9 Gun Shop WordPress Themes for Weapon Firearms Defence Security

What is the purpose of a gun shop website?

A gun shop website is a commercial site associated with selling firearms, including handguns, long guns, pistols, etc. On such a website, all the firearms are available in a store format where you can purchase your desired ones. The creation of a website comes with uncountable perks for any business.

The primary purpose of a gun store website is to allow customers from all around the world to visit the store and purchase firearms, along with proper licenses and documents.

Businesses associated with the selling of firearms can greatly benefit from building an appropriate and presentable gun store website as it can significantly aid in the creation of a strong online presence, intensify the brand name, and boost sales by attracting customers with the help of website traffic. Besides selling firearms, some gun store sites are also associated with the trading, exchange, or repairing of guns. Sometimes, these sites might include other firearms as well.

The best gun shop WordPress themes for gun stores and shops, shooting ranges and clubs, weapon and armament stores, military and army portals, guns and firearms training centers, arsenal, military schools and academies, defense training clubs and personal trainers, as well as other military and arms focused businesses.

WordPress content management system and WordPress digital products have always been a matter of consideration for absolutely any kind of business.

Gun Shop WordPress Themes

The reason why so many future website owners give their vote to WordPress is fairly justified by a variety of reasons speaking in favor of their time, financial means and efforts.

For the arms and ammunition world in particular, WordPress offers a stunning collection of gun shop WordPress themes ready to be used across any thematic website, blog or profile, from personal to military, from shooting to gun training institutes and everything in between.

Other topics and niches revolving around extreme sports and activities, strikeball and airsoft gun games, shooting schools and private classes and e commerce based presentations can all be supported by any of these gun shop WordPress themes you can review with demo version or test and try with quick installation or activation.

Best Gun Shop WordPress Themes

Each of theme is particularly focused on powerful coding responsible for the strong and hassle free performance of any website based on it, as well as on the compliance with latest WordPress version and its peculiarities to make sure your website feels and works effectively.

SKT Guns

SKT Guns

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Firearm retailers and gun store owners, military academy or army representatives are all going to find Military an exceptionally well thought out and projected website builder among gun store WordPress themes.

No matter what budget you have given from your leadership or a client to build up and recruit a premium quality military or firearms website, be sure you can do it with cost effective and admin friendly Military.

The more noticeable and qualitative your website and its content are, the higher are the chances that potential clients are going to find your website through search engine enquiries and review it for finding the needed services, products, places or whatever it is.

Therefore, SKT Guns has been created to support high quality visual and textual content, smooth navigation and other benefits winning the client’s trust.

SKT Karate

SKT Karate

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SKT Police

SKT police

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SKT Firefighter


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Wildlife WordPress themes

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Wildlife is one of the freshets safari hunting and gun shop WordPress themes ready to serve your specific needs.

Take this responsive and energetic looking website builder and go live with your interesting and informative, adrenaline inducing website catering to weapons and guns, shooting and hunting practices.

Beginner friendly and easy to customize, Wildlife opens up hundreds of theme management opportunities even for the novices in the technical world, who can make use of the given features and shortcodes, live customizer of the theme for playing with the overall form and function of the theme and checking changes instantly with live mode.

Finally, there is no limit to how many additional tools and plugins you can pair with Wildlife in order to have a better and functionally advanced framework to work on with e commerce environment, better SEO and SMO optimized framework and more.

Horse Riding

Equestrian Wordpress Theme

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Horse Riding is the next dynamic and all encompassing web establishment and customization tool you can exercise for horse riding and fight club, shooting range or military academy, gun store or other e commerce based business promotion online.

From selling tickets and subscription plans to offering credit options and discounts for gun sales, showcasing the whole arsenal of your store and enabling potential buyers to review their technical specifications and compare prices, registering hunting tickets and more, everything can be effectively organized and conducted with Horse Riding.

The theme is as flexible in terms of homepage and menu management as it is well looking and legible in desktop and mobile versions.

Along with being highly customizable and responsive at its core, the theme is also shortcodes armed and plugin compatible to stress the valuable status of your pro quality website.

Toy Store

Toy Store WordPress Theme

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Guns are toys for the adults and they also need to be advertised and offered from the most attractive angle.

Toy Store is one of e commerce ready and online shopping friendly toy store and gun store WordPress themes custom built to simplify the process of absolutely any kind of commercial website creation for selling multiple products, from toys and presents to guns and firearms and beyond that.

The theme boasts easily customizable nature along with simple drag and drop layout for you to enjoy the quickness of your management and customization actions no matter what you are doing, whether you are adding or removing images, managing page layouts, setting up typography or controlling colors.


soccer WordPress theme

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Get a flash sale with the digital presence of your gun store and be in the focus of attention around the clock with endless offers and products with the help of Soccer.

Ready to cover any kind of sports or arms related topics and niches, Soccer generates a really energetic platform for you to gain more confidence in your digital presence and be sure it makes sense the most.

There are everything needed, from pieces of shortcodes to color picker controls, homepage default slider for controllable images, social media and other buttons, and finally, extensible functionality to get more results and scores with additional functions and tools.


adventure WordPress theme

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Develop the best relationships with your potential customers and buyers while exploiting the endless potential and user friendliness of Adventure.

Enthusiastic in its appearance and advanced in functionality, Adventure is ready to deliver top level multimedia and textual content to contribute to the default SEO friendliness of the theme.

All you need to do in this case is to replace the default generated content with your own, unique publications and posts to add special value and charm to your website.

Communicating your business’s message to its audience can be done by pairing your site with other platforms and environments like social media and using the potential of supplementary plugins, add ons and more.

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