12 Science WordPress Themes for Scientists Labs News and Technology Portal

Science WordPress Themes

One of the best and the shortest ways to craft a premium quality scientific or technological profile is to follow the modern trend of using science WordPress themes.

This time we are going to discuss some of the most versatile templates suitable for scientific research and technology, scientist and assistant, science laboratory and science news portal.

Scientific academy or research center, ecology and geology, medical and pharmaceutical, human biology and botany, meteorology and astrology, engineer and forensic department profiles and websites.

If you want to build a scientific portal or hub, establish lively and motivational technological website for kids or run a blog with tons of interesting scientific and research materials, the best choice you can do is to have one of the best science WordPress themes as a starting point.

These templates are not only affordable in terms of pricing and easy to use in terms of customization, but will enable you to shine all the time without additional costs and expenses.

science wordpress themes

It means that you will be able to play with the general form and functional basis of your site, to update its look and feel any time needed to boost the site’s performance and engage more and more website visitors.

All of these science WordPress themes are progressive and future scalable as the latest web design and coding trends have been successfully used by the themes’ authors to make sure you are going to have a website that complies not only with present but also expected requirements of the digital world and its inhabitants.

Finally, these academic and professor, knowledge and science WordPress themes are endlessly admin friendly which means you are the one to decide how involved you need to get in the theme customization process and stress your talents, scientific skills, professional qualities, the achievements of your center or company, etc.


Telecom WordPress theme

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Laboratory Pro

laboratory WordPress theme

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Scientific business analysts and experts, Research Company or biological research center representatives can rely on one of the top science WordPress themes called Laboratory Pro when it’s necessary to create a niche specific profile and market it in the most productive manner.

Designed with care and taste, Laboratory Pro is a template that celebrates the highest possible quality in the way it functions and operates.

You can change the serious face of the template with brighter and more noticeable colors, add relevant images on the homepage slider, manage footer, header and sidebar areas to present them with useful details and material, etc.

All kinds of dynamic plugins have been checked with Laboratory Pro and hence can be added to it at every stage of your site’s development.

SKT Printing

SKT printing

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SKT Robotics

SKT Robotics

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SKT Directory

skt directory

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SKT Drone


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Air Conditioner

air condition

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Astrology Wordpress Theme

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From astrology to natural science and everything in between can be shared and advertised, promoted and sold through Astrologer.

Regardless of what you expect to have with your website, you can achieve it with this responsive and fully customizable, smart and sophisticated template.

Homepage slider and lots of Google friendly fonts come incorporated with Astrologer along with color picker for color choices, live customizer on the backend of the theme, widget friendly areas, social buttons and more.
Blog area is also shared for daily news and predictions, press releases and upcoming events.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is another scientific centric and well coded template to run accurately at the core of any scientific and technological, industrial or research website.

With this shortcodes armed and admin optimized website building solution, you don’t need to expand your knowledge as a web designer or developer in order to be able to make the most of the given template. It gives you freedom to craft and enjoy your own website without having to do with coding or other complex works.

All in all, you can understand how to control and edit the theme intuitively, but are welcome to go through its documentation if needed.

Adding plugins and extensions to the default theme is also as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to realize which type of functionality your profile lacks such as e commerce, SEO, caching, speed optimization or something else and quickly add relevant plugin to Solar Energy.

Flat Pro

What do the best scientific and science WordPress themes have in common? Well, we can quickly make a long list with all the must have features they all share or can use Flat Pro as a bright example of how they are.

Visually elegant yet ambitious, CSS 3 animated yet restrained, functionally award winning and ideally coded, 100 % responsive and browser checked, easy to use for the webmaster and easy to navigate for the website user. And this is only some of the top features Flat Pro shares.

Inspired and decorated by flat web design style, preloaded with shortcodes and packed with easy drag and drop functionality, search engine friendly and plugin ready, the advantages of Flat Pro are endless.

SKT Industrial

SKT Industrial is a multipurpose ecosystem packed with strong coding and styled with modern design to generate a website that will be error free in usage and search engine optimized for better results.

As soon as the theme is installed and activated, you are going to find even more useful tools and controls than you might judge from its demo version.

In a nutshell, it’s more than just a WordPress theme, but an intelligent website solution you can quickly get handy with even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Spirited Pro

Spirited Pro is a lightweight and highly attractive, clean and accurately projected template custom built to cater to almost all types of websites, from industrial to commercial, from scientific to personal.

What is going to attract you right from the start is the theme’s cost effective price letting even the startups and small businesses to go online.

However, the affordable price is not what matters the most, but the premium quality nature of the theme and dozens of other advantages of using open source CMS.

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