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Features of Spa WordPress theme

  • Booking plugins like Ultra booking pro, easy bookings, WooCommerce bookings etc have been tested and found compatible
  • Book appointments and get paid online using this spa WordPress theme
  • Dynamic spa WordPress theme and can be changed to suit any style of website
  • Nice homepage with animated CSS3 homepage sections for visual treat
  • Screen resolutions of variety of devices including desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets have been checked
  • HTML5 based and hence modern technology used
  • CSS3 based animations
  • Easy for novice users as well
  • Well documented guidelines on how to handle the theme is given
  • Complete website solution
  • 404, search, archives, categories and other type of pages also included
  • 4 types of page templates given
  • 4 types of blog posts and single post layout given
  • Sidebar is widget friendly and so is header and footer areas
  • 4 types of header layout options provided
  • 4 types of footer layout options provided
  • Multipurpose template which means can be modified to suit any industry
  • Images can be changed easily
  • Colors can be changed easily
  • Fonts are integrated with 850+ Google fonts and hence give so many possibilities
  • 100+ shortcodes for fancy content included
  • Extra plugins can be added for shortcodes for fancier content
  • Compatible with popular page builders like Divi, Visual composer, Elementor, Live composer and others
  • Compatible with multilingual plugins like Polylang, WPML, qTranslate X and others
  • Compatible with Google translate widget
  • Compatible with POT editors to have the theme translated readily into other languages
  • Material design structure and flat based for modern and olden browser compatibility
  • Social icons can be loaded easily because is compatible with font awesome icons and 2000+ integrated into the theme
  • Lesser number of scripts used to keep the spa WordPress theme fast
  • Theme check codex standards have been maintained and used for the site
  • Inner header banner area can be modified and can be changed to slider, image, HTML, form and others
  • Gallery and other plugins compatible
  • WooCommerce compatible and easy to open an online store
  • Contact form plugins compatible and hence appointment booking becomes easy
  • 1 year support provided via email, support forum and Skype for emergency cases
  • Commenting plugin compatible like Facebook comments and disqus to increase user interaction
  • Social media sharing plugins compatible to increase traffic
  • SEO plugins compatible to get proper ranking
  • Default slider provided for easy changes
  • Slider plugins more than 10 tested and found compatible
  • Latest version of WordPress compatible
  • Responsive and mobile friendly test passed
  • RTL compliant
  • Special characters and latin and cyrillic also work fine
  • Animation disable option also given

Spa parlors as well as massage parlours and beauty parlours do need a proper professional website to promote their services.

They have different types of services which they need to promote and tell other customers about them.

They would love to showcase their gallery and their area where they provide the service. Hygiene is very much needed in this type of service and hence one would like to check the location, check whether they have parking space. Check whether the area inside is clean or not.

Also want to check the previous reviews and customer testimonials.

One would want to check the expertise of the trainers and massage therapists and how they have helped their previous clients.

Hence due to all these factors one should have a proper website. What better idea than to create a dynamic website using our Spa WordPress theme.

Our Spa WordPress theme also has call to action which is needed for such service websites.

One can immediately check the phone number given on top and call the service owner to book an appointment.

One can easily locate the location by checking in Google map and use the contact us page to check the pricing.

In built shortcodes are provided with this theme and pricing table plugins are compatible which means that pricing of the services can be given easily on the website.

Also it is easier to showcase all the services and the procedures of spa and massage they have.

Hence services section is extensive in this spa WordPress theme.

Since the main idea is to have focus more on the booking an appointment hence more and more focus and emphasis has been given on book an appointment button everywhere on the homepage till footer.

Footer has 4 types of layout facility. Similarly header also has 4 types of layout options.

Sidebar is full widget friendly and can hold a contact form and location and phone number also as a widget.

Thus full call to action friendly spa WordPress theme.

Various therapists are also listed who are specialized in variety of services and one can ask for if the specialist or therapist is free that day and accordingly book their appointment.

Since spa and massage leads to other businesses like sauna and steam bath options.

They can also sell their items which can keep a healthy skin as well as hair and other gels and ointment an eCommerce online store is essential.

Hence WooCommerce friendly template has been created and this Spa WordPress theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce for selling any merchandise or service.

Spa and massage services rates and service pricing list is very important. Hence all types of pricing tables are compatible.

Also one may want to sell and ship physical goods and also book appointments and get paid to confirm the appointment and hence WooCommerce plays a major role in this.

Simple and easy to understand and use spa WordPress theme can be modified to work for any type of service industry website.

Can work with page builder plugins and can have any type of layout created on this website template.

Also Included with every Spa WordPress theme

  1. Theme FilesOnce purchased theme zip files are provided for upload
  2. PSD Design FilesOne can ask for the PSD files after purchase and we provided it to them thereafter
  3. Sample ContentSample content XML is also provided via documentation
  4. SupportLogin to our support forum via use of email address is provided once you purchase the template, Skype, email support also provided
  5. Free InstallationOne can ask for free installation in case of any problems in installing the theme

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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare