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Features of Drone Service WordPress Theme

Do you want to expand your photography business online?

Drone footage is still a marvelous service to offer your customers, and there is no better approach to market your product as well as services than building a dedicated website.

The drone service WordPress theme that we come along with, is peculiarly designed for photography specialized organizations. Also, it suits well for the businesses that offer video recording services.

Using SKT Drone and its predefined tools, you can not only display your prime work but also can start capturing new leads and sell services.

This drone service WordPress theme will help you to promote your services related to Aerial photography, drone services, UAV business, Aerial Videography, wedding drone videography, pilot training, and personal photography.

Also offer different services including agricultural drone services, drone parts WooCommerce market, mapping and surveying services, Quadcopter, rescue services, Aerial imagery, and much more.

The drone service WordPress theme is responsive so that without any doubt you can expect that your business’s web page will appear truly amazing on desktop as well as mobile screens.

Let us look at the drone businesses and easy ideas to get started in no time.

Drones are known as remote-controlled aircraft which has become the bottom business for most professionals and small businesses all over the globe. This sector is growing rapidly due to the cost reduction and technological development of small flying devices.

The global commercial drone business’s billing forecast is expected to be more than 10,000 million dollars in 2025.

In 2020, globally the drone-based business was considered an uncommon business. But today, this business is very common among all. If you are a newcomer to this industry then you will need to study this business very carefully.

As well as you will have to study the latest trend going on and the types of services that you will be offering to your users. And if you are ready to get up and running with this business niche then it’s a good year, to begin with something different.

Stock Photography: One of the basic use of drones is Aerial Photography. Offering drone photography services on-site is a good idea but it is better to sell good photos online which will automatically grow your business globally.

You will find that you have unlimited clients who are in need of aerial photos. Especially a people into tourism and advertising will find your business more helpful.

The benefit of selling your stock photography online is to take photos wherever or whenever you want to. Even you can pack up an ultra-portable drone if you are going to hike. When you reach a beautiful vantage point you can start collecting photos.

Other than this you can also catch up on some moments of a lovely sunset in your drone to make your portfolio complete.

Once you end up with a sizable portfolio, now you will have to make your portfolio visible to your clients. One solution is to advertise your portfolio on social media channels or publish popular photos on stock photography websites.

And one of the best alternatives is to create a website with good looking drone service WordPress theme and make your business grow on the web world. You just make sure your profile is looking beautiful on the web.

SKT Drone is specially made available for professional drone industries. The theme is included with some specific functionalities and features as per your niche.

You will come across some specific pages where you can add details about price, projects, services, contact forms, online stores, and much more.

The advantage of creating a website for your photography business is that, it will permit you to earn repeatedly from similar photos.

Another business idea is of drone film-making: Because of drones, the sweeping shots of cities, landscapes, and crowds are becoming more popular.

But now this task has been replaced with a drone. However, this approach is much simple and safer. The best thing about this is that it is much cheaper.

Drone filmmaking is something that you should not ignore. Getting into this industry might take you with some difficulties but once you have started with it you will get familiar with every small stuff.

Our drone service WordPress theme has well-defined features and functionalities that will help you to get your drone film-making business online in no time.

Roof inspection: One of the uncommon approaches to use drones is a roof inspection. But you can open up the opportunities to target specific markets by offering niche services.

By repair service companies, a roof inspection is done regularly. Also, these services are in demand by insurance adjusters and solar panel installers.

The beauty of such services is to capture photos and take measurements of a root without taking risks by making a person climb over the roof.

This business’s services will minimize the harnesses, ladders, and measuring equipment.

Real-estate Photography: If standard aerial photography seems outdated to you then it is a good idea to focus on a single industry.

Nowadays the owners and agents of real estate businesses have an idea that how drone photography can grow their business and help them to sell properties to needy people.

Search and Rescue: Consider that during an evening event, somebody gets lost in the jungle. If you encourage people to start searching with only flashlights it will be a time-consuming task. Also, this will drive other people into the risk.

But in this case, a drone can behave as the most powerful tool for rescuing and searching for lost parties. Some drones are specialized with night vision cameras so it will make the finding task easier at the night.

Agriculture Surveys: To merge agriculture with drones technology can be one of the best ways to enhance your business. Along with the right sensors you can equip the drones that will permit you to composition, soil hydration, or any invasions from fungi or pests.

Also, the drone technology will help you to survey agriculture on a daily or monthly basis.

Underwater Inspections:
Drones will not only help you to capture scenes from the sky but also will help you to inspect underwater too.

This technology will allow you to measure wave and wind conditions, monitor aquatic ecosystems, inspect underwater infrastructure, scout potential sites, gather data in remote ocean locations, and more.

Mapping and Surveying: The drone services can be used to gather data related to land surveyors and mapping areas from the air. Three-dimensional cartographic visuals are produced with the help of drones with GPS.

However, this technology can be used for forestry, construction, archeology, mining, urban planning, and so on.

Drone courses online: A right sort of website for a drone will also help you to offer your courses online. You will be responsible for teaching people about the types of drones, their uses, and how they can help individuals as well as agencies to enhance their business.

With these business ideas, you will come across larger groups of drone beginners. However, with a seperate blog page, you will be able to start monetizing.

On today’s internet, most of the websites are based on WordPress. Previously to develop a website you were in need of a custom coding expert so that they can help you in building pages in Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

But now it is possible to have your own website up and running without hiring technical staff. Now you can access pre-build themes that help you to craft an amazing website at affordable cost and low time commitment.

But having an unstructured website is not a good solution to grow your drone business. While it is important to choose a drone service WordPress theme that looks great and capable of interacting with more people towards your drone business.

For the aerial photography business, it is quite tough to figure out an outstanding visual presentation. But SKT Drone is the final solution for all your drone media necessities.

With the default Nivo slider, the animated header is created. You can use this Nivo slider plugin for free of code. The header section is also made compatible with some other slider plugins like revolution slider, crelly slider, and so on.

Our drone service WordPress theme offers first-class design quality. While checking its demo you will find that the colors are set that looks sharp and bold as well as it is included with some other visual accents which makes your site’s section more unique

The page creation from scratch can be difficult for a person having no technical background but SKT Drone resolves all your worries.

The drone service WordPress theme is page builder friendly which means with your beloved page builder anyone including photographer or videographer can build their own website with few clicks.

You will find plenty of flexible options while using our drone service WordPress theme. With very little computer knowledge, you will be able to alter everything from colors to fonts, blog layouts to animations.

You can showcase some stunning footage of your work in the video background header. This will make your homepage more attractive and impressive.

Surveillance and Security: Drones come in handy for variety of security and surveillance situations. Like for example a big concert or an event where several thousands are attending the event. It will become difficult manually to manage such a huge crowd. At such events drones can come handy in helping surveillance teams put an eye on bad behaving people and for security purposes.

Also for important buildings where data or something precious is being kept drones can help secure the area.

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