17 Doctors WordPress Themes for Medical & Healthcare Websites

Doctors WordPress Themes

The need for online services related to medical grounds is massive. A huge number of people every day look for online medical platforms to either book their appointment for a visit and get medical consultation through virtual methods or fulfill other necessities. So, for such medical websites, holding a higher rank on the SERPs is one of the most important things.

But above that, you also need to add value to the site through its design, layout, navigation responsiveness, and many other aspects to make sure that your visitors are not only visiting your site but are also capable of finding something useful here.

Thus, you must be finding a suitable WordPress themes for medical that gives your site the right approach and extensivity, which can help you to deliver a better user experience. So, here are the best doctors WordPress themes for health services that you can use for your purpose.

doctors WordPress themes

SKT Ortho:

Orthopedic Therapy WordPress Theme

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SKT Eye Care :

eye care

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Healing Touch:

Healing Touch Pro

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When it comes to adding value to your site, you must consider paying attention to its responsiveness. The Healing Touch Pro is one of the best doctors WordPress themes that have been created to deliver responsiveness in every aspect.

This theme is coded with Elementor Page builder, which means you can work with this theme in a very simple manner.

Moreover, this theme has passed the Google Mobile-friendly test so that you don’t have to worry about reaching out to a huge audience base. Here are the features it delivers to help you.

  • It delivers impressive page and posts layout options
  • This theme is highly compatible with various slider plugins like WooCommerce, SEO, Gallery, Contact forms, etc.
  • This one is preloaded with Google fonts
  • It comes preloaded with 500+ icon packs
  • This theme is highly SEO friendly

Medicare Pro:

medicare pro

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While creating a website for the medical purpose, you must want appealing doctors WordPress themes that go highly suitable with the type of services you offer.

Therefore, this theme is created with the perfection that goes highly suitable with an array of professional medical services.

This theme is highly compatible with any browser so that your visitors can find it out from anywhere. This theme is completely compatible with all types of paid and unpaid page builders, which ensures its robust functionality. Here are the features that make it more impressive as a theme.

  • This theme boasts different header and footer options
  • With its PO, MO file compatibility, you can easily translate language of your site
  • With its shortcodes, you can easily write codes for your website
  • A variety of options for colors, fonts, and styles ensures that your blog feed is highly attractive
  • It currently has 877 fonts, which you can change as per your necessity



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A chiropractor WordPress theme can deliver an impressive approach to your website that deals with chiropractic services.

Bony is one of the most impressive doctors WordPress themes, which is created with all the essential elements to add better value to your website.

This theme is integrated with 650+ Google fonts to add more variation in typography selection. Moreover, this theme is tested with NextGen gallery and other gallery plugins, which adds up to the advantages of using this theme. Here, have a look at its features.

  • This goes compatible with the most popular contact form plugins
  • You get 8+ page templates with this theme
  • The sidebars are highly widget-friendly
  • This theme has been tested with all popular kinds of SEO plugins
  • 100+ shortcodes add better functions to this theme



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Teethy is just the perfect theme for doctors, medical practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, etc., who want to present their services through a highly functional website. This theme is fully compatible with various kinds of page builders, regardless of being paid or unpaid.

It is very customizable with its built-in Customizer. Every time you make changes to this theme, you can see it in real-time. The full color-changing options that it delivers help you to create the website that you prefer the most. Have a look at its features.

  • 100+ shortcodes are integrated into this theme to deliver a very easy setup
  • 810+ Google fonts are integrated to let you have full control over the fonts
  • Along with its 12+ transition effects, you can also get a Nivo Slider in this theme, which is added by default
  • While working with this theme, you will not need any kind of HTML knowledge
  • This theme syncs well with the latest version of WordPress


doctor WordPress theme

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When it comes to adding more functions and a very appealing look to your medical site, you will need effective doctors WordPress themes, which include all the necessary features for it. This is why we recommend you to pick Handy, a highly responsive doctor WordPress theme.

This theme is completely translation-ready and multilingual-ready, which you can use to deliver service to a huge patient base.

One of the best parts about this theme is, it is cross-browser and cross-device compatible. Here are some of its most interesting features that you must know before choosing it.

  • The code it delivers is very clean and well-documented
  • You can easily integrate this theme with social media and blog
  • 8+ page layout templates have been added to this theme
  • It has been built as per the latest standards of WordPress
  • Coded with CSS3 and HTML5

SKT Medical Pro:

skt medical

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To create a responsive medical WordPress website, you need a theme that goes highly suitable for your purpose.

The SKT Medical Pro is one of the most impressive doctors WordPress themes that have been created to render responsiveness and mobile-friendliness to your site so that all types of visitors can reach out to you.

This theme has passed the Google Mobile-Friendly test. It is preloaded with various color pickers so that you can easily change the color of this theme. Here are the features it boasts.

  • It consists of up to 10 sliders for a better appearance
  • All Google fonts are available with this theme for a brilliant typography
  • There is no need to set up the home page as it comes default upon installation
  • The contact form it offers is ready to use
  • There are more than 6 pages of templates added to this theme

SKT Pregnancy:

SKT Pregnancy

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For gynecologists, surgeons, doctors, fertility specialists, pregnancy testing clinics, health centers, hospitals, etc., SKT Pregnancy theme is just the most suitable choice.

This theme delivers an appearance that is highly impressive for the above-mentioned purposes. With this theme, in less time, you can create a highly appealing WordPress website. Here are a bunch of features that this theme boasts.

