makes an ideal choice for creating the single courses, archive course, along with single and archive teachers. You can also use it for the account page.

This WordPress plugin is easy to download and lets you create a very responsive and intuitive learning experience for your students.

WP School Calendar

WP School Calendar

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WP School Calendar is a straightforward ad responsive school calendar plugin for WordPress. You can easily use this plugin for creating the school calendar to show on the school website automatically.

This one of the most popular WordPress e-learning and learning management system plugins lets you create an excellent and responsive school calendar within a few minutes without any help from a graphic designer.

It is effortless to use. All you need is to add a few important dates using the calendar about when the activities of the events are going to happen. You can create a registration for new students. Also, there is an orientation period for the new students.

It comes with the first and last day of the sources. There are options for the mid and final term examination along with publication date and school holiday period.

The features include the supporting of the single and multiple days along with important dates. There are custom colors for the important dates.

Also, you can customize as per the events. It also includes various options for months’ format. It enables you to show the past and the upcoming school calendar.

This plugin supports the custom language text. It also includes the POT file for better customization.

WPSchool Press

WPSchool Press

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This plugin is a very user-friendly one for school management. Along with its powerful features, it offers you the best solution for education management.

Along with its role-based access, it enables the users to log in and access easily using the simple dashboard. It comes with student attendance management, which helps in keeping track of the attendance.

There are various options for classrooms and subjects, along with the easy management of the plugin. It offers you the student grade management for the report management system.

The school schedule management comes with the feature for the easy creation of admin and teachers’ exam schedules. There is also an option for transportation management.

Also, the plugin comes with a content feature for easy updates. Using this plugin enables you to have superior management of your WordPress educational site.

LearnPress – Course Wishlist

LearnPress – Course Wishlist

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The LearnPress plugin is a convenient LMS solution by ThimPress. This helps you to create a Wishlist feature for WordPress.

It lets you add your favorite course to a list for using it later. This also comes in a lightweight profile for easy management of the features.

Along with this plugin, you can review the courses for the enrolled students. There are options for importing and exporting the courses.

With this plugin, you can create various prerequisite courses that are required for the students to pass in for courses to enroll in the course.

Along with the bbPress forum, it also gets supported for the various course creation. It also goes compatible with the BuddyPress support for enhancing the functionalities.

Thus it gives you the seamless integration to create and manage the multiple courses on your website.

LMS Plugin – eLearning, Online Courses by Attest

LMS Plugin – eLearning, Online Courses by Attest

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This LMS plugin comes as the best suite for serving the excellent eLearning process. It allows you to create online courses easily through the WordPress dashboard.

It comes as a Gutenberg ready LMS and lets you easily create and run along with the proper management of the course.
It allows the students sign up for displaying the lessons using a straightforward layout. The courses are very intuitive and responsive.

This feature-rich one of the most intuitive WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins is the best one to use. It includes an unlimited number of online courses along with lessons and lesson grouping.

Also, you can create free courses with the registration. There are a drag and drop curriculum builder for this automated site. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, local media files, Embeds, etc.

Also, there are courses for benefits, requirements, topics, audience audiences, etc. It lets you have the proper assessment of courses and lessons.

Namaste LMS

dynamic options to arm your relevant website with all the trendy courses, classes and master – classes, publish their descriptions, control and assess them accordingly, as well as create the respective certificates for the students in the end.

Lifter LMS


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Lifter LMS is online course WordPress plugin which features smart and secure course builder layout, suited for any kind of courses and lessons, depending on the nature and working directions of the given web presentation.

This practical and WordPress website – friendly template with a powerful package of essential options and features, including intuitively designed interface, extensively worked out template, focus on each aspect of the plugin, easily customizable options for the content management, students dashboard and analytics inclusion, e –commerce possibilities for receiving payments for the courses, as well as many other characteristics coming along the free version of Lifter LMS.



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CoursePress is intended to fill the gap between the people’s desire to get high – quality modern education and the way to achieve it.

This WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins can serve as a dependable and professional platform, where every person willing to explore some new learning medium will find the courses, classes or membership programs he is mostly interested in.

