Hardware Store WordPress Themes For Tools & Hardware Selling Websites

Hardware store WordPress themes for tools and hardware stores, household and heavy equipment magazines, electrical and plumbing services, hardware and painting specialists and other relevant stores and handymen to create their websites and market their services and products more effectively.

If you have already taken the trouble of opening your hardware store, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax hoping that your business will never face hard times.

The giants and retailers operating on the same field as you will hardly cede their clients and customers to you.

It means that you need to exercise all the local and international marketing strategies to get more market share and new clients to your store or service provision business.

It goes without saying that website is one of the lead generating digital marketing tools creating an environment where you can meet your clients and share your offers with them.

Our collection of hardware store WordPress themes is aimed at bringing you closer to the right decision when it comes to choosing the basis of your future hardware store website.

Check the below specified hardware store WordPress themes in order to redouble your sales and do it with minimum costs and wasted financial means.

Each and every template you will meet in this article has won the love and trust of many retailers and wholesalers managing hardware or DIY stores, online shops selling home and garden equipment and tools, etc.

Those hardware store WordPress themes have lots of essential features and controls in common. However, each of them is developed in a way to stress the uniqueness and comfort of your website matching your preferences and business needs.

1. SKT Plumbing



Powered by the latest coding controls and durability, SKT Plumbing is one of the cutting edge hardware store WordPress themes custom built for multiple applications.

From local hardware stores to megamarkets and household appliances stores, and everything in between, Perfect Business is ready to proudly present them to your digital audience.

Create your professional website based on SKT Plumbing and let your clients take a virtual journey through your hardware store or home improvement center with its items, products and services.

All the necessary content zones and areas are loaded for the complete demonstration of your store and its parts, sections and merchandise, your business profile, contact details and operating hours, etc.

The theme is also HD ready with responsive coding to take the exposure of your visual imagery to perfection across mobiles and gadgets.

2. Ele Store

ele store


Ele Store is the next well coded and designer made WordPress template ready made to grow your commercial or service provision business.

Whether you are selling home based and building materials, chains, electrical supplies, cleaning and painting products or offering mechanic, plumber, woodmaker, electrician or flooring services, Ele Store will be the best investment for your online success.

The theme’s overall design makes it easy to highlight the most attractive parts of your business and its experts and handymen, their talents, price range and more.

You can also make your profile more powerful and categorized with the help of multiple plugins, from commercial to contact from, from SEO to shortcodes and more.

3. Kitchen Design Pro

kitchen design


Kitchen Design Pro is what you were looking for so far. With durable framework and full flexibility for constant changes and amendments, this fully packed and all inclusive template is the one to take your hardware store to the maximum online exposure.

This comprehensive and intelligent template comes with commercial ready layout to create the online version of your store and start selling your products via the Internet as well. All you need to do is to add relevant e commerce plugin to your template and make use of the offered store management platform.

Other plugins such as portfolio ones for better gallery and portfolio classification, shortcodes plugins for more shortcodes at your disposal, as well as multilingual plugins have all been checked with Complete Pro.

4. Locksmith



The next valuable and results focused website tool among the best hardware store WordPress themes is called Locksmith. This top rated template can be the heart and soul of your commercial and marketing efforts while narrowing your web visitor’s attention to the most informative parts of your site.

The true perfection and stability of this template is achieved by the clear and minimal design it shares.

It is not that nothing more can be added, but surely there is nothing that needs to be taken away.

This comprehensive and smart design is supported by advanced technological framework with color changing and font management controls, page and post templates to manage, inner banner available, as well as pricing tables integration with relevant plugins.

5. Blendit

blendit single page WordPress theme


If you are looking for a compact one page, yet modern and elegant website template to run on your hardware store website, look no further than Blendit. It comes as a mixture of the most successful web design approaches and graphical solutions wrapped up with hassle free layout and intuitive admin dashboard.

Create your revenue generating commercial profile with Blendit and grow your social and digital communities over time. Showcase all your products, their prices and short descriptions, available handymen and delivery services, store locations and working hours, etc in the given areas and sections, footer and header parts and more.

6. Shopzee

eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee is the last ecommerce ready layout created with the online traders and merchandizers, store and shop owners in the developers’ mind.

This top quality template is powered by HTML5 and CSS3 to prove the hassle free performance of your site in terms of look and functionality.

Add different product categories to make your online store easy to look through, use the preloaded homepage slider for the exclusive offers and sales announcements, and use the blog section to guarantee the optimal frequency of blog posting meeting your client’s expectations.

You are also capable of creating as many pages and posts as you will find expedient for your profile, as well as changing the theme’s typography and colors at any time during the site’s operation.

Thank you for visiting SKT Themes a place for selecting top WordPress Themes from a list of several hundred templates. Happy Reading and Shopping.

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