Most Popular Free Resume WordPress Themes for Creating Online CV

As we are all living in the era of the Internet, it makes a total sense to have a personal CV online. However, the days of the conventional paper resume are long gone and it is not easy to create a resume overnight, which will help you to stand out among the crowd.

So, how to create an eye-catching CV without wasting much of your time? A simple answer to this question would be the WordPress themes.

Even though most of the WordPress resume themes are free, they will be able to add a touch of vibrancy to resume as they are uniquely designed and are filled with color. Here are some of the best free resume WordPress themes that will be able to help your cause.

Coded with CSS3 and HTML5, the theme is compatible with all the major browsers and comes with an excellent default slider.

As the theme is super easy to use, you will not need much time to make a unique CV. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, thus, you will be able to use it even for various business purposes.

If you do enough research, then you will be able to find a lot of themes for creating a good CV. However, if you are thinking to create a perfect one, then, you would have to opt for one of the aforementioned free themes.

free resume WordPress themes

SKT Launch

author WordPress theme

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Out of the numerous WordPress resume themes free, the SKT Launch is considered to be one of the best in the business as it is compatible with both cross device and cross browser. However, this is not the only advantage that you will be able to enjoy if you use this theme.

Coded with CSS3 and HTML5, this theme can be used for several purposes such as creating a resume and launch eBooks. It can also be used as a landing page for any product website as it is compatible with WooCommerce.

This theme is also known to be extremely user-friendly; thus, when creating a resume, you will quite easily be able to change the background as well as fonts and colors to personalize your CV in the exact way you wish to.

Web Programmer Lite

programmer WordPress Theme

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Known to be one of the most responsive free resume WordPress themes, Web Programmer Lite is another theme that can help you to create an impressive resume. It features fancy as well as gorgeous curves and design styles, which can help you to exhibit your creativity while making the CV.

The theme is also mobile friendly; thus, if your PC is facing an issue, then you can also use your cell phone if you need your resume urgently. In addition to this, Web Programmer Lite is compatible with cross browsers, which is another great advantage of this theme.

SKT Start-up Lite


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When talking about the WordPress resume themes free, how can anyone miss the one and only SKT Start-up Lite? Known to be one of the fastest loading themes, SKT Start-up Lite is compatible with several portfolio plugins, which makes it beneficial for several purposes.

Like the aforementioned themes, it is quite simple and easy to use; thus, with this theme, you will be able to create an excellent resume in no time. Because of being coded with HTML5 and CSS3, the theme is compatible with even the mobile phones.

IT Consultant Lite

it consultant new

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Even though being a part of the free overWordPress themes for resume category, IT Consultant Lite comes with an abundance of templates, which can not only be used for creating CVs but also for numerous other purposes.

Unlike a few other free themes, IT Consultant Lite is extremely responsive, thus it will look good and work perfectly no matter which device or browser you are using.

The theme comes with the default WordPress customizer, which helps the users to check the changes, which are being made in real-time. The IT Consultant Lite theme is also compatible with the latest version of the WordPress platform.

SKT Black

skt black pro

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Like any other free resume WordPress themes, SKT Black is also known to be simple as well as flexible.

However, it is the ability to change colors and certain other elements, which makes the theme one of the best. In addition to this, the theme can be translated into any language.

So, no matter where you are from, with SKT Black, you will surely be able to work with it even in your mother tongue. Also, like the previous theme, it comes with a wide variety of templates, which can be used numerous purposes.

SKT Complete


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SKT Complete is another amazing free WordPress theme, which is known to be very responsive and compatible with all the major browsers.

This theme will also provide you with multiple header and footer choices, which can prove to be quite helpful when creating a CV.

As a fully color changing theme, the SKT Complete will also provide you with a wide variety of color picker options.

SKT Consulting

Unlike a lot of other WordPress resume themes free; SKT Consulting comes with a super clean and modernized look.
The theme comes with a wide variety of Google fonts, which can prove to be quite beneficial if you are trying to make a unique CV. Other than this, the theme is also compatible with WooCommerce.

So, if you wish to, you can also use this theme to set up an online store. In addition to this, SKT Consulting is compatible with almost every kind of browsers and devices, which is one of the biggest advantages of the theme.

SKT Elastic

Like a few other free resume WordPress themes, SKT Elastic is designed to be compatible with the AMP plugin. Thus, you will be able to use the theme even on devices like tablet and mobile.

Like some other themes that are mentioned above, SKT Elastic also comes with a large variety of Google fonts. So, while making your CV, you will have a lot of choices to make it look unique.

SKT Parallax Me

SKT Parallax Me is completely responsive, so, you will be able to use it no matter which browser or device you are using.

Like a few other themes, SKT Parallax Me is also very easy to use, thus you will be able to complete your work with any hassle. It comes with 2 exquisite templates and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Bizness Lite

If you are looking for a WordPress resume theme free, which can help you with numerous things, including creating a resume, then, Bizness Lite can be your best friend.

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