20+ Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes from SKT (SEO Optimized)

Are you also confused about what exactly SEO friendly WordPress themes are? Do not worry, if you are in the beginning stage of website creation you will hear this term often.

These themes are dedicatedly coded to score high on search engine rankings. Technically it includes perfect utilization and use of meta tags, schema markup, optimized loading speed, and additional SEO controls.

But is it worth investing in such options when you are just starting with the journey? It is adamantly recommended that you create a website with a theme that is SEO-friendly and optimized with the same.

It will help you run campaigns strongly and successfully. For your ready reference, we have compiled this best collection from versatile niches in this read.

If you are an IT-based startup or looking to kick-start with your digital marketing agency, then this theme is for you. Digital Agency is a strong, responsive, SEO-optimized, and elegant option to help you create a website.

It is completely responsive with successful performance tests across widely used browsers, devices, and screens. By default, you get an HD-ready template that is coded and crafted for your niche.

This helps in minimizing the effort required for setting everything from scratch. Modifications of all kinds can be conveniently managed to suit your brand and the services/products that you offer.

Additionally, it includes tons of other features and adequate space to ensure that all your content can be included. Google Fonts have been integrated by default, WooCommerce is compatible, and an inbuilt slider is also offered.

SEO friendly WordPress themes

Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Digital Agency

digital agency wordpress theme


Complete Pro

complete pro


Complete Pro is one of the finest multipurpose themes in this collection of best SEO friendly WordPress themes. It has been coded and developed to ensure that all kinds of SEO requirements of different niches are satisfied.

The entire theme comes with a pre-designed template and layout that is 100% professional yet elegant. The full modification and personalization option enables you to mold the aesthetics as required.

All the aspects can be personalized and there is absolutely no need to write or know any technical coding for the same. By default, varied features are available, and as required plugins can be added to enhance the same.

Make the most of your website with Complete Pro as attracting organic traffic becomes simplified with it.

Marketing Agency

marketing agency wordpress theme


The concepts of marketing and ensuring that a brand or product reaches the audience have revolutionized with the Internet.

Hence, all marketing agencies, individual marketers, and all kinds of businesses need a website to reach the masses.

Marketing Agency is one such dedicated theme that enables you to execute all your operations and facilitate your audience.

Modifying and customizing the theme is fast, swift, and easy with the page builder and customizer. It supports WooCommerce hence setting up an online store for your services or products is possible.

Full support is provided by the developers for a period of one year and comprehensive documentation is also offered.

Redefine your marketing concepts with Marketing Agency today and get assured ROI on your investments.


Charm lite


Charm is one of the best multipurpose themes that are fully optimized for SEO and is also responsive. When it comes to selecting SEO friendly WordPress themes, flexibility and reliability matter the most.

Charm is fully flexible in terms of modifications and personalization as per your niche. When it comes to reliability it is coded by experts and is loaded with tons of features to make your tasks easier. Other peculiar features include translation readiness, multilingual support, WooCommerce support, and comprehensive documentation. It also offers an inbuilt slider and shortcodes that can help you add other features.

Explore everything about charm in detail and use it for a spectacular online presence.

SKT Association

SKT Association


All associations, communities, NGOs, and even clubs need representation in the online space. They not only help you in raising donations but also expand your network, activities, and reach.

SKT Association is crafted by keeping all the activities and target audience of this niche in consideration. It is open to customizations of all kinds to ensure that the right message can be conveyed.

You can make the most of the different sections and add or remove them as required. Setting up a gallery or galleries to showcase your activities is possible. A slider is also provided to highlight and promote your immediate targets or initiatives.

The essential part is that any of these activities, actions, or operations do not require any kind of coding skills.


adventure WordPress theme


Adventure is one of the widely used SEO friendly WordPress themes used across the globe. Adventure enables travelers, tour operators, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses to create a terrific online space.

It is considered to be a responsive and ideal choice if you are promoting travel destinations that include hiking or similar activities. It enables you to do full justice to your venture as you can add all relevant information.

