25+ Best Personal Free WordPress Blog Themes 2023

Blogging with WordPress becomes super easy using Themes. Companies and individual need blogs and websites to ensure that they can reach the maximum customer and fan base possible.

However, it is not possible for everyone to develop the complete website from scratch.

WordPress themes allow for development to become easier. Most themes offer drag and drop features to build a website. Similarly, they also add the various functionality to the website.

Bogging refers to sharing content and information on the internet. However, it can become more effective and useful if proper themes are used. Individuals and companies alike can benefit from free themes to set-up their website.

Once they are contended with the free theme, they may use the premium version for added functionality.

SKT Themes offer many free WordPress blog themes. These themes are designed to provide various functionality to users based on their requirements.

The theme has been developed for easy blogs, news and press release uploading. The theme meets the requirements of most blogs. It is also usable for travel and lifestyle blogs.

Similarly, the theme has all the main pages readily available and is highly mobile-friendly. First-time users can use this theme as it requires no knowledge of coding. Instead, it can be customized using the WordPress customizer.

free blog WordPress themes

Below is a list of the 25 best free WordPress Themes for blogs that you may choose from.

Charm Lite

WordPress blog theme


SKT Complete

complete pro


SKT complete is one of the best free WordPress blog themes. In the free version, the user can upload the logo of the business and add 3-5 slides to the slider. The theme is suitable for use in any form of industry.

It has a professional outlook that makes it ideal for most industrial purposes. The template is highly responsive, making the development process easy.

Moreover, the theme is supported by all the major web browsers. SKT Complete has been tested with the Google mobile-friendly test and passes with an optimum score. Opt for this theme if you are looking for an easy solution for your development needs.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services


Maintenance Services tops the chart of free WordPress themes for bloggers if you are providing maintenance services.

There are two distinct page templates included in the free version that makes development easy. The unique SKT Page Builder allows for visual drag-and-drop page building.

At the same time, the appearance is well suited to the service industry. The theme is compatible with WordPress Gutenberg versions.

The user can also incorporate various form building plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja and Gravity Forms with the theme. The theme has been built with minimum data requirements, reducing the response time and page load speeds.

Kitchen Design

kitchen design


Kitchen Design finds its place in the list of the best free WordPress blog themes 2022 due to its massive consumer base. The theme is suitable for building recipe or kitchen services sites. It is highly mobile-friendly and responsive.

At the same time, the theme is well integrated with WordPress customizer, increasing its usability. Users may incorporate Woocommerce plugin with the theme to sell their products online.

Moreover, the theme has a default slider that gives an attractive look to the theme’s homepage. Extensive documentation is provided for the ease of use.


SKT Gym WordPress theme


SKT Gym is one of the best free WordPress blog themes in 2019. It is suitable for representing any gym or fitness-based business.

There are six columns within the header where chunks of important information regarding the market can be provided. Apart from that, the theme can be easily translated into any language of your choice.

Multiple shortcodes are offered with the theme, making it easier to customize usability. It works well with the latest version of WordPress. The theme using caching plugins to reduce bandwidth requirements. As a result, the page load speed is increased.

Banquet Hall

banquet hall


Banquet Hall is of the best free WordPress blogging themes if you are an event planner. The theme is easily customizable for event planners as per their needs. The Banquet Hall Lite theme is easily customizable by any non-developer.

The team also supports a visual composer that allows for secure drag-and-drop page building.

The use of caching plugins intensifies the page speed. The code used is simple and effective, reducing any hassle while running the website.

The theme is entirely SEO optimized, allowing your website to get top SEO rankings. The theme also has excellent security features to ensure that you are safe from spamming.

Laptop Repair

An excellent one of the free WordPress themes for blogging for computer stores and laptop repair services. The Woocommerce integration allows secure online store for your PC, Computer or Laptop online store.

Some customers can find the theme usable for mobile store development. The theme navigation is user-friendly, and it is suited for Search Engine Optimization.