Unlimited options for adding learning content, video and audio courses, letting the students and other participants to upload or download whatever is needed, presenting the course preview, so that the website visitors can be well informed about the suggested programs, fees and payments if there are any. The system of the plugin also allows setting the most convenient payment methods and ways.

Interactive Content H5P


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These online learning management and control solution, ready to serve any WordPress based web page or blog, is loaded with powerful plugin extensions for planning the curriculum, classes schedules, programs, quizzes, testing methods, assessment and other methods and lets the website owner to have constant access to them in case any update or modification is needed.

This learning content presentation tool is based on strong HTML coding, is totally responsive while being accessed by the phones or other devices, and you will not need to spend a single penny to reach to this unique product.


By the application of this entirely versatile and resourceful plugin anyone will be provided with exceptional chances to turn his specialty or even hobby into a prospective and profitable business online.

Make use of the whole potential of this WordPress supported plugin as the most convenient e- learning content management instrument to add relevant courses and classes, create registration form to the website users and charge subscription or membership payments for them.

It’s also worth noting, that it will be pretty easy and entertaining to deal with this plugin in order to start the creation of learning and education – optimized online activities and share them with many zealous learners and students from different corners of the world.

Good LMS

Dedicated particularly to educational and e – learning industries, Good LMS is smart and deeply intuitive plugin based on uniquely elaborated and self –hosted WordPress platform to start the creation of any website catering to school, university, online courses, diverse educational programs.

Thus, this technologically proficient, stunningly user and developer – friendly designed learning management system allows specialists and professionals to exercise outstandingly open source instrument that is dynamic, customizable and wonderfully polished with the applicable selection.

Functional activities to be implemented within the plugin to transfer it into a powerful and fully compatible product, ensuring the effective performance of any online education environment.

Moreover, the plugin includes diverse payment methods, including Paypal, Stripe, Paymill, Authorized.net and other methods provided and confirmed by the admin.

WordPress education Plugins thus described above should suit one or the other type of requirement of users.

Starting an education website has become really easy with the help of WordPress themes. These educational themes are designed in such a way that people from the non-technical background can also as easily create a website. Growing popularity and the need has lead to websites creation and management.

Since there are so many services which can be offered using these websites it becomes all the more possible for the business to grow and keep in touch with the users. The education sector is a little different from any other form of the service sector.

The owners should carefully include features in the website so that they the students and the visitors can benefit from it.

This brings us to the themes and how to enhance the functions which can be a part of the themes. The best way to do so is by using plug-ins, WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins are the ones which can add much functionality to the site which will improve its value to the users.

There are still many website owners who contemplate the use of plugins be it WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins.

This could be due to the fact that the benefits of the use of these plugins might not be known. With the insight on the use of the plug-ins benefits the website owners will be able to change their views.

Live connection with the students: While talking about an education website it is must that live chat must be offered. There are many queries which will require immediate assistance which can only be resolved when the help of live chat.

This can go a long way in creating trust and building a lasting relationship. Communication is the key and thus the live chat option which is provided by the plug-ins is something that every education website should use.

Social media share options: Even when one is talking about education the social media plays an important role. The use of plug-ins makes it simple to include the social media share buttons on the website.

The idea behind any website is basically marketing and promotion which is made easy by using social media platforms.

Since they are an integral part of online marketing use of such plugins becomes indispensable. WordPress has ample such plugins which can make this possible.

SEO Benefits: There are many SEO benefits which the WordPress e-learning and LMS plugins make possible. Pick from the amazing variety of such plugins to enjoy the maximum benefits.

SEO is the most vital marketing tool which is required by any website. Choosing the right SEO plugin will help you in getting the website noticed by the visitors.

Security: No matter what kind of website one owns it is true that a lot of data will be transferred using it. This includes student’s confidential information, study resources etc. thus the security here is highly important.

Using the appropriate plugin will ensure that the information is secured and can be accessed only with the relevant parties.

The choice of plugin goes a long way in determining the quality of the website and the user’s experience.

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