Photographs can also be added and galleries for particular destinations can be set up. You can also integrate payment gateways as it is compatible with WooCommerce and manage online bookings.

In terms of aesthetics, engagement, and SEO, Adventure is an unbeatable choice for this niche.


If you are looking to create an e-commerce website that is WordPress-based then Shopzee can be your best partner. Shopzee is a one of its kind responsive, reliable, and powerful theme that helps in setting an outstanding online store.

WooCommerce compatibility has been successfully tested which ensures that managing and using the website will be a flawless experience.

The best part is that the default HD-ready template can be customized and personalized as per the demand of your venture. Adding all kinds of products and details related to the same along with shipping information is possible.

Manage the entire site smoothly and integrate as many payment gateways as required.


The importance of using SEO friendly WordPress themes lies across all sectors including personal websites. If you are an artist or photographer and intending to create an online space, then Photodock is for you.

It helps you in ensuring that your art, painting, photograph, etc. can be featured in the best light.

The setting up of a website requires no technical knowledge or coding experience thanks to the customizer and page builder. It is responsive across all kinds of browsers and devices especially mobile phones and tablets.

It is supported by WooCommerce and tons of other gallery-based plugins as well. This will help you in adding your unique style and flavor to the aesthetics and content. Use it and make your presence felt.

SKT Municipality

Connectivity and information sharing through the internet have crossed conventional barriers. SKT Municipality is a special and dedicated theme that can be used by any elected body, political groups, or even non-profit organizations.

The aim for all such groups which is public welfare and upliftment can be easily highlighted here. The elected bodies can use it to display various information about ongoing projects, future projects, and funding information.

Payments like property tax, professional tax, and other taxes can be easily connected. Setting up a dedicated citizen portal is also possible.

The default retina-ready template is open to all kinds of modifications to launch a user-friendly space for the audience.

Running a blog or adding external plugins for the enhancement of features is possible.

Home Theater

It is an unspoken and mandatory requirement for any e-commerce based venture to be SEO-friendly. Hence, this theme has been specially included in this compilation of the best SEO friendly WordPress themes.

It has the inclination and exclusive feature offerings for electronic products. Including, launching, and selling electronic products can be executed perfectly here.

Additionally, it offers peculiar features like multilingual support and is also translation-ready so that targeting demographics-based audience becomes easy.

Full freedom in terms of personalization and modification without being a tech genius always keeps you one step ahead of your competition. You can decide the colors, pictures, menu options, and all other segments of the website.

According to the user-demand and the site requirement you can conveniently add third-party applications.

PVC Pipes

Just like IT industries, the manufacturing sector has also equally utilized the online platform for promoting their brand value. PVC Pipes is a one of its kind special theme in this compilation of SEO friendly WordPress themes.

All kinds of manufacturers, traders, and industries can use it to create their websites. It comes with customizable retina-ready templates which makes the designing process easier.

Moreover, all segments and sections along with the layout are modifiable. Default pages like about us, Error 404, and contact us are provided by default. Integration of Google Fonts enables you to use the best font combination across the site.

WooCommerce is also supported and integration of payment gateways is also possible. Lastly, you also get developer support and comprehensive theme documentation.

SKT Interior Pro

The websites relating to professionals of aesthetics industry must be pleasing to the eye and also powerful with performance. SKT Interior Pro is one such theme in this entire collection of best SEO friendly WordPress themes.

All interior designers, architects, fashion designers, and even freelance designers can use it to create a stunning website. By default, all segments and the overall layout have been structured to support the requirements of this niche.

Hence, only with minor modifications and suitable information, your site will be ready to launch. It also offers WooCommerce compatibility which gives you the freedom to set up an online store.

The performance remains flawless and the responsiveness is uninterrupted across all platforms including mobile phones.


If you are intending to promote your venture or business related to CCTV surveillance, then this theme is dedicated to you.

All kinds of businesses relating to CCTV like installation, maintenance, spare part supply, traders, and even manufacturers can use this to create a website.

The pictures included in the default template and in various sections are all copyright-free. This means that it can be directly used.

WooCommerce support helps you in creating an online store and managing online clients. Listing your business history, brand values, and product information is convenient and simple.

