11 Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Freelancers

Text is a writer’s primary instrument, but it needs to be visually striking in order to draw readers in and encourage them to interact with your website. You must thus use authors’ WordPress themes. Their features are designed to introduce your material in an engaging and unique way so that your target audience will notice it. If you use the appropriate tools, the task should be rather simple. They should assist you in making a visually appealing webpage and be easy to use.
In addition to having engaging content, your website’s design is quite important. The written language, carefully chosen photos, and quirky stylistic details let readers to delve into the author’s personality. Make sure your website seems great on tablets, smartphones, and PCs as well. Within this compilation, you will discover the top WordPress themes for authors and publishers that we personally selected from both paid and free author websites.
It doesn’t matter how experienced you are with programming; all of them are simple to use and need little setup time. We suggest that you begin with these top 11 WordPress themes for writers and authors.

Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Freelancers

Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Freelancers

Irrespective of a writer or a freelancer who wants to demonstrate their creativity on an online platform and share it with the entire world, a website is the best solution for them.

Having a website will help them make a strong online presence, which will further attract their target audience to them. Apart from interacting with them, the website also acts as a wonderful media to connect with potential customers.

Therefore, building a portfolio website can act as a first step towards the successful professional career in their specialized field. In this regard, various free WordPress themes are quite useful and one can use them efficiently to develop their website.

This free WordPress themes for writers can be used to develop websites effortlessly. Page builder plugins help in setting up the website pages in the way the writers or freelancers desire.

They can also use widgets to customize the pages. Customizers help them to review the changes while they are carrying out the same at the backend.

Images can also be added to the content improving the quality of the content and engaging their viewers. The websites built on this theme are extremely mobile friendly and can access through different browsers as well.

The theme is compatible with plugins such as security plugins, multilingual plugins, WooCommerce plugins and many more. Besides, they also provide a faster website loading experience to the viewers.

List of Top WordPress Themes for Authors and Writers

1. Charm Lite

WordPress blog theme

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Charm Lite is a dynamic and user-friendly free WordPress blog template, meticulously designed to cater to bloggers of all levels. With its intuitive interface, managing your blog becomes a breeze, whether you’re a novice or an experienced user.

Charm Lite WordPress theme having responsive layout ensures seamless viewing across various devices and screen sizes, while the sidebar remains fully customizable, accommodating an array of widgets to enhance functionality.

 Charm Lite WordPress theme integrates seamlessly with popular plugins, offering flexibility in content creation and optimization.

From its sleek design to its compatibility with translation and multilingual plugins, Charm Lite WordPress theme ticks all the boxes for a modern blogging experience.

Whether you’re setting up a travel diary, lifestyle journal, or any other niche blog, Charm Lite WordPress theme provides the ideal platform to share your passion with the world.

Charm Lite WordPress theme simplifies the blogging journey, allowing users to focus on reading content while enjoying the perks of a professional &  secure website. Experience the ease and elegance of blogging with Charm Lite, your gateway to a thriving online presence

2. Bizness Lite

Bizness pro

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Bizness Lite is one of the best free WordPress themes for freelancers that is easy to set up and does not require any knowledge of coding.

It is a responsive theme and can be accessed from various devices including mobile, tablets and desktop.

Standard pages such as 404, search, blog, etc are included in this theme. It is compatible with different plugins and writers or freelancers can customize their website as per their preference and requirements by including widgets on the website.

Owing to its compatibility with multilingual plugins, the web content could be translated into multiple languages and gallery plugins help in uploading images to the website.

3. SKT Start-up Lite


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As this theme helps in building website with faster loading time, they are considered as one of the best free WordPress themes for freelancers 2020. It comes with a default slider also allows site owners to upload logo and change color on their website.

The Customizer allows the writers and the freelancers to preview the changes they are making on their websites while working at the backend.

As a result, they do not have to check the frontend every single time they make a change to understand how it appears. They can also share the content of their website on various social media platform with the help of SMO plugins.

4. SKT Design Agency

design agency

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This is and easy to set up WordPress themes free for writers that can be customized as per the choice of the writers and freelancers.

Widgets can be added to sidebars and the link color can also be changed in the theme. It also includes five levels of a drop-down menu which are quite effective while navigating different pages on the website.

This theme is compatible with security plugins, SEO plugins, and others. Owing to its compatibility with WooCommerce plugins, freelancers can set up an online store as well.

It also includes standard pages such as 404, category, search, archive and blog pages. Video and images can also be added to the web content.

5. Kraft Lite

premium WordPress theme

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It is a responsive and adaptable WordPress themes for writers free. It comes with complete documentation and provides a faster loading speed tor the websites. The default slider includes five slides and the website can be customized by changing colors and adding widgets.

Besides, it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and coded with HTML5 and CSS3. The theme is integrated with various social media platforms which allow the site owners to share their works.

This further helps in increasing the organic traffic for the website. The NextGEN gallery plugins help in uploading accompanying images relevant to the content on the website.

6. Clean Lite

clean pro

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This free WordPress themes writers has been designed creatively to suit the people involved in creative work. Using the color picker, the color of the website could be changed and widgets could also be added to the sidebar.

Page builder plugins help in developing website pages effortlessly and shortcode plugins are also compatible with this theme.

It is also compatible with multilingual plugins and Google plugins such as analytics, maps, and other translate plugins. It includes a default slider that can be used to create slide shows and gallery plugins to upload images.

This theme also helps in developing SEO friendly website and one can preview changes they made with the help of Customizer.

7. SKT NewsPaper Lite

newspaper WordPress theme

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The writers and freelancers regard this theme as one of the best WordPress themes for freelancers free as it helps them to include text as well as multimedia contents in their website. Websites built on this theme can also allow multiple authors to contribute to the web contents.

It also includes a comment feature that allows the audience to leave comments on different posts and pages. It is also compatible with multilingual plugins.

It has a clear appearance which makes the contents stand out instead of the page design. Various call-to-action buttons can also be added to the website.

8. SKT Launch

Launch Pro

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Owing to its compatibility with various devices such as mobiles, desktops, tablets, etc, and accessibility from different browsers this theme is included in the list of the best free WordPress themes for freelancers writers.

It is compatible with popular WordPress plugins such as NextGEN gallery, multilingual, contact form, SEO plugins, etc.

This theme also comes with an ‘about us’ and ‘features of the product’ section that is quite helpful for the writers and the freelancers. The homepage also includes special sections. One can customize the background, image, and texts n the website smoothly.

9. I Am One

This free WordPress themes for freelancers come with various page templates to be used for building website pages. It includes a default slider and the homepage includes multiple sections that can be managed easily. It also includes standard pages such as 404, search, About us, blog, etc.

It is compatible with WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, BBpress, etc. It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

10. SKT Condimentum

This WordPress themes free for freelancer is quite easy to use for creating websites. With the help of Customizers writers as well as freelancers can preview changes made to the website live.

They can customize their website as per their preferred way and also that suits their requirement by changing the appearance of text, images and also including widgets. Five levels of a drop-down menu are also included in this theme that allows the viewers to navigate through different web pages easily.

11. Shudh

Shudh is compatible with Custom CSS plugins that allows the writers to change colors on the website anf hence is listed under the best free WordPress themes for writers. The page builder plugin help in setting up pages and post.

It is also compatible with NextGEN gallery which is very effecting while uploading images and the social media plugins allow the content to be shared on various platforms. Apart from changing colors on links and buttons, widgets can also be included in the sidebar.

The above-mentioned themes are used by the writers and freelancers to develop a website for showcasing their works. Though the free version contains enough features to build visually attractive websites, one can also opt for the paid version to enjoy additional features.

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