18+ Monetary Blog WordPress Themes for Monetary and Notary Websites

The following monetary blog WordPress themes are perfect from all aspect and sure to take your blog to the next level.

Among all the different types of blogs, monetary blogs are the most popular. Everyone looks for how to make money in life and earn a proper living.

If you are looking forward to creating a monetary blog, you should use for great monetary blog WordPress themes so that you can gain the trust of the users and make them subscribers.

If you already have a monetary blog, you should consider changing the theme of that with the above-mentioned monetary blog WordPress themes.

These monetary blog WordPress themes have awesome professional design and all the required functionalities that a premium blog should have.

monetary blog WordPress themes

SKT Journal:

skt journal


SKT Adsense:



SKT Launch Pro:

Launch Pro



simple new


SKT White PRO:

skt white


CutsNStyle Pro



This could be one of the best monetary blog WordPress themes if you are interested in a fashion blog. You can give fashion tips, highlight current trends and use affiliate products to monetize the site and earn a good deal of money.

You must invest in this theme to convince the visitors to become your subscriber and best the best deals. The design of the theme is very catchy, and there are various animation effects. There are so many shortcodes, icons, and fonts available.

SKT Magazine Pro

When it comes to monetary blog WordPress themes, there is no better theme than this. It is an ideal theme for blogging, and the layouts on the homepage are eye-catching. The sections on the homepage can be divided according to the categories and latest posts.

The theme is tailor-made for Google AdSense, and there are various actionable areas where the ad segments can be placed to get maximum clicks. The sidebars can have the most useful widgets that users are going to use a lot. There are 5 different types of home page layouts to choose from.

Shudh Pro

This is one of the most creative monetary blog WordPress themes for design bloggers. You can write various useful blogs of design and trend and drive unlimited traffic. It is fully responsive, and there are options for changing color and overall design element by element.

There are awesome fonts and icons. It is translation ready and has multilingual support. You can use your blog to your advantage to list various design related services and showcase your portfolio to great repeated orders. It comes with an integrated slider and social media sharing and showcasing options.

SKT Food

Food blogs are a huge success in today’s world. People check out different blogs to get recommendation s of visiting different restaurants and try out new recipes at home.

This is one of the best monetary blog WordPress themes to start such a blog. The main source of money for such blogs is sponsorship from different hotels.

There are various shortcodes available to embed videos and reviews in different parts of the website and posts. The homepage is beautifully designed and will help drive enormous traffic with its SEO value.


Adventure is one of the best monetary blog WordPress themes for travel blogs. You can create awesome blogs with the stunning design it has. It will convert every visitor to subscribers easily. There are parallax sections on the homepage.

You can list various tour and travel packages and get a commission from them, or you can offer your own packages as well. There are beautiful plugins to list everything in innovative blocks and boxes. Mobile users will be able to see the site perfectly thanks to the theme’s mobile-friendliness.

SKT Education

Education blogs are always on the rise, and this theme possesses all the required ingredients to offer the premium type of education blog and get a good deal of earning from it.

You can offer free courses and paid courses, and once the free courses are likely by the students and customers, naturally, they will enroll for the paid ones.

There are payment gateway, advanced contact page and all the different types of facilities. The sections are on the homepage serves the entire site perfectly, and it will make the site look premium. You can get assistance from our support team to install the theme perfectly without glitches.


Photo blogging is increasingly becoming popular. There are a lot of ways to earn money for photo blogging, and this is one of the best monetary blog WordPress themes in this genre.

You can get agood number of followers on your website and you can sure to be approached by several sponsors to use their products and showcase them on the photos and blogs.

The theme comes with hamburger menu, several gallery plugins, and pre-filled sections. There are various page templates to be used.


This theme can be used to create a personal blog and get a good number of followers easily. The theme is very addictive and your new visitors will soon long-term subscribers.

You can earn money from AdSense, affiliate products, and even sponsored products. It is 100% responsive and easy to setup and modify.

You can do everything yourself and make changes whenever you want to add more features and functionalities. It is suitable for every type of blogs, and it works perfectly on all devices.

SKT NewsPaper Pro

This is one of the tailor-made monetary blog WordPress themes for writing news and blogs on current trending topics. With its high SEO value, it is no wonders that the site will get high volume traffic and the earning from AdSense will increase exponentially.

There are various new exclusive features and premium plugins to provide the visitors the best reading experience. It has cross browser support, and there are hundreds of fonts and icons. There are also various useful widgets.

Fashion Trends

As stated earlier, fashion blogs are getting huge traffic as more and more people are trying to follow the current trend and dress accordingly. It is HD ready and one of the best monetary blog WordPress themes for fashion and lifestyle blogging.

It is highly SEO-friendly and has social media support to reach out to more and more people organically. The design is flat, but there are sections for almost anything possible. The color combination is catchy, and all the ingredients are available to take your blog to the next level.

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