Social Welfare WordPress Themes For Non Profit Organizations

If you are willing to create a powerful Social Welfare website then you must check Social Welfare WordPress Themes. With the array of collections, you can choose the best theme that helps you raise funds and make your business-friendly.

Creating a business website is not easy, as it requires lots of effort especially the selection of the right theme. However, if you know the process of choosing the right theme the stress will be little. But you will be glad to know, we have made things easier for you.

Here, in this article, we have rounded up the best Social Welfare WordPress Themes that not only create an engaging website but also create an ideal charity function for your visitors. So, let’s dive into the themes. 

GB Charity is the cleanest and fresh social welfare WordPress theme, which is very effective and penetrates the digital marketplace. It comes with highly beneficial elements that give a professional appearance to a non-profit organization, customer support, and compatibility with PHP and WordPress.  

Further, it optimizes the template and the code that can start customizing it right away. Apart from that, it comes with awesome font support and charity, which are required to express your moto. On top of that, it provides several pages like home, about us, disclosure, service, and contacts us pages.

Social Welfare WordPress Themes

Best Social Welfare WordPress Themes 2022

1. GB Charity

GB Charity

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This will provide awesome support and bring together all the visual interfaces with no coding. You can check this today and change the game!

2. SKT Association

SKT Association

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SKT Association is a social welfare WordPress theme for charity, non-profit, and Church-related sites that have the power to customize all the areas of your website the way you need. You can use its sliders options and other sidebars to make the website more attractive

Along with that, it has an advanced and easy team admin panel with a responsive layout and supports. Furthermore, it comes with a call to action button, several layouts for Blog pages, coming soon page support and a multi-page website. 

Also, it comes with 4 different header and footer style options that assist you to make it an easy option. It is optimized with SEO plugins that control your website easily. Try it now!

3. SKT Blessing

SKT blessings

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SKT Blessing is a versatile and flexible social welfare WordPress theme that works on most Charity and nonprofit organizations along with the children welfare societies. This is a clean and straightforward layout theme that utilizes the theme options carefully. 

The best is it does not require any coding experience, as it can be used easily and you can follow your branding requirements comfortably. Moreover, it practically all the latest trends in 2021. Thus, it ensures that you will enjoy steady growth. 

There are many useful features and components including the text, images, call to action, customer support and more that help your business to go to new heights.

With the full-width slider, you can easily create a lasting impression on your readers. So get it now and be aware of all its features.

4. SKT Trust Pro

SKT Trust

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If you are looking for a social welfare WordPress theme that raises awareness and creates a strong impact on your visitors, then you need to check SKT Trust Pro.  This is a bottom clean and well-designed theme, including the modern features that keep things simple and minimal. 

It is perfect in all sorts of content and distractions. More on that, it will guarantee that your customer will find an easy experience when they are searching over your platform. This is mobile-friendly comes with flexibility, SEO optimized, and a speedy theme. 

You will also get a functional contact form and back-to-top button sticker Menu and animated features. This is a perfect theme you can get your hands on as it will help you rank on the search engines.

5. Donation


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If you’re looking for a simple WordPress theme that looks trustworthy nonprofit organization then a donation is perfect to get started. It will let you create a charity and a Donation website with easy features. The main component is a customization that offers a quick and easy appearance to your website.

Further, it supports various security plugins and sitemaps that make the user more engaged with the website. The versatility of this theme is probably the feature that you should try out.

Despite all, it comes with a homepage that is divided into several pages. Also, it is well compatible with SMO and SEO plugins. Try it now!

6. SKT Library

SKT library

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SKT Library is a perfect website theme that helps you raise awareness about funds, and the cause you are working on. Even if you’re working on another project, but you should thanks to the SKT library WordPress theme that can help you establish a professional and a very strong online presence. 

This comes with rooms of features especially the easy to modify text, customization features, adding creative content design, customization custom widgets, and easy to manage files and data.

This has dedicated layout for posts and pages. The home page is animated and well-maintained, so you can easily improve the credibility of the website.

Also, this website has something special as it comes with powerful plugins options that ensure the design and make it perfect for the search engine.

7. SKT Tutor

SKT Tutor

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SKT Tutor is the best social welfare WordPress theme that gives you the right direction out of the box. It is the best fundraiser for a charity organization and nonprofit organization WordPress theme that helps you to build your professional website that people can trust.

It comes to the strong approach with intentions along with confidence. This designs flexibility a love your users to work and raise their funds. This would guarantee that your final product will be a theme page that will raise the potential to reach more customers

It is a sophisticated theme that has all the necessary features you need to improve. More? it comes with charity plugins and more that are well connected that give you ready-to-use features all the time.

8. Religious


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If you are looking for a religious WordPress theme that is easy to use and clean, then must check religious. It is the best website for both business and corporate business needs. It is integrated with world-class best features such as a call to action button, interactive features, and an advance option with sliders.

This makes the theme more optimized and adapted. Apart from this, you will be no longer working with the coding as it comes with inbuilt shortcodes that already working and makes work easier for use. With its sophisticated design, you will get visitor engagement. 

Try this and come up with a professional and appealing website.

9. SKT Funeral Pro

SKT Funeral Pro

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SKT Funeral Pro is the most suited and purest form of the social welfare WordPress theme. It has an inbuilt elementor page builder, which comes up with responsive and powerful login compatible features. 

This is very easy to modify as it is very integrated with features and comes as a fundraiser-related website, including a responsive and friendly layout that stands out from the crowd.

It has existed and been updated regularly that guarantees that you will never make you upset. With this theme, you will stand out from the crowd as it has outstanding features like compatibility, donation plugins, social media integration, and one-click import.

The more you will get the lot of changes that you need to check. So get the demo and enjoy the fantastic world of Charity.

10. SKT Charity Pro

SKT Charity Pro New

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SKT Charity Pro is an easy Charity and fundraiser website theme that is responsive and comes with a user-friendly layout. Indeed it keeps you updated with the features and gives you the world for charity.

It includes 1300+ Google fonts that are integrated with 8+ page templates. Also, it involves standard features like category and 404.

More? The theme is HTML5 and css3 compatible, so you won’t find any issue while working on. If you get any issue with the theme, the customer support is there to help you. So, try it now and claim the beautiful changes you need.

11. Activism Pro

SKT Activism

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If your option is to choose a simple and related theme, then check this Activism Pro. It is a standardized social welfare WordPress theme that comes with flexible options. It can help you to create a political party, Foundation website without any use of expertise. 

Further, you can work quickly on the professional site. Since it comes with all favorite plugins of everyone which is SEO, SMO, and many more. The drag and drop page builder includes all elements that every user needs.

More? The templates are very mobile-friendly, so there will be no issue with loading speed. You can even style testimonial blocks as you want.

It is also integrated with shortcodes and accepted the use of a side Menu. Moreover, it is featured with retina ready and compatible with every plugin that allows you to get the best use of the theme.

12. Fundraiser

Fundraising WordPress theme

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A Fundraiser is a social welfare WordPress theme that is legal for nonprofit and charity websites. This has the power to customize websites in the way you want. Its computer unique design and multi-purpose theme can easily help you tweak all the elements in the website. 

Also, it comes with standard pages like 404, search and archive. This has been given a good professional look to the website while the header and footer are also provided with different layouts.

You can even use the safeguard for fundraising websites that ensure security. Also, this has an OS that works well with every Browsers and device. Apart from that, it comes with slider plugins like video, accordion, and layered that keep you in the competition of the market.

13. SKT Education

SKT Education

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If you are looking for a very polished and convenient theme that supports your education website, then check this SKT Education. This is well designed for nonprofit organizations.

It comes with clean and straightforward output. There is requirement for no coding experience. You just edit the default settings and make it as per your choice. Moreover, it also practices all the latest trends, so you do not need to worry about this theme.

There will be outstanding features like 5 level dropdown, retina-ready, and HD-ready, gallery, blog layout, slide bar, and more. The best of this it comes with secure coding so you do not need to hire an expert to work with you. Try now!

14. Caregiving

senior care WordPress theme

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If you are creating a website for older people to support their life then caregiving is the perfect WordPress theme that helps to raise funds for them. If you are free and can connect with more and more people, it comes with social media plugin that helps you to support your requirement.

Further, it will bring your website on track and also comes with integral page layouts that you do not need to build a profile. It improves them with your choice.

Further, you can enrich the website with useful content and information, which help you to rank online. And we think that’s something you need to get your hands on this.

The best of this, you can clear with thoughts and relate with all people who are like you to help old people. Try now!

15. Holy Church

spiritual WordPress theme

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Holy Church is also the best Social Welfare WordPress theme that swings your thoughts. Instead of getting into the complicated theme. Holy Church will help you to start with an easy function theme that better your customer experience and fill you with the features you need. 

It comes with all endless compatible features that take you to heights. It is fully supportive and performs a click customization theme that helps you to tweak any elements. On the other hand, it comes with features like translation, WPML, WooCommerce, and social media integration. Get the demo now!

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