Create an attractive website by integrating images, videos and other multimedia to your posts. The Homepage section is uniquely designed in six columns to display valuable information about your business. The theme can be easily edited as it is made in HTML and CSS3.

SKT Solar Energy

An amazing free clean energy WordPress theme. It is one of the best free blogging WordPress themes. There are up-to 20 homepage sections that you may choose from. This multipurpose theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

The theme is highly responsive. At the same time, over 100+ shortcodes are included in the theme to make development easy for everyone.

The theme is a hundred per cent receptive, making it suitable for a plethora of devices. It is also tested for HD devices and can support a wide range of fonts.

SKT Filmmaker

This theme tops in our list for studio and filmmaker WordPress blog themes free. It is fully customizable, and the user can add elements including videos, images, blocks and even pages from the backend.

No coding knowledge is required. Moreover, the theme supports multilingual properties and is widget friendly. The Homepage section as both a header and a slider for added functionality.

SKT Handyman

An interesting and easy to use the theme for handyman services. You can easily adjust the colours of this theme to match the requirements of your business.

Moreover, the theme matches all the WordPress codex standards. The header and footer section of each page has four different layouts allowing for maximum customization.

You can easily translate the theme into the language of your choice simply by using the PO editor. At the same time, the theme is fully responsive and can work well on any device.

There is a list of shortcodes included for additional usage. It is one of the best free blog WordPress themes

SKT Luxury

SKT Luxury is one of the best WordPress free blog themes. It offers a luxury feel to the website content and is suitable for any luxury e-store. The theme is fully integrated with Woocommerce.

At the same time, the theme offers a good opportunity for luxury brands to reach a greater target market. It offers social icons display so that the customers can easily find a link to the social media of the brand.

The theme also allows a showcase of the portfolio for the business. The colour scheme can be easily customized from WordPress native customizer.

SKT Consulting

One of the best free WordPress themes blog for consulting businesses. The theme is great for businesses providing financial or educational consulting. The theme comes loaded with the SKT Page builder that allows for drag and drop development.

Similarly, there is a default slider to showcase your work. A special testimonial section is added to allow for a detailed view of your business.

The theme also has three different types of slider formats and four different header and footer formats to use for business branding. You can easily use multiple widgets with the theme.

SKT Elastic

SKT Elastic is one of the best free WordPress personal blog themes. The theme can be used with AMP plugin that allows for hassle-free usage on many devices. The theme works best with many browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

The user-friendly approach of the theme makes it quite flexible to use for multiple purposes. There are more than a 100 inbuilt shortcodes that complement the functionality of the theme. Moreover, it has been tested for perfect search engine optimization.

IT Solution

IT solution is a free software company theme. It is included in the free WordPress blog themes responsive list because the theme allows for maximum functionality.

It can easily be used by any e-learning, coaching or online portfolio management company. There is a range of social media plugins integrated with the theme.

The design is user-friendly and highly responsive. Moreover, the theme supports multiple widgets and can be used with varying colour schemes. Similarly, it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and uses caching plugins to ensure maximum speed.

Event Planner

Event Planner is a free blogger WordPress themes. It has an eye-catching and visually attractive design that goes with the image that event planning companies have to maintain.

It has been designed with AMP plugin compatibility, allowing it to be easily used on multiple sized devices. Moreover, you may add widgets to the website to suit your particular needs.

The theme is recommended for companies that provide seminar, conferences, festival or business summit planning services.

Another added feature is the social media plugins that can provide an easy link to the social media of the Event Planner. Similarly, images and the use of multimedia in blogposts adds to the functionality.

Adventure Lite

Adventure Lite reaches our free blog themes WordPress list due to the audience base it has with adventurers. The theme boasts a six-column area below header where you may provide useful links within your site.

The theme has a sidebar that is completely widget friendly. The footer can also be loaded with widgets. There is various call to action buttons that can be provided to make the site more usable for your customer.

Some of the basic pages are already added to the website, including 404 pages and blog page etc.

SKT Girlie

One of the best WordPress free themes for blogs of females. The theme has been designed to provide it with a female-oriented outlook.

