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Features of Nutrition WordPress theme

  • SKT Nutristore is crafted for diet and nutrition, nutritionists, healthcare, diet coaching, nutrition experts, naturales, etc.
  • By creating a website with a nutrition WordPress theme, a patient or a client can directly communicate with the health professionals.
  • You can promote your services such as Medicare, weight loss management services, protein supplements, vitamin supplements, and more other services related to diet and health.
  • A person who wants to sell nutritional items can use this template.
  • SKT Nutristore comes with a straightforward demo template to make customization.
  • Very smoothly and effectively the website will work on any mobile device.
  • Because it is retina ready and fully responsive you don’t have to worry about size resolution.
  • Social media can be integrated into the custom slider of a homepage.
  • Custom social buttons are providing for Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Page template comes with the homepage, about, services, blog, vendors, shop, contact, etc.
  • It offers some animation effects to make your content attractive visually.
  • Thus the nutrition WordPress theme will smoothly and elegantly fit with any business niche.
  • Private health nutritionists as well as a beginner can use this template.
  • To get the page template you just have to click on the download button through the mouse and the complete page will be important on your WordPress dashboard.
  • You can use number of shortcodes to integrate functionality in ease.
  • The template is created with elementor page builder so you can access to amazing revolution slider plugin and a layer slider.
  • With the proper use of custom widgets, you can enhance the website functionality.
  • Subscription form, newsletter form, and contact form can be integrated to gather information from your customers.
  • Without hassle, you can upload high-resolution images to the full-screen page background that will provide an attractive look to your website’s homepage.
  • PayPal and other payment gateways compatible.
  • Social icons integrated.
  • Use the gallery to showcase the latest items available.
  • Dropdown menus added.
  • Inner pages are allowed to add.
  • Add different content for different inner pages.
  • More than 700+ fonts are integrated.
  • Google Maps is supportive of direction.
  • It has a fast loading time.
  • Completely responsive.
  • Browser compatibility.
  • Immediate product access.
  • WordPress 4.0 required but supports all latest WordPress version.
  • Multiple layouts are there for creating a number of blogs.
  • The number of banners can be added with sliders.
  • Breadcrumb plugin can be integrated into the inner pages.
  • Nutrition WordPress theme comes with CSS options.
  • Inbuilt testimonial, reviews, service section is there.
  • Various fonts and colors can be used.
  • Full-width box format and boxed width format is ready to use.
  • Texts are kept simple but they can modify to different styling effects.
  • It is totally supportive of JavaScript. Thus CSS, JavaScript, and PHP files are present.
  • Supports standards pages like archive and 404 error pages.
  • Complete documentation is present.
  • Accepted to use lead generation pro plugin.
  • Nice section and service page created to add the latest features of your nutrition products or services.
  • You can give different looks to different pages and sections.
  • With column feature, you can add different services like nutrition status, personalized diet, home delivery of products chat, and more.
  • Share price chart of your services and allow customers to compare your pricing structure with the other products.
  • You can enhance your customer’s shopping experience if you share a testimonial and reviews with them.
  • Along with testimonial allow customers to share their experiences and fill up the feedback form.

A new trend for helping people is to consult with them online. Most of the specialized doctor’s medical centers, institutions are available online 24*7 so that they can provide proper consultation to their patients. Through online these consultants can guide patients to overcome their health and weight by providing proper diet chat, eating habits, etc. Such type of doctors and practitioners are called as nutritionists and dietitians. The website is only the best alternative to stay connected with your patients and make your business reachable to every people.

A few years back such nutritionists and dietitians were used to promote their business and its services through Facebook and other social media. At some extend you can target a few customers but not all. Social media has not all features that a website can provide like search engine ranking, international clients, shipping, shopping experience, and more. Whereas, all these functionalities are provided by a website. Functionality is not limited to this much, thus you can add as much as features to your website to change your website behaviors, and if you are already active on social Media then what you need more? You can add your social media links on the website so that your customers can connect with you directly.

Whether you are a business person in a medical firm or a clinic surgeon your website is what helps you to recognize your brand from the crowd. SKT themes are continuously offering you a platform to create a website as per your wish and today we have come up with a nutrition WordPress theme. With this template, you can create and maintain your website in the easiest way. The SKT Nutristore is specially developed for you by considering the factor those customers of your business need the best user experience so that they can navigate from one page to another without any problem. This theme is created to get your business live and start getting income in no time.

SKT Nutristore comes with a variant in the layout so that it will people to create a website for professional nutrition niches or any other fitness related blog niche. This template has so many features like parallax effect, full-width banner, header with different content, and many more other elements that will make your website more beautiful and attractive from every corner.

By reading documentation and online tutorial a beginner can also customize the website as they want. Documentation has complete guidance that is readable and under stable. Because the template is created on the WordPress platform by using elementor page builder the customization process will be very easy. You can upload the complete demo on your WordPress dashboard in a simple click. One can edit the complete pages, sections, etc very easily.

While customizing the website first check who will be your targeted audiences. For example, if this website is related to weight gain or loss then your targeted audiences should be youngsters but not teenagers. Without adding any line of code you can upload as many as images you want with high-resolution pixels.

You have access to lots of elements that can be chosen according to your audience’s requirements. Skill bar is ready to use you just have to search it on WordPress dashboard and install and activate. You can share your experience and the live example of your work result. Easy to add MailChimp features to gather emails from your potential customers. Lots of plugins can be integrated to make it functional as you want. The contact page is created by default so that your customers can send inquiries through that. The header can be created in 4 different ways.

With nutrition WordPress theme, your users can find your location by clicking the location or Google map icon. You can customize the Google map to show your geolocation or your shop address. In details, you can share information about nutritional products and health products. To advertise your product you can add astonishing images or real photographs of your products and services on the banner section.

The high qualities graphics will make your customers drive towards your business and will take them on your targeted page. You can even use blogs to showcase the diet plans and description of a healthy diet, exercises, yoga, and alternatives to stay healthy and fit. Several colors can be used to customize the website that is available with the theme pack. Even you can start creating a blog by sharing some tips on the best nutrition supplements. Blogging is the best method to drive maximum traffic. Good relations can be maintained with contact form.

The demo content is intentionally developed for the nutritionists, nutrition treatment centers, nutritional supplements sellers, and nutrition consultants so that they can start their business within a few clicks. With the neat and clean section you can show your product benefits such as the products you create are good for health, 100% organic, and have a lot of energy. In the demo, we have added 8 products to sell but you can add more products that will be visible on clicking right slider icons. Along with the product images, you can describe a specific product and can add a price for it. You can show some features of a business-like feeling healthy, organic food, eat right, take vitamins, live strong, etc.

Actually demo is created by considering some facts that nutrition business needs. But you have full authority to add, remove, and modify anything any section as per your choice.

Also Included with every Nutrition WordPress theme

  1. Theme FilesTheme coding files have been placed in the zip and you get it after purchase of the template
  2. PSD Design FilesPSD design format files can be demanded so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content1 click demo import is being provided along with a video documentation on how to easily import demo content
  4. SupportYour email address becomes username and you can use lost password to reset your password to access support forum via login area on our website
  5. Free InstallationIn case of any problems with theme installation feel free to connect with us for free installation of the template

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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare