Vertical Menu WordPress Themes for Vertical Menu Websites

A comprehensive list of vertical menu WordPess themes is discussed in this article to design your websites with vertical navigation menus and add spice to your online presence.

No one argues. The horizontal navigation menu has long occupied its place of honor among the top rated and widely used web standards. All experienced web designers and even the “greenest” Internet surfers will agree to that.

Then why to reinvent the wheel again, you may ask, and place the menu buttons not from left to right, but from top to bottom.

Well, first of all, the vertically positioned menu adds freshness to your site and makes it look interesting. Moreover, if you try to move the common horizontal menu to the left or right, you can free the most visible part of your website for something else.

Additionally, in certain cases, a vertical menu is of absolute necessity. Not for beauty or attractive visual appearance, but for the convenience of the website users and the possibility to navigate smoothly throughout the website.

With these advantages of the vertical position of the website menu and not only in our minds, we have put together the best samples of vertical menu WordPress themes to add an unexpected yet useful change to your site’s overall structure and face.

Vertical Menu WordPress Themes

Each of those templates will make your website more optimized for mobile and device usage, as well as will give you more virtual space to play with.

They are also artificially intelligent and fully packed to provide you with absolute flexibility to customize your website’s look and feel.

SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme


SKT Dual is one of the popular vertical menu WordPress themes to prove how a well deployed vertical menu navigation can complement your website or blog.

Whether you need a vertical menu for better navigation and scrolling purposes, or just want to add a unique touch to your presence, this template will be the best supplement to your digital profile.

All in all, SKT Dual can be an online life changing productivity tool for any individual or business representative to make a powerful site and keep it ahead of the competition.

From a financial standpoint, this template is pocket friendly. You can purchase it at an affordable price and never feel pangs of remorse for it.

From a structural viewpoint, SKT Dual is original and creative, with a nice looking slider on the homepage. You can also add other slider plugins and enjoy the functionality you want for your high resolution images.

As for the other useful features, they are boundless. From gallery and portfolio section to background and image management, from more than 580 social icons to 100 shortcodes and PO file inclusion, SKT Dual shares it all.

SKT Lens Pro



SKT Lens Pro is one of the multipurpose and multifunctional vertical menu WordPress themes that are worth your attention.

This awesome and well thought out website building tool unities all the essential theme features and elastic navigation resulting in an unbeatable user experience across all mobiles and platforms.

As for the vertical disposition of menu you can find in SKT Lens Pro, it enables you to add as many menu items as you think expedient for the operation of your site.

The horizontal menu limits your opportunities with the available width of your site. With vertical menu, you are free from this headache and can make your menu as long as you wish.

Apart from giving a compact look to any website, SKT Lens Pro leaves enough space for a beautiful homepage slider to display your photos and images, as well as for widget friendly areas, like footer, header and sidebar to add useful information, links and buttons.

Various content and flip boxes, child theme already ready, full documentation and awesome support can also be found together with this responsive and HTML5 & CSS3 based theme.



Marvin is the next template including in the repository of vertical menu WordPress themes that will amaze you with its capacities.

Coded in correspondence with all the modern coding and design standards, Marvin is the one to help you create a stunning profile without sacrificing your money, time and energy.

If we delve into the basics and components of Marvin, we’ll confess that every single part and portion is well developed and improved for hassle free operation.

The vertical menu is located on the left thus enabling you to take a full control of the free central canvas of your site to boost your identity.

On the whole, Marvin is launched for individuals and personal usage to create and showcase online resumes, CVs, vCards, as well as online portfolios.

As such, it is basically used by freelancers and job seekers, private entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, artists and others.

Marvin is fully trusted by hundreds of users for its versatility and persistence at every stage of its management and customization.

With this template you are free as in freedom to change the color combinations from the backend of the theme, translate your content and serve it for the international audience, add the required plugins for commercial, portfolio management and other purposes.

SKT Full Width PRO

Full Wide WordPress theme


The next visually captivating and high quality template among vertical menu WordPress themes is launched as SKT Full Width Pro.

As you can see in the demo version of this template, much space is left for the display of high resolution images spanning the whole width of the page.

This is thanks to the neat and compact disposition of the menu that does not skimp on the elegant look of your site. All in all, you can add around 15 slides to the default slider, or check the performance of other practical sliders, like Master slider, Meta slider, Cyclone slider, etc.

This photography and image based template comes bundled with simple and lightweight admin dashboard to make your preferences, colors and fonts prevailing over your profile. You can also change the opacity and color of the background.

The horizontal menu has for a long time been the most common, widely used and top-rated navigation menu used for websites across the board. But, with the evolution of technology, we have seen websites being designed using eye-catchy WordPress themes suitable for different niches.

If you compare how websites were being designed a few years ago and now, you will notice that the trend and designs have changed. The introduction of the Vertical Menu has added freshness to websites, making them look interesting, captivating and unique.

While not all websites may incorporate this navigation menu, in certain cases, it is of absolute necessity-not just for beauty, elegance or attractive visual appearance, but for the convenience of the website users and the possibility to navigate smoothly throughout the website.

A Vertical Menu makes a website design stand out and look creative. Whereas it allows you to make your menus as long as you want them to, a horizontal menu limits you to the width of your site.

Even though the Vertical menu is mostly preferred for personal blogs and portfolio websites, any website if any niche can incorporate this menu. In fact, the number of websites online that have incorporated this menu has gone up.

The advantage of using the Vertical Menu for your website is that it not only compliments it but also leaves a lot of space to showcase your high-resolution images on the whole width of your page.

The good thing about a Vertical Menu is that it adjusts to all screen sizes in that it opens in the same size regardless of the device being used.

It is also easy to modify. You can easily add another page to your menu without interfering with your site design or other pages.

One of the major reasons as to why people are opting for the Vertical Menu is because of its usability. Unlike the horizontal menu, the vertical menu sticks around even when you scroll down making it easier for your website clients and customers to navigate to other pages without having to scroll up.

Although pages are hidden from view in drop-down menus of a horizontal menu, in a vertical menu, a client or customer can see all the listed menus along the side of the page making it easier for them to browse through.

With the advantages listed above, we have put together the best samples of Vertical menu WordPress themes that will enable you to add an unexpected yet useful change to your website’s overall structure and face.

Each of the WordPress templates discussed here will make your website more optimized for mobile and device usage, as well as give you a more virtual space to play with.

These themes are artificially intelligent and fully packed to provide you with absolute flexibility to customize your website’s look and feel.

All things considered, remember that a good design cannot guarantee you an increase in sales alone. It has to be complemented by good customer service, content and quality products, and services.

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