All kinds of modifications that suit the requirement of the project or your venture can be made easily without coding.

It comes with peculiar features like multiannual support, one-click demo import, RTL support, and comprehensive documentation among others.

SKT Night Club

Night clubs have been a major attraction for locals on the weekend and for tourists on all days. SKT Night Club is one of the distinctly crafted themes in this list of SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Night Clubs, restaurants, bars, and cafés promoting hangout can use it to create an awesome website. Depending upon the theme and offering of your club or place you can redesign or tweak the layout.

This helps in setting up a brand-based website and also promotes credibility amongst your clients. Taking online reservations and featuring all facilities offered by you is possible.

You can also add customer reviews and project your awards and recognitions.


Finance and business related to it have made a distinct presence on the internet. This theme enables individual consultants, agencies, consultancies, and multinational firms to create an SEO-friendly and powerful website.

The default template is elegant, professional, and designed with light color shades. All images that have been used in the template and elsewhere are copyright-free and high-definition.

With page builders and customizers, all kinds of modifications in any segment can be easily made without any technical knowledge.

The installation process is swift and simple which can be clubbed with a one-click demo import function for better results.

Create a terrific and target audience-based website relating to your financial venture today.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner is one of the in-demand SEO friendly WordPress themes owing to its responsiveness and performance. If you have an electronics showroom, shop, agency, or distribution hub, then you can conveniently make a website for the same.

The interesting part is that it will help in the setup of an online e-commerce store as WooCommerce is compatible. You can easily list out all details about your offline shop and online venture as well.

Adding products and information related to the same is simple and easy. You can integrate payment gateways and swiftly accept payments.

It is fully responsive for access from different modes like mobile phones, different browsers, and screen sizes.

SKT Launch Pro

SKT Launch Pro is a truly multipurpose and SEO-optimized theme that can be used for various industries and purposes. It can be used by all kinds of ventures that are looking to establish an e-commerce store.

Additionally, it can also be used to create stationery and dynamic website for existing businesses and startups. This is possible because it offers complete freedom for all kinds of modifications and customizations to suit your requirements.

Moreover, it comes with peculiar features like RTL support, Google Font integration, shortcodes integration, sliders, widgets, etc. This helps in adding content and information in the best manners.

Corporates dealing with digital marketing and IT have majorly used this theme.

Shudh Pro

Shudh Pro is one of the most recommended of all the multipurpose SEO friendly WordPress themes. It is a specially crafted and highly powerful theme that can be used to create any website of your choice.

Personalization of all kinds and in every aspect is possible here without the need for technical expertise. This makes it a prominent choice for developing a website as you do not have to rely on anyone else.

Installing, configuring, personalizing, launching, and updating is swift and easy. Additional features like WooCommerce support, language support & compatibility, and other modifications make it the most ideal choice.

All kinds of businesses, blogs, products, services, or NGOs can use it to create a wonderful online space.

SKT NewsPaper Pro

SKT Newspaper Pro has been distinctly developed by professionals and experts to meet the requirements of print-media in the digital space.

If you intend to bring your magazine, news daily, or advertising/media-based venture in the online space then it is for you.

When it comes to articles or news publishing it includes a lot of content handling and regular updating. Here you can conveniently and orderly manage all your content.

Updating on a daily basis is also manageable without any demand for coding expertise. In addition to the default features, adding other external plugins to pump the performance is possible.

Integrating social media handles and other channels for better engagement is also manageable.

SKT Pathway Pro

Vivid ventures, startups, and organizations had distinct requirements that are constantly change or update. For the representation of such organizations, SKT Pathway Pro is amongst the finest SEO friendly WordPress themes.

It comes with a serene, retina-ready, and easily modifiable template. All colors that are used in different elements or backgrounds ensure that the overall impression remains professional.

Depending upon your requirements you can easily modify them and address your core needs. Features ensure that specific demands of the target audience are always fulfilled.

The performance always remains at the peak and adding other features through third-party plugins is also possible. Use it for consistency and flawless performance.

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