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Theme Features

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Features of responsive medical WordPress theme

  • Healing Touch is responsive medical WordPress theme
  • Coded with Elementor Page builder
  • Page and post layout options
  • Sidebar widget friendly as well as header and footer areas
  • Header, footer layouts as well as site wide boxed and full wide layouts
  • SEO friendly
  • Compatible with slider plugins, WooCommerce, contact forms, gallery, SEO and other popular plugins
  • It passes Google mobile friendly test
  • Super fast loading theme passes most of page speed tests
  • Comes pre loaded with Google fonts
  • Comes pre loaded with 500+ icons pack
  • Compatible with Nextgen Gallery as well as WooCommerce and Contact form 7
  • Our responsive medical WordPress theme comes with 100+ shortcodes so that one can set up content easily and effectively
  • Color changing theme and unlimited possibilities using color picker
  • Standard pages like 404, blog, search, archives, category etc available
  • Compatible with latest version of Wordpress
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3

Responsive Medical WordPress theme looks good on all devices and passes the Google mobile friendly test. Has nivo slider on top with 12 animation effects as well as one may also set the pause time, hover stop or rotate as well as animation speed.

Not just that the top 4 boxes can be easily set using pages. The below sections can be easily managed via sections within our theme options. Default content gets loaded once anyone adds the theme zip file. Hence this is an easy to set up theme.

Our responsive medical WordPress theme also has latest news area to display posts, testimonials area to showcase testimonials from clients.

A widgetized footer where you can have all the boxes changeable or you may use the default ones as well.

Font Awesome icons integration means that you can use any of the 509 icons that are available with font awesome. Isn’t that great?

Well that’s not all. Theme comes loaded with 100+ shortcodes. Means contact forms, accordion, tabs or any kind of content, buttons etc can be easily set up using this theme.

Homepage is animated sections so it loads nicely with animations which give another oomph to your website.

Lots of page templates to select from. Blog layouts also can be choses. Header as well as background images can be changed.

There are unlimited options with this responsive medical WordPress theme since we have color picker and about every inch of the theme color can be changed to make it suit like the website you want.

Also Included with every Responsive Medical WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

Requirements in a responsive medical WordPress Theme

We are discussing here the requirements and features needed probably in a medical WordPress theme which can be used for hospitals, clinics and doctors as well as health clinics.

Well we cannot claim these features in any order or are the last ones that might be required. In fact we have tried to give our best to have our responsive medical WordPress theme as much compatible with all types of plugins as possible so that it is good and it can be considered heavily flexible and scalable.

At the same time has astonishing features to have a great looking website handled pleasantly without any hassle or any coding knowledge needed.

Following features are not in any order of importance but considered essentials and desired for every medical WordPress theme in the market.

Blog: It is important that any medical website nowadays focusses on dealing with case studies and giving valuable information to their clients about the nature of diseases and their simple cure or other things. Blog has varied applications and importance. It can be used for press releases. It can be used for other applications like case studies etc.

Shortcodes: Number of shortcodes are necessary and come handy when you want to add features like team members, services or any other column blocks which wasn’t decided but your client asked you to add them later on. Thus shortcodes add life to any medical WordPress theme because they can add more functionality on the fly without having to worry about adding more plugins. Shortcodes are a gateway to getting great functionality and features without additional plugins required to be searched or found.

FAQs: FAQs are always necessary for any information website where you can have several queries like when does the doctor visit, charges etc. FAQs in a medical website can have several queries which are frequently asked or inquired by customers or patients before visits.

Previous galleries: Galleries are really helpful when it comes to customers checking previous work by doctors and hospitals. Also one can have a before and after slideshow featuring how cosmetics or other surgeries or other clinic related surgeries were performed to give the patient desired results.

Case Studies: Case studies can feature various case studies of previous patients and the ones which were critical and the doctors performed successful operations. So unique ones can be listed as case studies.

Testimonials video preferable: Testimonials are always great and they give a sense of trust among users. Video testimonials are preferable as videos give more importance to the users. Videos show users interacting and it gives better sense of trust as the user info is displayed as well as they are heard talking and interacting about their problems and how the clinic or hospital or doctors helped them overcome their problems.

Appointment and Schedule: Medical WordPress theme must have this feature. Themes should have appointment and schedule because doctors appointments must be fixed at least one day in advance so that there aren’t people waiting for their turns.

Working Hours of the clinic: Working hours of the clinic or opening hours should be displayed so as to give comfort and information about the timings of the clinic to patients.

Call to action: Call to action buttons like phone numbers, location and map as well as social icons are listed importantly and given prominence on this website template. Thus with proper call to actions several sales and leads can be generated using this website template for medical.

Page builder compatibility: Page builder like Elementor has been tested and found to be useful and fully compatible with this particular medical theme meant for hospitals, clinics and doctors. Page builder give you immense opportunity to add any kind of functionality like shortcodes, testimonials and layouts in a full wide page you can have any type of layout you can wish for easily without worrying about HTML as page builder provide this sort of functionality easily.

WooCommerce: One can sell anything they want on their website. So if one needs to sell any medicines or have an online pharmacy store or any other service which is paid then they can be listed easily using WooCommerce and their set payment gateways.

HIPAA Compliant plugin Jituzu tools and Gravity Forms compatible: HIPAA compliant forms like gravity forms and Jituzu tools are found to be compatible with our theme.

Fast loading and SEO friendly: Faster loading and SEO friendly websites provide good rankings and ease of navigation for their customers. Faster loading websites would mean the site loads faster for everyone. And we can have a great user experience. Also with faster loading website it helps in SEO as well. SEO friendly website would mean that metas are taken care of and the template is compatible with SEO plugins to have the maximum exposure for your business.

Services listed nicely: Services can be listed in a better way and they can be explained nicely with the help of this wonderful medical WordPress template which provides immense opportunities like service columns and other types of columns. Also compatibility with page builder means that columns and other types of content can be easily added which may appear or can be used for service sections.

Team members listed nicely: Team members like doctors, nurses, ward boys etc should be listed and they are listed nicely and each of their profiles can be explained separately in their own profile page which is a good feature of this responsive medical WordPress theme.

Team members give you an idea of the kind of people you are going to deal with and many people go with the doctors previous experiences which can be explained well in the team members area.

Social icons based on font based icons: Font based icons allow you to change the icons color, font size etc at ease and hence the reason font based icons are used because they can be used at any sizes and colors. It becomes easy for one to use them. Also font awesome icons have 580+ icons so you get a lot of social icons which one can use anywhere on the whole website using this theme.

No coding or HTML skills required: No coding knowledge is required to manage this website as it doesn’t involves any type of HTML skills or HTML content. Thus it is easy to maintain and manage without any hassle and any type of user can easily use this website template without having prior knowledge about coding.

Full documentation is provided and hence documentation gives users full control over edits of the site and one can easily edit the website by checking the step by step documentation.

Mobile friendly and Responsive: Mobile friendly and responsive are the two features which are essential and one cannot stay without them in this modern world. Hence our medical WordPress themes are fully equipped with this feature and display the website nicely on mobiles as well as are responsive to any type of browsers or devices.

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Change Log

  1. Updated October 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts