Cosmetics WordPress Themes for Cosmetic Beauty Makeup Companies

Are you focused on finding the best cosmetics WordPress themes for your fashion and beauty website or blog?

We have compiled a valuable list of the best cosmetics WordPress themes suitable for all types of beauty and cosmetics industry businesses and undertakings, from beauty salons and fashion boutiques to spa centers and skin care shops, cosmetics manufacturers to makeup artists, piercing parlors to beauty products and fragrances stores, etc.

Competition in the global market of cosmetic products is really high given the fact that there has been and is a huge demand for cosmetics and beauty products and means across the globe.

And whether you represent one of the largest global cosmetic brands or want to promote your small beauty salon or makeup store, launch new organic products or make it highly demanded in your locality and beyond it, you have to guarantee you are closer to your target audience and consumers than your competitors.

Cosmetics WordPress Themes

Even for the startups or private entrepreneurs, there are dozens of valuable options to find their niche in the digital spectrum with relatively small investments and with promising incomes in the foreseeable future.

Well, one of such options has inevitably to do with your business’s online presence with the best cosmetics WordPress themes you can find and use for realizing all your ideas, from business centric t creative, from commercial to personal.

Below is a compilation of such niche specific WordPress templates you are welcome to check. Each of them shares all the top qualities and handy features which will help you create your unique brand online and stand out from the competition with minimal efforts.

Whatever you choose as the best cosmetics WordPress theme for you, be sure you will never regret it as all of the themes discussed in this article are a unity of power and simplicity working together.

Ele MakeUp

Beauty WordPress theme

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SKT Cosmetics


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SKT Herbal Pro


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Ele Fashion


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SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro

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Today women are addicted to beauty products and cosmetics more than ever before. Of course, even the ancient women used natural lotions or handmade creams to put their best body and face forward.

But the truth is that today’s beauty related market is mainly concentrated on winning the attention of feminine representatives.

Therefore, we cannot resist including feminine and visually aesthetic Girlie in our article for all those who are interested in building a cosmetics store or beauty makeup studio website that will target specifically to girls and women.

From spa and beauty to hair and makeup salons, cosmetic brands and supply chains, small and large stores and online storefronts can be showcased with this responsive and mobile checked template.

CutsNStyle Pro

Give a certain kind of value to your website with the help of CutsNStyle Pro praised as the best cosmetics WordPress theme by many users.

Visually captivating and functionally front ranked, CutsNStyle Pro makes the presentation of all your cosmetic products and services as simple as a pie. The thing is that you are going to find custom built and ready to be used parts and sections once the theme is installed.

And what you need to do is simply put your imagination into gear for styling the default template and producing high quality content to be displayed accurately across mobile and other platforms.

Beauty Cuts

Beauty Cuts is the next stylish and elegant template coming with all the components that make any cosmetic or beauty website successful.

Create a real beauty with color controls and image changes, homepage slider with controllable slides, services section for enlisting all the available services, team area for showcasing profiles of your makeup artists and other specialists, gallery area for sharing the pieces of your works, portfolio, images of products and more

Contact form and map are also going to be a part of your online presence making it easier for your clients to direct their questions to you or find your exact location with the help of map and its directions.

Massage Center

Another top rated solution that can be deservedly called bewitchingly beautiful, yet simple and easy to customize massage and spa, personal care products and cosmetics WordPress theme is Massage Center.

This shortcodes ready and Google friendly theme is packed with color picker functionality for setting up the most engaging tone of your site, as well as pictorial area for hosting imagery and visual materials.

It is also well checked for its responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility enabling all your customers on the move to have access to your site’s updates, new products, beauty advice and makeup tutorials, organic product lines, new arrivals in shop area, etc.

All the important SEO standards are also kept with Massage Center to conquer the highest SEO positions in search engine rankings.

Luxury Watch

Let your cosmetics website glitter and shine with one of the luxurious and charming e commerce WordPress themes called Luxury Watch.

Designed for the creative designers and fashion world representatives, beauty creation experts and cosmetic products traders, Luxury Watch grants you with tons of controls over your digital presence and the way your business is served to your audience.

Whether you want to switch on to sparkling colors and design touches, add eye catchy images on the homepage slider, accurately enlist all products with categories, from makeup and skin, hair and appliances to natural and organic, mom and baby, wellness and fragrance cosmetics, you are free to do it with Luxury Watch.

Fashion Trends

The next trendy and glamorous cosmetics WordPress theme that will considerably help you become a bestseller in beauty and fashion industry with your e commerce ready website is Fashion Trends.

Turn thousands of heads with this dynamic and attention grabbing template that comes with completely customization ready framework with live preview options, shortcodes integration and smooth navigation with 5 levels dropdown.

HD and retina readiness for pixel perfect image and visuals support, flat style web design for contemporary yet legible look of your site for desktop and mobile users are also packed with Fashion Trends.

The beauty and wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and as such, the competition is intensive which kind of an understatement is. So if you are running a boutique or a beauty salon, then you definitely need to get your website up and running yesterday. By now, most of your competition have already established an online presence and have an audience base as well.

So, if you are going to have any hopes of catching up with the rest of them, then you need to check out our niche specific cosmetic WordPress theme for cosmetics industry.

It is pivotal that you choose the right theme for your website since they can offer you a leg up in the process of setting up your website and you can save some valuable time in the process. You need to make sure that you select the right theme from the various cosmetics WordPress themes for cosmetics. Here are a few ways to go about it, check out the tips posted below.

  • Trendy: You need to make sure that the theme you choose comes with the latest trendy design and since the minimalistic look seems to be the flavor of the year, you may want to make sure that the theme you select comes with one.
  • Customizable: When choosing a theme, it is advisable to double check and make sure that the theme is fully customizable. Some themes allow you to partially customize their theme, you do not want themes like those but instead you should opt for ones that enable you to custom build the whole site from scratch.

    Keep in mind that this is a beauty and wellness website, so you need the right color, tone for your website and make sure that the font displayed is the right one. Presentation matters, more so since this is a business site and that’s why you must always pick out a theme that offers you complete customization.

  • Templates: Yet another reason for you to choose niche specific themes for your website is that they often come with pre-built templates which you can reuse on your website with minimal transformation. You should still be able to customize it and once you have, you can then use the se templates on your website to maximum effect.
  • Free vs. ‘premium: Yes some of the themes require a paid subscription but the cost is often too low. But the point is that subscription based themes often come with lots of additional features that you rarely get to see with the free themes. So you need to make a valued decision as to whether to go ahead with a free theme or a paid one.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should go for a niche based theme rather than a plain one. Moreover with the niche based website, your traffic is bound to increase and with it, your prospective leads as well as your rankings.

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