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Features of Business directory WordPress theme

Get your classified and directory website created with our business directory WordPress theme – SKT Directory.

Nowadays Business directory WordPress theme based websites are gaining much popularity for a good reason. Such kinds of websites allow customers to find movie theaters, restaurants, pubs, and bars, etc in your area with ease.

Even such websites are capable of suggesting the best car mechanics, plumbers, gardeners, and other top service providers nearby you. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will get the required data to fulfill all your necessities.

A Business directory WordPress theme based website can be considered as a group of services that are separated into different categories, topics, and interest areas.

Either they can provide various niches data or can provide comprehensive niches such as best tourist places in your city or they can provide information on a specialized niche like a listing of all plumbers and electronic shops in your area.

Directory websites can be used if you specialize in particular business niches like dealerships, or real estate.

If you follow the right technology and latest trends then you will not struggle much for creating a directory website. The fact is, WordPress allows you to create an incredible as well as very easy-to-use directory website with ease.

Below you will find the best method to create a website for your business directory. Also, don’t worry even if your niche is specific or general because you will find easy solutions to handle all your business stuff online.

Why build a directory website?
To make extra income, almost everyone is searching for the easiest way. And most of the people are leaving their 9-5 hours jobs and starting their own business online. For such people, an online directory website is go-to solution to start generating income in less time.

You dont have to invest a lot of money at the beginning of running a directory website. However, this business model is easy to legalize in different ways for example:

Paid listings: One of the normal types of monetization is to charge owners of the businesses for adding their business to your directory website. You will be free to provide different pricing plans as per their own advantages.

Featured listing: Paid listing can be expanded by providing benefit to the listing owners to get appear on the top of your website which will help them to attract more attention from visitors.

Membership fees: The membership fees listing will work the same as the one we have mentioned above, but here rather than charging money for a single listing you will ask them to pay a membership fee to add a number of listing for a given period of time, let say a monthly or annual fee for listing all their products or services.

Advertisement: Here you will allow different companies to display their video ads, text, and banners in sell ad space on your website. You can even charge them accordingly.

Directory websites can be used for multiple purposes:

The fact is the directory websites does not only seems helpful for people looking into the entrepreneurial area but also it is helpful for the existing businesses. You can even take advantage of a directory website for creating a company intranet.

You can create such a website to add complete details of your employees and start promoting teamwork. As well as the directory website can be used to list all required news and events details about your company.

With WordPress, the task of creating any type of website becomes easier, and the same goes for building a directory website. You just need an excellent and high-quality business directory WordPress theme that will satisfy all your needs.

SKT Directory is designed specially by considering business directory types of websites in mind but you can discover some other directory websites such as website directories, job boards, coupon or real estate agents, daily deals directories, or vehicle dealerships directory websites too.

Different types of websites that you can create with our business directory WordPress theme in detail:

Business Directories: Yes, you heard the right you can create a business listing website with SKT Directory that targets different industries such as plumbers, lawyers, repair shops, computer repair shops, and car repair shops.

Creating a business directory website means you are targeting your geographical area. Once you have started generating lots of traffic you can expand your business to neighboring countries or states.

Website directories: Such type of directory website will behave the same as business directories websites but the main focus of this business will be on websites rather than different businesses.

You will be able to list the website directories the same as you list your business. Including this, you can build a directory of various educational websites, blogs, scientific websites, and more.

You can explore this niche and can create interesting directories with some vision and great thoughts.

Daily Deals or coupon directories: In a few years, these directories are getting much more popular. These directories majorly include daily deals, coupons for a particular store, price comparison, and many more.

In most cases, you will find that eCommerce features are also included.

Job boards: The most difficult task for students is to find a suitable job. You will find that most of the job boards’ websites focus on extensive data which offer the very bad experience to students.

But you can take a step forward and create a valuable job board website for your city. You will have to research the companies and job openings and get started by listing them on your website.

Vehicle dealerships or real estate agents: If the major goal of your business is to sell vehicles, plots, and flats then this niche is better suitable for you.

With our Business directory WordPress theme, you will be able to create a directory for complete stock. This will help your new visitors, to buy a new vehicle or a home very easily.

Lets us learn some of the highlights of the SKT Directory:

This Business directory WordPress theme comes demo content import option: In just one single click you will be able to import the demo content to get your website to appear the same as the demos that we have offered. You can install some of the important content on your website too such as custom, pages, posts, and search fields.

Access to the comprehensive documentation: If you are a new WordPress user and looking for guidance from experts for setting up the website, then you will find that SKT Directory comes with comprehensive documentation.

Customer support: You can take assistance from professional experts too for the next 1 year from the date of purchasing this Business directory WordPress theme. You can connect with them via online forum, WhatsApp chat, or contact form.

Third-party plugin compatibility: To add a contact form, pricing table, enhance performance, SEO, site visibility, or any other functionality you will need WordPress plugins.

The positive point of using our business directory WordPress theme will be that you can install the required plugins on your website easily.

Also, you will find that the most popular plugins including elementor, Gutenberg, Woocommerce, appointment, backup, testimonial, security, and many more plugins are supportive.

Easy backend: If you would like to apply changes on any of the pages then it is possible. The Business directory WordPress theme comes with the integration of the Elementor page builder plugin that permits you to add the elements in the required place by simply dragging and dropping.

Why you should choose our business directory WordPress theme?

There are a few things that you need to consider to have a more appealing and impressive website for your audiences, no matter which type of directory website you are looking to create. SKT Directory does not compromise on following things:

Quality: Rather than focusing on the quantity of listing we mainly focus on quality. There will be a number of businesses who would like to submit their listing on your website to gain profit.

But remember one thing that the primary goal of your visitors is to find quality and reliable information. So you will be able to decide which listing you will be accepting and which not.

Search and filter option provided: Websites like a business directory or any other listing business have a lot of information. It is very important to add search functionality to your website so that your visitors can find specific listings without wasting time.

You can also explore this Business directory WordPress theme and your website by adding industry, location, and another special category. This will help your visitors to find more accurate details.

Submission form in the front end: The submission form is included with most of the directory websites so that any business owner visiting your website will find an easy way for submitting their listing.

Your workload will be minimized because now you are allowing different owners to add their listings by themself. SKT Directory offers you a front-end submission form at the top of the homepage.

Payment gateway support: One of the most important highlights of SKT Directory is that it is fully supported with the different payment gateways so that you can ask your visitors for online payments.

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Also Included with Business directory WordPress theme

  • Theme Files

    Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased

  • Sample Content

    1 click demo import to set up all the content of all pages easily

  • Support

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  • Free Installation

    You will get free installation if you request us to install the Business directory WordPress theme on your server with demo content