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Music is a vital aspect of our lives.

It affects our emotions and is available on online streams on the internet.

However, if you’re not a listener but an artist or a band, then you’ll need a proper platform to get yourself a fan base.

Social media presence is the most compelling presence in the modern world.

You’ll want to spread the word, and you’ll need a platform to do so.

There’s no better way than to make a website for your music.

free WordPress music themes

These free WordPress music themes is the solution you were looking for.

SKT Actor Lite


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SKT Videography

SKT Videography

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SKT Filmmaker

Film Maker

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SKT Filmmaker is a multi-purpose theme.

It may have the name for a filmmaker, but it can prove perfect for your music career.

It is a multi-purpose theme.

You can use it to promote your music due to its various functions.

Up to three slider options are given to you where you may add images about your band, or yourself promoting it.

You may make a portfolio for your music to show your audience what you have to offer.

It’s a fully customizable theme which makes it one of the perfect free music WordPress themes due to it being flexible to your own choice of layouts.

It also has social media links to it for you to promote yourself or your label further.

It’s a user-friendly theme you won’t need a developer’s help since there’s no complex coding involved, it’s an easy to use theme.

SKT Full Page

full page WordPress theme

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From the long list of free WordPress music themes, SKT Full Page is cross-browser compatible.

It does not require any coding knowledge, so it’s easy to set up. It’s pretty fast according to speed and comes with multiple speed plugins.

It’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

It’s WooCommerce compatible, which means you can sell your music and albums on your website.

It’s widget friendly, so you can upload your work and keep your fans up to date with all your work.

SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro

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SKT Elastic, from its name, is a flexible theme.

It can mold itself into the shape you want it to be, thus proving it to be one of the best free WordPress music themes.

It’s compatible with social media plugins and is translation ready because of the POT file.

If you feel like putting your music on sale, then this theme is also WooCommerce compatible.

It comes with 100+ shortcodes for extended functionality.

It’s widget friendly, so you may add any widgets you please to add on the header, footer or sidebar.

It’s also coded with the most advanced languages like HTML5 and CSS3.

Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme

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Event planner is a theme you can use for organizing your concerts or events according to your music label.

It makes it useful, and it’s also one of the free WordPress music themes.

You can promote yourself using this theme by adding social media plugins like Facebook.

It also contains a blog section where you can let your fans know about your plans in the future according to your career.

It also contains slideshows your gallery and videos where you can showcase your music to your viewers.

Decor Lite

Decor lite comes with social media plugins like Facebook, and you can also add your images and videos to this theme to promote your music and your albums to your viewers.

Decor lite is one of the many free WordPress music themes you can use to get publicity and attract people to your music.

It’s widget-friendly.

You can add widgets of your choosing on the header, footer or sidebar.

It’s also easy to use even beginners can set this theme up.

SKT Strong

From the many free music WordPress themes, SKT Strong is WooCommerce compatible, which allows you to upload your latest tracks and albums up for sale for your fans.

It’s cross-browser and cross-device compatible.

It has shortcodes for further functionality, and it’s a fully responsive and Google friendly theme.

Your logo and color scheme is changeable, which makes it easy for you to set up your record label or music logo.

SKT Full Width

SKT full width is one of WordPress music themes free to use.

It has a blog and videos section for you to update on your website according to your music plans for your fans to see.

It’s WooCommerce compatible, so you can let your fans buy your music.

It has easily changeable backgrounds; you can even change the background of the homepage.

It’s coded with HTML5 and CSS3.

SKT White

This theme can look good on any device.

It has complete social media integration along with 300+ social media icons for your publicity.

This theme also supports plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.

It has call to action feature on the homepage allowing you to interact with your fans and know their feedback about your music.

It’s coded with the latest languages like HTML5 and CSS3.

It’s also compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Except for the homepage, all pages can use shortcodes for better functionality.

All these functions make it an excellent option to choose from all the free WordPress themes for music.

SKT Design Agency

From the bulk of themes WordPress music free, this one comes with a blog section where you can let your viewers know of all the latest happenings in your music career.

It’s compatible with HTML5 and CSS3, and it is WooCommerce compatible.

It’s compatible with GPL thus no copyright issues.

Kraft Lite

This theme is compatible with various social media plugins.

Its Google mobile friendly and is compatible with WooCommerce.

It contains a blog section for you to update about your music career and it’s also Nextgen compatible which allows you to add videos and photos of your music and yourself attracting your fans to your page.

WordPress offers only the best free music themes for your career; therefore, it’s the most feasible option to choose from compared to other website editors.

It provides you with the least complex user-friendly experience for free.

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