Reiki WordPress Themes for Healing Therapy & Medical Practitioner Websites

A search based assemblage of Reiki WordPress themes for Reiki practitioners and specialists, relevant service providers and alternative medical centers, Reiki training and healing therapies, as well as any other medical and doctor based websites and blogs.

Reiki is one of the popular branches of the modern alternative medicine that fosters the idea of using life force energy.

The combination of self-energy and the vital power of the organism with the ever going energy of the Universe is the basic principle of Reiki.

Basically, Reiki does not oppose itself to medicine and does not replace the latter, but complements it.

The specialists believe that if you treat a person according to the laws of this energy, you can heal not only the human body, but the soul.

With its help, you can also extend the period of use of shoes, clothes, knives, razors, household appliances, watches, etc.

In this article, we have done our best to collect the most practical Reiki WordPress themes for covering any kind of Reiki related website.

Whether you are going to propagate your Reiki center and its services, run a personal blog revealing dozens of advantages of this form of energy based healing, each of the Reiki WordPress themes you will find in this article can be an indispensable tool at your disposal.

Each of those Reiki WordPress themes is custom built to deliver more clients and patients thanks to its user centric layout and controls simplifying the web user’s journey on your website.

1. Healing Touch

healing touch pro


Win the attention of more and more patients through your website based on one of the leads generating Reiki WordPress themes out there. Healing Touch will best describe the philosophy of your Reiki services and prove their positive influence on the human body and mind.

This responsive and mobile optimized website building ecosystem is well specialized in bringing you tangible and quantifiable results.

Get ready with this awesome yet easy to use template and be sure to meet your potential patients and cases at the point where they are looking for your services.

Otherwise stated, this theme is totally SEO friendly ready to take your profile higher in search engine rankings and attract more attention in search results.

The theme is also rich with pre enabled shortcodes, color changing options and typography controls, compatibility with a wide array of extensions, additional tools and plugins.

2. Reiki Pro

Reiki WordPress theme


Reiki Pro is the next clear cut and visually legible, functionally and technically savvy template catering to the modern medical world and all its demonstrations.

Spread your best words and images via the given platform and make them easy to find through your homepage, posts and pages.

The homepage full width slider will take the role of the hostess of your site while greeting your patients with awe inspiring images and photos.

You have also about us and services sections to showcase your business profile and services you offer, from pain and injury management to emotional processing, from stress and energy management to natural pain relief therapies, etc.

This template also delivers the best responsive and mobile compatible touches, as well as translation ready layout and SMO/SEO integration.

3. Meditation Pro

Meditation WordPress theme


Meditation Pro is also among the best Reiki WordPress themes that looks serious and functions hassle free across different platforms and browsers.

Promote your Reiki healing practice on all levels through Meditation Pro and use the prebuilt sections to insert all your services and treatment sessions, run a blog with useful posts about the advantages of this non invasive energy healing method and more.

Tons of gallery and album management variations are given with Meditation Pro especially when supported by the relevant gallery and portfolio plugins. Font and color choices are also at your leisure to take care of the serviceable and caring look of your medical profile.

Well equipped from top to bottom, Meditation Pro shares so attractive dual screen and includes PO file making your site ready for translation processes.

4. Simple

simple new


The clear and elegant design of Simple can really reflect the philosophy of your energy based medical services. The seamless execution of the theme’s navigation and mobile optimized nature make Simple highly appealing for your website visitors.

Simple makes sure your website design is pixel perfect and simple to navigate. The authors of this fantastic template have not underestimated the importance of custom imagery on your homepage, therefore they have added a default nice looking slider to host different images of your staff, healing procedures, satisfied clients and more.

The choice is also yours when it comes to the website’s typography, color palette, shortcodes applications and plugin support.


SEO WordPress theme


With SKT SEO you don’t need to go far beyond its surface to understand what it has to provide you with. Simple and lightweight, accurate and stable, SKT SEO is one of the multipurpose templates of SKT origin ready to present large and HD hero images on the homepage.

Another section that is going to make strong visual experience on your potential clients is the available gallery section to have categorized images and albums.

With SKT SEO you will take a unique kind of dignity in communicating your message to the clients since it is going to be fully legible and presentable when browsed on any browser or accessed by any portable device.

6. Handy

doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the last healthcare and medical related template among Reiki WordPress themes you can utilize for your special needs and business promotion.

Building a high quality and strongly communicable digital profile will be easy peasy with Handy since it is bundled with a convenient admin area for working behind the scenes.

By the application of this shortcodes armed and Google approved web template you are free to make any brainstorming idea a reality in order to boost your client’s engagement into your business.

From running a blog for keeping your audience well informed about your news and practices to enhancing your site’s SEO results with relevant plugins, everything is up to you.

Thank you for visiting SKT Themes a place for selecting top WordPress Themes from a list of several hundred templates. Happy Reading and Shopping.