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Change Log
  • Updated April 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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Features of Zoo WordPress theme

  • This template can be used for multiple industries and domains like wildlife, conservation, eco friendly, nature, organic, government projects, resorts, zoos, circuses and others
  • Novice and first time beginners can also handle with ease and simplicity the website template and can get all the changes done
  • Easy to use and handle and one can just set it up without even bothering to check the documentation because it’s based on Customizer which is WordPress default
  • Well documented and step by step guide is provided for someone to just come to the website and check the steps and follow them to set up the zoo WordPress theme
  • Free installation is also provided which means that in case you can’t follow documentation or are a newbie we can help you set up the site template for the zoo just like the way it has been shown in the demo
  • 1 year support is provided via email, chat and support forum from the date of purchase of the theme. Full technical and non technical support has been provided over the year
  • Multipurpose template with uses to any type of industry or business because of colour changing, text and image changing
  • Header area has 4 types of layout options which can be selected and chosen as per the layout choice the user wants for their website
  • Inner header area has a banner area by default which can be replaced with video, image slider, HTML or any other type of iframe etc
  • Footer also has 4 types of layout options which can be selected and can have the footer either stacked columns or a simple single line footer as well as per the website administrator preference
  • Page layout options are provided which means that right or left sidebar or full wide or boxed layout option can be chosen for the pages across the website independendtly
  • Post layout options for blog pages as well as for single posts can be chosen as well
  • Other pages like 404, sitemap, search, and archives are presented as standard pages because these are also needed in a website
  • In built shortcodes like gallery, forms, testimonials, social icons, and other fancy content have been provided so that one can easily make use of them through out the website
  • Additional shortcodes can be added as and when needed using plugins like Shortcodes Ultimate which would mean additional functionality for the website
  • Page builder plugins like Elementor, blox, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Live Composer and others can work just fine for the zoo WordPress theme
  • WooCommerce based and hence one can easily integrate it out of the box and have a nice and worthwhile store to sell merchandise of animals, stuffed toys, have other passes or entry fees also collected easily with their own choice of payment gateway as well
  • Other plugins like gallery, slider, appointment forms, job board, forum and others can also be added at any point in time to increase and enhance the functionality of the website
  • Coding has been done keeping in mind security and theme review standards and modern technologies have been used to code the entire template
  • SEO wise also coding has been done and SEO meta tags can be added using SEO plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast SEO
  • SMO plugins like social sharing plugins can be added to any blog post and can lead to an increase in traffic to the website
  • The Design approach used is a material and flat design approach which means that the zoo WordPress theme can be easily compatible with old browsers like Internet Explorer and other browsers with old versions
  • Social media icons which are popular ones and many others up to 2000+ font based icons are bundled with the theme for giving users the choice to add icons through out the entire website
  • Color changes can be implemented with the help of a color picker given inside the customizer which would mean that any part of the website can have separate and independent colour changes as per the user requirements
  • Google fonts of more than 800 in number have been encoded along with the template which can be easily used to change the typography of the website
  • Cyrillic and Latin sub sets of the fonts are also included so that one can have special characters and special languages also for their website
  • RTL languages also can work fine with this zoo WordPress theme which can work with RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew and others
  • Mobile Responsive template which has been tested with Google mobile friendly test and as well as with a variety of devices and their screen resolutions
  • Homepage sections have been coded from pages so that one just needs to select them and have any type of content they need for the homepage
  • CSS3 animations have been given on the homepage to visually make the site attractive and to focus more on the landing page
  • Speed is important for any website and that it loads fast hence this template for Zoo is cache plugin compliant
  • Security is of course important and hence we have made our zoo template compliant with the majority of the popular security plugins
  • Browsers which are popular ones across devices like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, UC, Silk and others have been tested
  • Devices with cross platform OS like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and others have been tested well with this theme
  • Customizer based and hence preview of the website can be tested easily while getting the changes done
  • Translation ready with POT file provided which can be translated into any other language with the help of PO Edit or Loco Translate
  • Multilingual friendly with WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang has been tested as well
  • Sidebar layout provided for pages and posts and sidebar can hold any number of widgets
  • Widgets encoded for the sidebar as well as the header and footer area so that one can have their own items listed as per their own choice
  • Comments template for nested comments have been coded and Disqus as well as the Facebook comments plugin can also be used for the website
  • Social sharing plugins for increasing traffic and having more social media interaction have been made compliant
  • Site layouts of 2 types have been provided like boxed and full wide. Default is full wide
  • High Resolution monitors of mobile, tablet and desktop have been tested and used
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and other modern technologies based
  • Slider default provided can house 10 slides and has animation control of 12 types and pause time control
  • Other slider plugins like crelly, fusion, smart, cyclone, slidedeck, accordion, layered and others have been tested and found to work just fine
  • Forum and membership plugins also work fine
  • Drop down menu of 5 levels has been coded along with the zoo WordPress theme which means that one can have a nice navigation for the entire website and can go back and forth to any page/post/link of their choice

