6 Top Security Plugins and Their Comparison for WordPress

Security Plugins and Their Comparison

Being a website developmental tool, WordPress plugins are exercised for a number of basic reasons to extend functionality and flexibility of the website, increase the traffic, speed up the site.

Link the relevant site to the most popular social networking areas, test the theme you have chosen for your future website for its compatibility with WordPress latest standards and requirements.

To encourage the website e-commerce activities, view respective statistics and many other advanced opportunities at your discretion.

However, among the most important and notable must have plugins to be implicated in your website, are security plugins. Although your website can be considered as completely safe and sound in itself, adding certain security improvements to it won’t be esteemed as a waste of time and measures.

Those extensions will make your online manifestation less vulnerable to the possible extent and protect it from any credible hacks, viruses, spam and other dangers.

Top Security Plugins

In this article we are going to highlight the most dependable and feature-rich security plugins in 2020, which are well optimized for being installed on any WordPress web page and compare their core features and possibilities.

Anyway, having one of the proposed security plugins, you will be able to undertake all the necessary measures to guarantee the sufficient security of your online presence.

1. All In One WP Security and Firewall


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All In One WP Security and Firewall pretends to be the most essential components of your WordPress based website, guaranteeing its constant flawless and safe operation.

This smart and secure, resourceful and user-friendly WordPress product for 2019 will in no way hamper your website speed and functionality or be harmful in some other implicit way.

All In One WP Security and Firewall is presented with a package of really vital features and elements, including security of user account, detecting the accounts with improper “admin” username or user accounts with the same login names.

Password strength tool for ensuring safe passwords, security of user login to detect too many login attempts or lock out certain IP addresses out of the system, force log out possibility, ability to view all the account activities or logged in accounts.

Add captcha form to your login form or forget password form, security of user registration to activate manual approval of user accounts for avoiding spam, as well as security of database and file system, backup, restore and blacklist options and firewall protection at your command.

2. iThemes Security or Better WP Security


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We can for sure state, that iThemes Security or Better WP Security plugin, just like the previous one, is praised for its very easy and use foundation and great support, causing no functional flaws to your website.

As for the applicable features and options, as compared to the 1-st described plugin, they do not stay behind.

Moreover, it seems to be the most popular WordPress security plugin for now with more than 700.000 active installs.

Apart from the standard version, coming with the most proper characteristics, we have also the Pro version with ultimate protection possibilities to explore, among them a time-saving security option to easily change WordPress security keys and salts.

The malware scan possibility, password security and expiration date setting, captcha form available, brute force attack protection, similar to the previous plugin, and yet much more to come with this awesome security plugin.

3. BulletProof Security


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Now, let us have a closer look at BulletProof Security. This plugin, parallel to the above mentioned plugins, matches all the cooperation terms and conditions of WordPress, at the same time making it easy to guarantee the protection and security of your relevant website.

BulletProof Security is loaded with well-developed structure and dynamic feature.

Such as very easy and fast setup, login security and supervision, Auth Cookie Expiration, DB full and partial backups, logout for idle session, website firewall protection and other features coming already with Pro version of this plugin.

4. Anti-Malware and Brute Force


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Another comprehensive, smart and secure, as well as well-supported security solution for your website flawless exploitation is Anti-Malware and Brute Force at your inclination.

To keep the website safe against malware and other viruses. This one is also among the most frequently installed extensions with more than 100.000 installs.

Check this outstanding safety strategy with its automatic full scan to detect threats and dangers, blocking of malware from soaksoak.ru, upgrade from TimThumb PHP script for more secure protection and enjoy its comfort and stable foundation.

You can even upgrade to its Pro version with more saturated functioning and potentiality.

5. Sucuri Security


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Sucuri Security is the next highly recommended website defender with flexible design and all the corresponding characteristic features inclusion.

This product, as the remaining rival plugins highlighted here, is created and developed to be fully compatible with any WordPress based website for providing extra security to it.

Sucuri Security is powered by malware detection and security tools, supervision of file integration, blacklist management with various blacklist engines and antivirus products, including Norton, AVG, ESET, Yandex, Spamhaus ect.

As well as other useful features, controls and configuration options coming along this handy WordPress security plugin for 2019.

6. Antivirus


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With the help of this all-inclusive plugin you will be granted with dozens of possibilities to customize all the required security settings so that your online platform will not fall victim to viruses, spam and other vulnerabilities.

WP Antivirus is packed and presented with premium-quality security mechanisms and controls to prevent the website and its functioning from any type of harmful penetrations.

Some of those features include complete scan of all the documents existing within the website, including theme and plugin documentation, malware prevention or detection and removal, alerts and notifications set up.

Protection from brute force attack, hidden links, harmful codes, redirections to other unknown areas, the availability to review security reports online and other easy to customize and straight to the point security tools in your hands for your website optimal protection and surveillance.

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