Fundraiser WordPress Themes for Fundraising Donation Websites

A result – driven assemblage of fundraiser WordPress themes for non – governmental and non – profit organizations, charity funds, fundraisers, religious institutions and other relevant philanthropic programs and events.

A culture of philanthropy and fundraising from random acts of kindness to major contributions is widely recognized by millions of people across the globe who want to share something with those fellow members of the human race you are in need.

Even if you are only one drop in the ocean, each and every participation in humanitarian programs and events matters mostly. It can give hope to the hopeless, breathe new life to the sick or save a child’s life.

With this accented importance of NGO-s and funds in an effort to find and assist the most vulnerable people and geographical areas, lots of such organizations appear in the horizon acting as a uniting force gathering thousands of people at one place and engaging them into their valuable programs and undertakings.

Fundraiser WordPress Themes

In this situation well – managed and easy to use website may act as one of the primary and affordable tools in the marketing strategy of such non – profit organizations and funds to organize everything properly even while working on a primary tight budget.

We have compiled the most decent fundraiser WordPress themes for suchlike humanitarian activities and fundraising campaigns to let their humanitarian voice be spread across the digital platform and bring more and more volunteers and caring people to their online profiles.

Fundraiser WordPress Themes for Fundraising Donation Websites

Donation :

fundraiser WordPress theme

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GB Charity :

GB Charity

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SKT Association :

SKT Association

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Fundraiser :

fundraiser WordPress theme

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Fundraiser is a stunning and most appealing Fundraiser WordPress Themes to create a charity, NGO, nonprofit organization and donation camps websites.

The template is created with elementor thus the complete sections and content are optimized to appear on every type of screen naturally.

It is also optimized for Gutenberg and other page builder such as WPBakery site builder, Site Origin, visual composers and more.

With this template you can get good ranking on top search engine such as Google and Yahoo. The template is also translation ready and WooCommerce ready. Header style can be changed according to your need.

SKT Trust:

SKT Trust

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SKT Trust is one of the top – rated and high – end, forceful and imperious while totally customizable and admin – friendly NGO and donation and one of the fundraiser WordPress themes which has already been checked and confirmed by lots of active installs.

It can be ideal for proving your audience that their donation can save lives and fates via the hearth – breaking and encouraging photos and images hanging over your homepage slider.

It will assist you in creating your cohesive presentation online and managing it accordingly to attract the attention of your target audience.

Extremely easy to use theme backend with flexible structure to be controlled intuitively, posts and pages layout, widgetized footer, header and sidebar controls, translation – ready nature and WooCommerce support are all wrapped up in a single and allowable template.

Charitable and donation plugins can also be added to the theme for your web visitor’s convenience to make their donation online in few simple clicks.

SKT Dual:

Your charity or donation website based on SKT Dual as one of the premium – quality fundraiser WordPress themes will do a great job of getting your message out.

Making a subtle ratio between presentable look and error – free functionality, this website building and managing tool will pave your digital way for better website experience even if you are non – techy at all when it comes to programming or web design.

This gallery and portfolio – based, responsive and Customizer – grounded template will help you form an effective unity with benevolent volunteers and donators to make this world a better place to live.

SKT Charity Pro:

SKT Charity Pro New

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Map your website visitor’s journey in a way all will highly appreciate with SKT Charity Pro.

This template is generated taking into consideration all the nuances that can affect the online performance of charity organizations and fundraisers, religious institutions and other relevant phenomena to highly benefit from the modern digital platform and disseminate their message across it.

Modern and all – inclusive, yet simple and lightweight in usage, this admin – optimized template is ready – made to relieve the anxiety or suffering of any donation or fundraiser website admin when it comes to the theme installation and further maintenance as well.


Expand your fundraising program’s footprints in the digital spectrum, proudly present your religious center and attract people’s attention with sophisticated and highly intelligent Religious as another designer – made pattern in our list of fundraiser WordPress themes.

From visual ponderous appearance to unbeatable inner operational framework, the dedicated specialists working on this theme have taken care of everything.

As a result, we are lucky to have Religious in our repository in a quite complete and battle – ready fashion ready to sustain any kind of digital defiance.

Religious is particularly suitable for churches, parishes, choirs and other religious communities, as well as non – governmental or non – profit organizations to publish their content in an easy to find way in home, news, blog and other sections. One can even add musical playlists like gospels, sermons, psalms and other religious songs via music section.

SKT White Pro:

Spread your philanthropic and humanist values through your images and texts with the help of SKT White Pro. This template knows no limits when it comes to stressing your high – resolution images via the homepage full – screen slider to let each and every website visitor perceive your visual message in the blink of an eye.

This elegant and powerful website builder is extremely sophisticated and zealous in how it shares your content and makes it totally legible for the relevant search engines and their rankings.

Speak directly to your audience and engage with them through your informative and nicely – arranged pieces of content via home, about us, services, contact us and other parts and portions and let them be accessible when viewed with mobiles and other portable devices.

Spirited Pro:

Spirited Pro is proudly enlisted in our article of fundraiser WordPress themes as one of the primary sources of digital success and best practices for non – profit, charity and donation organizations and initiatives.

Solid and imperishable, persistent and steadfast, Spirited Pro has been coded and stylized in the way to meet all the contemporary challenges and egg – dances no matter what kind of content is going to be published on it.

Impressively intelligent and caring, motivational and serious – looking with yet designed – to – match graphical solutions, this wonderfully pliable and polished template will provide you with handy toolbox and customization controls in every stage of your website creation and development.

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