The colour and topography of the theme can be changed easily with no knowledge of backend coding. Complete documentation has been provided on how to use the theme.

The default slider has five slides, and the changes can be made using the native WordPress customizer. The blog sidebar is widget friendly and can be loaded with multiple widgets. Similarly, it has been designed to focus on fashion and styles that are common to young girls.

SKT Simple

SKT simple is one of the most useful free blog WordPress themes. It has a simple yet elegant design that makes it easy for customers to navigate through the theme. It is easy to make changes to the design of the theme using the traditional WordPress customizer.

Similarly, customers can upload their logo. There are 27 ready to use widgets that are provided within this theme. At the same time, all the basic pages and sections are also provided. The theme has been tested with the latest version of WordPress and is fully compatible.


Shudh is one of the most reliable free WordPress themes blogging options. It has a simple design and uses the least data bandwidth.

The theme has been designed for people who want to convey as much information as possible on their website instead of focusing on the design issues. The theme supports 5 level drop-down menu.

It is also compatible with blogging. The theme support inbuilt functionality for standard pages like 404 page, archives and categories. Moreover, the theme has been well-tested for security and safety. It also boasts a fancy default home page slider.

SKT Condimentum

SKT Condimentum is one of the best free blog themes, WordPress. It is a multipurpose, responsive theme that is compatible with many browsers. It is easy to use for all customers.

The native WordPress customizer can be used to customize this theme. It has been designed with a transparent drop-down menu to allow for full attention of the customer.

Similarly, it supports most of the widgets on the WordPress directory. It also boasts multiple social icons that can link the customers to the social media of the business. Multiple sections can be used on the home page, depending on the purpose of use.

SKT Launch

One of the best themes for launching a new product. SKT Launch is most suitable for launching a new book or e-book. Moreover, it is fully compatible with e-commerce. As a result, you can sell the items you launched online for both physical and digital items.

Moreover, multiple forms of builders can be integrated with this theme. The theme is SEO compatible and allows for search engine promotions if necessary.

At the same time, you may incorporate images and videos in blog posts to make the work look more attractive to the customer.

SKT NewsPaper Lite

An easy to use and design a newspaper theme for WordPress. The theme provides functionalities like 9GAG or Mashable’s website.

The theme is simple and plain in design, making it easier for users to navigate the theme. Moreover, professional advertisement spaces have been included for revenue generation.

The theme is mobile friendly and includes a default slider. The fonts and layouts of the theme are easily customizable. Moreover, the colour scheme of the entire website can be changed easily. Caching plugins allow for increased page speed.

Clean Lite

The theme has been tested with multiple web browsers. It ensures complete functionality.

Moreover, the theme works well for mobiles, tablets and all the different personal computers. The theme is easy to use and is loaded with complete documentation.

Woocommerce integration allows for selling products online quickly. The theme is also great for any online shop or digital area. The theme is compatible with multiple widgets.

The user can easily modify it from the backend without any specific knowledge of coding or HTML.

Moreover, there are four easy to use boxes on the home page that can show the full range of the business’s services. The theme is excellent for showing portfolio.

Web Programmer Lite

The theme is great for web designers to portray their work and portfolio. The theme has been designed with CSS3 compliant methods, making it easily accessible on most web browsers.

The home page has three slides by default with animations attached. At the same time, the design suits web developers too.

Moreover, the theme can be easily modified using the WordPress Customizer. There is no typical need for coding knowledge for editing.

Black and White Lite

This is the easiest to use a WordPress theme as it is built with customizer support. As a result, all the items in the theme can be easily modified using customizer.

At the same time, the colours can be changed after installation, making the theme suitable for almost any purpose. The theme is also very responsive and has a fantastic page load speed.

SKT White

SKT White has been designed with multiple sections. A unique feature of the theme is a message from the manager. Moreover, numerous content areas may be utilized. At the same time, the theme can allow for multiple posts within the same category.

You may use the theme without any requirements to know to code as it is easily customizable from the back end. It is recommended to use the theme for a simple yet eye-catching design that makes your website unique.

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