In the vast pool of WordPress themes, it becomes tricky for someone to pick up the right template. Lots of things need to be kept in mind before selecting the template which suits the best needs of your requirements and which can satisfy all the things that you want to do.

Most often clients confuse themselves with template features. If there are too many features then also it is a problem and a mess to manage all the items and to search which one does what. Hence it’s better to have options but minimal of them so that it becomes easier for us to manage the website.

Simple and easy to maintain even novice customers are ready to manage and handle the website which would mean that one need not hire any developer or website designer to get his or her tasks done and instead focus on having their website done on their own.

Thus saving a lot of money and having a good budget as well as saving time in future as well. The Zoo WordPress theme is one template that has been dedicated to animals, pet lovers, pets, wild life, jungle animals etc.

So basically if someone wants to have a jungle safari or wants kids to experience the raw nature and its ecosystem then it makes sense to have this website created with a zoo template.

Resorts and hotels surrounded by greenery and having jungle safari as part of their campaign can also opt for having such websites or templates.

Zoo template also serves the purpose of government websites that need conservation, natural foods or natural wildlife type of websites which they create to showcasing to the world what kind of forest cover they have.

Plantation and green cover considering websites also can seek help from this template and create a nice and eco friendly green website for showcasing their success stories in a website form.

Even wildlife photographers can also benefit from this zoo WordPress theme which can help them showcase their photographs in the form of galleries.

It also can house any number of sliders as well and hence these photographers can have a variety of slideshows as well.

Very easy to interact with and engage with social media via the website which houses over 2000+ font awesome icons and hence one can easily share his items on the social media.

One can also have social media widgets on the whole website because the website is widget friendly and hence can hold any number of widgets on the sidebar as well.

There are various types of animal and zoo templates that can cater to veterinary clinics as well as zoo habilitation life or showcasing circuses or some shows that involve animals.

These themes are easily customizable and hence no special computer skills are needed to edit them website template. Simple HTML and CSS knowledge or computer operating knowledge of social media is fine for using this template.

Zoo WordPress theme was designed keeping in mind wildlife habitation and wildlife animals and hence we have kept it likewise.

However with the help of use of color pickers one can easily change the colors of the website and can also change the text using the sections of the homepage.

CSS3 animated homepage is provided so that it looks nice and attractive for the visitors who are visiting the website.

Text changes can be done as well as images can also be changed through out the entire website. Our wildlife zoo WordPress theme is stylish as well as gorgeous and has a full wide slider which can hold upto 10 slides.

The slider is responsive and can have pause time and animation control via the user. The slider can be replaced with any other type of slider like the crelly slider which can have several layers and can have an animated effect or the revolution or layer slider which also work the same like crelly.

Other sliders like fusion slider or smart slider also have been tested and found to be useful. These sliders can have as many slides as one can think of. And can have too many styles of fancy slides and fancy designs as well.

One can also list their services nicely. Due to top navigation having 5 levels of drop down one can easily have a user navigation which can have all sorts of links either internal or external for the website.

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Tags: animal rescue, commercial aviary, ecosystem service, welfare organizations, forest ecosystem, wildlife conservation society, national federation, wildlife watching, tourism, wildlife control business, guard dog business, non profit organizations, foundation, ecological services, beekeeping business, bioproducts, carbon storage, nature, animal rescuer, photography

Also Included with Zoo WordPress theme

  • Theme Files

    Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased

  • Sample Content

    1 click demo import to set up all the content of all pages easily

  • Support

    You will get a login for our support forum and our email ID and Skype ID after purchasing a theme

  • PSD Design Files

    Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so. All Themes Bundle users will have to demand PSD files since including so many PSD files is not possible. Single theme users can get the PSD design files on demand.

  • Free Installation

    You will get free installation if you request us to install the Zoo WordPress theme on your server with demo content