15+ Free WordPress Magazine Themes Download Professional with Slider

With the advancement of technology, one can have any information at their fingertip. Understanding the importance of the internet and the reliance of common people over them, a large number of newspapers and magazines have build up their websites to meet the growing need.

WordPress undoubtedly is an amazing platform to develop a website. With the help of a large number of free WordPress magazine themes, it has become much easier to create suitable websites for magazines or newspapers.

In the next section of this article, some of these themes are discussed along with their features.

SMO plugins allow the website contents to be shared on various social media platforms thereby improving the organic traffic to the website. With the help of WooCommerce plugins, magazines and newspapers can create an online store where the visitors can subscribe to the site or various e-magazines.

The default slider includes three slides and five levels of the drop-down menu are also available which makes the navigation through different website pages easy.

free WordPress magazine themes

The contact form plugins help the visitors to provide feedback or connect to the site owners. As it is compatible with cache plugins and uses fewer scripts, it helps in a faster website loading experience. Various pages on the website help to display static website content related to the newspaper or publication, terms of use, etc.

1. SKT Magazine

magazine WordPress theme


Of various WordPress magazine themes free available, this theme is quite useful is developing websites for magazines.

The websites built on this theme can be accessed from various browsers and they appear great on any device irrespective of their screen resolution. The comment plugins allow visitors to post their comment on different articles or pages of the website.

2. SKT NewsPaper Lite

newspaper WordPress theme


This theme has a professional appearance and hence is counted among the best free magazine WordPress themes available.

3. Charm Lite

WordPress blog theme


As one of the best free WordPress magazine themes, Charm Lite is compliant with Register Transfer Language or RTL.

The POT files make this theme translation ready and it is also compatible with various multilingual plugins. The theme follows a minimalistic approach and various types of formatting can be carried out on the posts of the website. Additionally, widgets can also be added as per requirements on the sidebar.

Page builder helps in setting up website pages easily. The theme is also compatible with security plugins, shortcode plugins, WooCommerce plugins, etc. The color scheme of the website can also be changed and the customizer allows the admin of the website to preview the changes while working on them at the backend.

4. Kraft Lite

premium WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose, adaptable theme known for its faster user experience. This has contributed to its popularity as one of the WordPress free magazine themes.

The default slider contains up to five slides and the theme is integrated with social icons. The widgets can be added to the sidebar and the theme comes with standard pages such as archives, categories, search, 404, etc.

The NextGEN gallery plugins allowed the images to be uploaded to the website and WooCommerce plugins can enable online store for subscribing to the newsletter, or e-magazines.

5. Naturo Lite



Naturo Lite is listed under the free magazine WordPress themes owing to its compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. This theme is also compatible with SEO and SMO plugins.

One can customize the website as per their need with the help of various setting options. This theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and it is compatible with various WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, NextGEN gallery, etc.

6. Black and White Lite

black and white WordPress theme


This free WordPress themes magazine includes an auto-upgrade and support feature. SMO plugins allowed the owners of the magazine or newspaper to share the content on their website on various social media platforms.

While the color picker helps in changing the color of the website, widgets can be added to sidebar section. Various call-to-action buttons can also be included in the header and footer section of the website. With the help of Loco Translate and PO Edit, one can also translate the strings.

The theme is compatible with popular plugins such as page builders, SEO, multilingual, contact forms, etc.

7. SKT Strong

As free magazine style WordPress themes, it uses lesser scripts which further helps in faster user experience. It includes PO file which makes it translation ready.

It is compatible with various plugins such as WooCommerce, EDD, SEO, team member, shortcodes, contact forms, etc. The logo and color scheme of the website can be changed and widgets can be added to sidebar and footer.

The default slider includes three slides. Various call-to-action buttons and social icons can be included on the website. The customizer allows the admin to preview the changes made on the website from the backend.

8. SKT Girlie

This is a very useful magazine themes Wordpress free with a default slider of five slides. It includes standard pages such as archives, 404, search, etc.

The theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. The documentation link is included within the theme. It is compatible with various WordPress plugins.

One can change the color of the link and add widgets to the sidebar. With the help of the NextGEN gallery plugin, admin can upload images to their website to improve the quality of the content and make it more engaging for the viewers.

9. Natural Herbs Lite

This WordPress free themes magazine follows a minimalistic design approach. The theme also comes with a demo content which makes the setting up of the website easy.

Owing to its compatibility with AMP plugins websites built on this theme can be accessed from any type of devices. Along with texts, one can add multimedia files to their website to make it appear attractive to the viewers. The comment feature of this theme allows visitors to leave comments against different posts or on different pages.

10. SKT Filmmaker

It is magazine themes free WordPress that allows the admin of the website to customize it as per their preference. They can add images, videos, along with texts on the website.

The theme is also SEO friendly and compatible with various plugins such as page builders, shortcode, multilingual plugins and many more. One can add multiple sections on the homepage and widget on the sidebar. As the theme is retina ready, it appears great on various screen resolutions.

They can also add reviews of their existing clients on the web page. The various social media links will help them to connect to their audience.

11. SKT Condimentum

This themes WordPress magazine free is compatible with multiple devices and browsers. Complete documentation is available with this theme and one can easily set up the website pages.

It includes standard pages such as archives, blog, and others and is compatible with popular WordPress plugins. The images, as well as text on the website, are easy to change as per requirement. With the help of customizer, these changes could be previewed before finalizing.

12. SKT Auto Car

This themes WordPress free magazine can be used for developing a suitable website for magazines and newspaper. While building a website based on this theme, one can customize them as per requirement. Besides, widgets can also be added to footer and sidebar sections.

It is compatible with cache plugins, SEO plugins, multilingual plugins, contact forms plugins, NextGEN gallery plugins, etc. This theme also comes with a default slider and multiple content areas are available at the homepage.

13. SKT Black

SKT Black is a popular theme in the category of WordPress magazine themes free responsive and the websites based on this theme are easy to set up.

This theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Along with a default slider, standard pages such as 404, category, archive, and search are available with this theme.

It is compatible with WooCommerce plugins that help the admin to create online stores on the website where the readers can subscribe for newsletter or e-magazines. It is also compatible with SEO plugins and SMO plugins, both of which help in improving the traffic to the website.

14. SKT Towing

This magazine WordPress themes free download works well with font plugins, multilingual plugins, SEO plugins and many more. The NextGEN gallery plugins help the admin of the newspaper or magazine website to add images to the various posts or web pages.

The theme allows widgets to be added to the sidebar of the website and one can preview the changes on the website before implementation with the help of customizer.

Complete documentation is available for this theme and the website is easy to set up. Social media icons can be set up on the website to allow the web contents to be shared on social media platforms.

15. SKT Spa Lite

Owing to various features this theme is regarded as one of the free WordPress magazine themes. Images, maps, banners, videos that are relevant to the text content can be added to the website.

This will grab the attention of the audience. The theme is also compatible with security plugins to ensure the security of the website. This theme includes comment feature for the visitors and a review section can also be added to the website.

The theme is retina ready and hence looks great on any type of screen resolution. Besides, one can access the website from various devices and browsers.

Magazines or newspapers can utilize any of the above-mention themes to their best ability to develop a suitable website to reach their audience.

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