6 Interactive WordPress Themes for Creating Interactive Dynamic Websites

A handy collection of the most interactive WordPress themes for multi service websites and blogs, online storefronts and service provision, creative and personal profiles and more is shared in this article for any website admin to showcase whatever is needed under the bright light.

The interaction with the target audience, attraction of new customers, advertising of new goods and services – you can use a variety of means for all this.

Until recently, the most effective tools for promoting any business were newspapers and television.

However, the advertising through such methods has lots of flows, the main ones of which are high cost and fragility of contact.

As for comparison, outdoor advertising is more competitive but is aimed at all types of consumers and not the target ones. Additionally, there is also a regional binding.

It’s not a secret that one of the most relevant platforms for advertising any product and contributing to the promotion of any undertaking is the Internet. Only Internet marketing allows you to get a return on the maximum number of consumers.

This contemporary digital method is not only effective but a bit complex. The thing is that you need to prove your online audience that your offers are worth their consideration, your goods are of high quality and your services are professional.

In this relation, all you need for the beginning is one of the dynamic and interactive WordPress themes to start your unforgettable journey online.

Whether you need a certain emphasis on the visual design of your site or its advanced functionality to offer ultimate convenience to your clients, these interactive WordPress themes will leave you speechless with their unique blend of form and function.

1. Beer and Pub


Beer and Pub is one of the freshest interactive WordPress themes the professional specialists at SKT Themes have launched for the public usage.

Expand the reach of your café or restaurant, brewery or pub, lounge bar or tavern with the assistance of this strongly coded yet flexible website builder. It is custom built to boost and compliment your choices and preferences, as well as make them dominant within your high quality profile.

Capturing the needed attention to your business and its advantages with the right color choices, page and post controls, typography, responsive design and plugin compatibility Beer and Pub offers will never be a challenge.

2. Yacht and Cruise

yatch and cruise


As a luxurious and interactive template, Yacht and Cruise is designed for cruise and travel, tourism and venue websites and blog, travel agencies, hotels and resorts to accept bookings and reservations, etc.

Interactive web design suggests is focused on creating a truly convenient atmosphere both for the webmaster working on the backend of the theme, and website users enjoying the results of the webmaster’s work from the frontend. In this relation Yacht and Cruise is no way hesitant to provide a stunning framework that is easy to customize for the web admin with footer and header layouts, sidebar choices and page builder compatibility. On the other hand, it is well formatted to comply with the most important requirements of the users, from responsive design to sleek navigation and quick response time.

3. Toy Store


If you think your commercial website looks old dated and needs a facelift for satisfactory results, look no further than Toy Store. As one of the most feature rich and interactive WordPress themes, this product makes it possible for you to use traditional web design and development principles in your site or turn to more extraordinary and exclusive solutions to make a greater impact.

Hence, from color dominance of your profile, typeface controls with preloaded Google fonts to available shortcodes and boundless customization possibilities with images and layouts, Toy Store is power packed with all the essential and problem solving components.

Your new online shopping website built on Toy Store is going to be ultimately responsive with all the compulsory SEO and SMO touches to guarantee the stable advancement of your site in all the possible directions.

4. Classified Ads


Built for client engagement and conversion, compelling design and error free operation, Classified Ads is one of the growth driven interactive WordPress themes you can be lucky enough to have at your fingertips.

Despite being ready to ensure rich and interactive web experience for your audience, the theme is also well optimized for ads and advertising materials for having additional revenue through your website.

This multipurpose website tool is feature rich enough for you to make sure your website guests will not be bombarded by unnecessary information, excessive design or something else. Instead, everything can be served rationally and with taste while working on the Customizer the theme comes integrated with.

5. Real Estate


Let your real estate, immovable and movable property website put its best foot forward with the help of Real Estate.
This modern looking and undoubtedly reliable website template is interactive from top to bottom, enabling you to exercise all the possible methods to persuade your clients that you are worth getting to know and be explored further.

Guide your website guests and prospective users with the help of strategically placed buttons, images, call to actions, contact form, posts and publications. Choose between grid and list view options, arm the homepage slider with 10 slides and take the leading role in managing them with pause time, animation, etc.

6. Donation



We have tried to make this collection of interactive WordPress themes as diversified as it should be for complying with any kind of needs, including also those of NGOs and non profit activities. Therefore, we have not forgotten about Donation to share with you that is wonderfully customizable and admin optimized.

NGOs, charity and donation, church and religious institutions and other relevant non profit undertakings can be sure to have an excellent online presence while paying almost next to nothing for this template.

All the crucial elements any homepage should share are included, from accurate content sections to homepage full width slider for making your textual content more vivid and talkative via images and photos.

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