  • This theme is powered by Elementor Page Builder, which lets you avoid the task of writing any code for a modification.
  • You can easily design a website as this theme is highly compatible with drag and drop page builders.
  • This theme is highly suitable for all kinds of plugins, screens, devices, and browsers.
  • It is cross-browser compatible.
  • There are full width and boxed sliders that comes in handy with this theme.

SKT Nutristore:

This is one of the most impressive doctors WordPress themes, created for dieticians, nutritionists, and those offering healthcare and diet coaching-related services.

This theme delivers your website an appealing appearance and great functionalities that you can use to communicate easily with your patients.

This theme lets you promote your services quite easily with its highly nutrition-dedicated appearance. Here are the features this theme includes.

  • Works well on any mobile device
  • There are custom social buttons like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.
  • It goes highly compatible with PayPal and other payment gateways
  • There are dropdown menus that have been added to this theme
  • It integrates more than 700+ fonts


Are you a dentist who wants to make your services available in the form of a highly impressive website for all your online customers? Then, Toothy is one of the most intuitive doctors WordPress themes that is just created for your dental service as well as healthcare blog.

This theme is cross-browser compatible and also works well on all types of devices. Here are some of the features which make this theme more efficient.

  • This multilingual theme goes compatible with qTranslateX
  • This theme is highly shopping-friendly and goes compatible with WooCommerce
  • There are 100+ shortcodes available with this theme for a brilliant content setup
  • It includes 580+ icons and 600+ Google fonts
  • The About section of it can help you to add more value to your profile

SKT Therapist Pro:

SKT Therapist Pro is a very professional-looking WordPress theme that is created with Elementor Page builder.

This theme is created to make your online appearance an impressive one so that you can present your medical expertise easily in front of your patients to make them avail of your services. Here are the handful of features that this theme has in its store.

  • It includes more than a sidebar layout for posts and pages
  • Coded as per WordPress theme standards
  • You can choose the color picker option to customize this theme as per your preference.
  • It offers you complete control over the Animated home section
  • The slider section in this theme comes by default

SKT Herbal Pro:

The SKT Herbal Pro is one of the most responsive doctors WordPress themes, which is created with a very professional-looking, elegant Ayurveda website template. With this theme, you can conduct your business online in a very customer-friendly way.

This theme offers you the benefit of showcasing your products and services effectively to enhance your conversions.

You can also use health clinic WordPress themes to create multiple healthcare websites for a variety of purposes. Here are some features it includes to enrich your website.

  • This theme supports Elementor page builder.
  • This theme integrates easily with a higher range of plugins like WooCommerce, booking plugin, live customizer, etc.
  • It offers you complete control over an easy and stylish interface so that you can effortlessly customize your website.
  • It is optimized with Gutenberg.
  • SEO-optimized for web crawlers

SKT Sanitization Pro:

With the emergence of COVID-19, the term “sanitizing” has become very popular. However, it is an old enough practice in the field of healthcare. So, if you are thinking of expanding your sanitization service online, then this is the right time to do so.

To create an appealing website for such a purpose, you will need the best doctors WordPress themes that flaunt the sanitization aspects better with its appearance.

Hence the SKT Sanitization Pro simply can be the best choice for you to create such websites. Here, have a look at its features.

  • It comes as Gutenberg-ready.
  • There are various custom post types included in this theme
  • This theme looks quite good on any device
  • Highly compatible with the latest PHP version
  • It takes only 3 minutes to complete the installation process


Fitness is a very reliable area for those who want to follow up better health and activeness. This is why creating a fitness service-related website can give you a large range of traffic. To create such a website, you need a highly suitable theme.

Thus, Fitt is created to meet all the needs that are necessary for a fitness website. This highly responsive theme is completely compatible with all kinds of mobile-friendly devices. This theme comes with plenty of impressive features. Here are a few.

  • It comes as a full translation-ready one as it goes compatible with qTranslateX and WPML
  • This theme includes a banner slider on its home page
  • There are 100+ shortcodes to help you with website building
  • You get social media icons encoded in this template
  • It is coded with HTML5 & CSS3

SKT Fitness Pro

The SKT Fitness Pro is one of the most appealing WordPress themes that rightly creates a website appearance targeting all fitness freaks. It is coded with Elementor page builder so that you can perform simple changes on this theme.

You can even change the color of this theme to let it have the appearance that you prefer the most. Also, this theme has passed the Google mobile-friendly test. So, here are some features it boasts.

  • There are 500+ social icon packs available in this theme
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3
  • There are lots of shortcodes added to this theme to make it have a very professional approach
  • 675+ Google fonts are integrated into this theme
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress

Massage Center

Are you looking for one of the most impressive doctors WordPress themes to deliver a unique appearance to your spa and massage website? Then the Message Center is just the ideal choice for you.

This theme is a completely responsive one and looks good on all kinds of devices. This one is a color-changing theme where you can easily change the color and appearance to create a stellar website. Here are the features it has to offer.

  • The coding of this theme is done as per the SEO standards
  • There is a ready-made Contact Us section added to this theme
  • It goes highly compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • It has been coded with HTML5 and CSS3
  • You can add the phone number and social icon at the top to make those act as CTA buttons.


So, when it comes to picking the most intuitive doctors WordPress themes for your website, it can be pretty tricky to understand what to choose and what not.

However, with the above-mentioned themes, you can make easier decisions now. Choose any of the themes that suit the purpose of your website to add better value to it.

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