7 Bridal WordPress Themes for Bridal Engagement Wedding Websites

Bridal WordPress Themes

A luxurious collection of wedding and bridal WordPress themes can be found in this article for bridal salons and services, makeup and hair studios, wedding vendors and service providers and other wedding related businesses.

Marriage is the beginning of a whole new life with the one who shares the same values and the same philosophy of life. And this beautiful journey to infinite success starts with a beautiful wedding ceremony acclaiming your unity.

And although wedding preparations bring tons of pleasures and excitement, there is also the other side of the coin. Here are a long to do list and nuances to take care if you want to realize whatever you have planned in the most presentable fashion.

This is where the avalanche of wedding and bridal services comes to play. With little to now license requirements or permissions, such services are among the profitable ones, since the stream of happy couples going to get married is never calm.

Whether you want to start a part time bridal business or wedding planning activities without a huge investment, or a huge service provision company with your creative and passionate staff, the bridal WordPress themes discussed below will be a good starting point for you.

All of them are visually alluring and glamorous proving that you have something special to offer each bride and groom. Additionally, with each of them you will never be under assault of “no exit” emergencies or deadlocks since they are tried and tested for their high security rates and reliable functionality.

Wedding Rituals

Wedding Rituals

Is a fabulous and awe inspiring template designed for purity, simplicity and lightweight performance.

Choose this stunning template and showcase your potential clients that they deserve the best for their special day and its celebration.

Any kind of wedding or bridal service, including decoration and music, cakes and sweets, hair and haircuts, makeup and nail services, spa and massage and much more can be easily offered through Wedding Rituals.

In terms of design, this template is something of an exceptional look and feel. In terms of reliability, it is self secured with clear and persistent coding at its core.

There are lots of shortcodes enabled in this theme to give you a freedom of actions to bring the needed content or functionality to your posts and pages.

You are also powered to add and test the additional capacities of a wide range of compatible plugins, among them gallery, SEO and multilingual plugins.



Nuptials is another valuable option among bridal WordPress themes that incarnates tenderness and elegance.

The precious attention of your potential clients and couples can be easily captured by the powerful slider spanning your site’s homepage. You can add up to 15 slides and control the way they are exposed and showcased to your web viewers.

This template can also be used by the couples and brides themselves to share the valuable moments of their wedding or engagement party, preparation works and more.

Hence, Nuptials is irreplaceable both for personal and business usages and explores a wide range of elements and features you can only look for.

Ele Wedding


Dedicated to beauty and feminine world, Ele Wedding as one of the subtle bridal WordPress themes is capable of covering a multitude of topics and niches revolving around weddings and brides.

A nice looking slider popping up in the homepage is custom built to host the most engaging and serviceable images of your business and special offers.

Moreover, your slides and other pieces of gallery are going to resize as per the resolution and screen size of each mobile or tablet the website guest is using to access your information.

From blog and page variations to contact us section, from footer area with useful links and social media integration to client’s testimonials to build trust, everything is included in this top rated wedding and beauty spa template.


Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme

Designed and launched for beautiful and colorful websites, Jewellery is the next productive tool among bridal WordPress themes.

Whether you are planning to create a product or service oriented website, sell your flowers or bridal bouquets, offer flower decoration or other services, Flower Shop can be the wisest investment in your business promotion campaigns.

Its fresh and motivational design will make your website look fantastic and inviting across all the modern browsers, platforms and devices due to the ultimate responsive web design applied to the theme.

It also generates a perfect admin dashboard which is easy to follow in its essence. It means that you can make your own changes to the theme, preview them, amend and showcase to your audience without any background knowledge in web development.

SKT Lens Pro

responsive portfolio WordPress theme
SKT Lens Pro is a bridal WordPress theme that is designed for a photography related businesses. This theme gives you tons of features for creating a website as you want features such as you will get the access to homepage and other pages template that is required for any type of photography website.

This template will give you all the features and functionality that are required to run a successful business online.

For enhancing the design and layouts of a theme you can make use of any page builder. All type of page builders is supported by this template.

The demo link is included with lots of pages such as home, about us, contact along with the social media icons. SKT Lens Pro is the perfect solution for your business.


dating WordPress theme

Energetic and breathtaking, Dating is the next world class ecosystem to arm your bridal or wedding venue website with every single touch that the couples will find attractive.

With a user optimized and whimsical look, Dating is ideal for wedding venues and destinations, hotels and tour packages with wedding offers, multiple bridal services, clothes and accessories, design studios, wedding planners, etc.

The overall practical structure of the theme with well arranged theme sections and areas is convenient for compressing any kind of content in easy to digest parts and publishing theme regularly.

Inner page banner for sliders, adds, forms, sidebar availability for posts and pages, lots of pre styled fonts and icons, as well as modern flat design touches relevant to Adventure make the theme bewitchingly beautiful and attention grabbing at the same time.

SKT Beach

Beach and Resort

If you are looking for a lively and zealous template for wedding venues, destinations, beach ceremonies and more, SKT Beach will walk you through the best way of creating your relevant website in a matter of minutes.

This profoundly rich and intelligent website building tool comes with color changing and management options, commercial ready platform for e commerce activities, translation readiness to serve your content in different languages, customizer based operation, etc.

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