Appointment Booking WordPress Themes are Effective at Getting Your Website the Traction it Needs

Whether you run a travel company or a health clinic, it is important that your company has an online presence and an official website for your customers to use.

And given that most of your competition already has an online presence and are busy leveraging their website online to attract more customers, it is essential that you play catch up if you intend to regain the edge over your competition.

You can get the ball rolling by checking out some of our top appointment booking WordPress themes; all of these themes are designed by expert coders and as such, the overall design is resilient and stands out on its own merit.

These themes are just what you need for your website and they all come with advanced functionality which should help garner you more traffic and make it easier for your customers to book their appointments as well as tickets online.

Appointment booking WordPress themes

It is important that you set some time aside for research, so that you may have a good idea of the sort of layout and design to go for when checking out these WordPress themes. So let’s take a closer look at these appointment booking WordPress themes, shall we?

SKT Therapist Pro


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SKT Pregnancy

SKT Pregnancy

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SKT Medical Pro

skt medical

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Healing Touch Pro

Healing Touch Pro

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Massage Center

massage center

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toothy new

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Banquet hall

banquet hall

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One of the top ranking of all the appointment booking WordPress themes, this theme manages to make it clear from the start that it is indeed as good as it gets. For starters, the theme comes with a nice layout, and a minimalistic design, with four header variations, footer variations, side bar options and page layout and post options.

With this theme, you should be able to exercise more control over how you want your content to be displayed to others. It also comes with an intuitive and intelligent design that should make it easier for your users to navigate your website.

More importantly, it is completely responsive and is compatible with third party plugins. You can use the same to provide your users with added functionality and even help set up an online booking mechanism as well as a payment portal for them to use for payments.

With the right plugin, you should even be able to provide them with add-ons such as reminders, set up an integrated payment gateway with digital wallet payment options being offered as well as providing them with coupons and discounts for every referral they make.

The theme does come with advanced features which makes it apparent that the rate of $48 is a reasonable one.

Music producer

Any good music related website must have a built in music player as well as an interactive playlist. Guess what, this theme which incidentally happens to rank quite well where appointment booking WordPress themes are concerned, manages to do that and much more.

As mentioned earlier, it comes with a built in music player that your users can use to listen to several items from the interactive playlist.

Apart from this it also comes with a nice layout, minimalistic in nature with drop down menus that your users should find it easy to navigate your various pages with ease.

You get to decide which sections you need to appear on the home page and as it is compatible with external plugins and customizable as well, you should be able to tweak, change, alter any page element and even create additional pages with advanced page builders.

The theme is HD and retina ready and has been tested for several resolutions; what’s more, it comes with over 800+ Google fonts which you can use to choose an attractive typography for the website. It is also translation and multilingual ready and comes with a POT file as well.

The theme comes with a price tag of $48, and given the advanced features that it comes with, that’s a real bargain.


What makes the appointment booking WordPress themes stand out is its intuitive design and the fact that it comes with an eye catching design.

This theme does not disappoint on that count and moreover, it also comes loaded with some great features as well as a great layout, that’s simple enough that all of your users should not face any issue in navigating your website.

It also comes with home page as well as sections so essentially you decide which sections you would need to go with the home page and that simplifies the process further.

What’s more, it is compatible with third party plugins, which should enable you to streamline your marketing as well as enhance the performance of your website.

Additionally, you can provide your users with key advanced features as tools thanks to the various widgets that are designed to enhance their performance.

And as it is compatible with external plugins, you can set up advanced sliders to showcase your key products and even set up a slideshow if needed. With over 800+ Google fonts, the theme makes it easy to use special characters on the website and also comes with POT file.

Essentially, that means that with the right plugins, you can translate your web content as well as auto translate it into specific languages which should help you reach out to a wider audience.

The theme comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 and given the advanced functionality that it comes with, it’s well worth the price.

Natural Herbs

This theme, one among the top ten where appointment booking WordPress themes are concerned, is a dynamic and multipurpose theme that can be repurposed for any industry niche. The theme comes with a nice design and a neat layout without any of the excess clutter.

What’s more, it comes with intuitive design and intelligent navigation and your users should be able to navigate your pages with ease.

It also comes with layout options, at least four header options, footer and even sidebar options to choose from. It also comes with a default slider with ten slides that you can use to display high resolution images and videos.

But what makes this theme stand out is the fact that it is easy to use and more importantly easy to customize.

It comes with 100+ short codes with detailed instructions and full documentation so you should be able to change, to modify any page element at will and as per your preference.

What makes this theme unique is that it is flat and material design based, which should make it apparent why the current rate of $39 is a throwaway rate and a reasonable one at that.


Considered to rank better than most where appointment booking WordPress themes are concerned, this theme showcases advanced functionality and makes it apparent why it’s the best.

The theme itself comes with a minimalistic design with drop down menus, intuitive design that makes it easy for users to navigate the various pages.

It also comes with a color picker that you can use to shade and modify colors of any page element with ease. It also comes with an animated CSS3 home page which should help make your website all the more attractive.

What’s more, this dynamic theme comes with advanced functionality as it supports external plugins. And thanks to these plugins, you should be able to optimize your website with ease, tweak your marketing campaigns.

Develop thematic posts, optimize the images and videos on your website and once all that’s done, you should be able to rank better on SERPS.

The theme also comes with 4 types of blog layouts and post layouts, as well as 4 templates that you can choose from. Given its advanced functionality, the rate of $39, seems pretty reasonable, doesn’t it?

Nature One PRO

The nature WordPress theme c certainly manages to stand out for all the right reasons. For starters, it comes with a classic design with a nice background image and as the theme is customizable, you should be able to change most of the page elements on your website.

It also comes with CSS3 animations and apart from it, a default slider with 12 transitions that you can use to showcase some high resolution images or videos.

Furthermore, it also comes with 100+ short codes that you can use to customize, and tweak any page element and as the theme is compatible with external plugins, use the same for adding more short codes as well.

It is also both translation and multilingual ready and with the right plugins in place, you should be able to reach out to more customers than before. It also comes with a contact form as well as captcha section to weed out all the spam bots out there.

The overall design of the theme is indeed pleasing and as it is woo commerce compatible, you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality in the form of an integrated payment gateway and if that’s not all, it comes with a price tag of only $39.

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