Outstanding Pet Shop WordPress Themes 4 Pet Store Dogs and Vet Websites

The rundown of the best pet shop WordPress themes is discussed in this article for all kinds of pet and animal–related topics.

These pet shop WordPress themes are to slay the tempestuous competition in the given industry, as well as let your business grow in a digital line as well.

Running a credible website to market online can be one of the most effectual outcomes–marketing efforts for any pet and animal business, pet shop or store, pet photography, clothes and accessories, dog or another animal day care, sitting, obedience training and walking, fish and aquarium rentals and other services.

If you have set your mind to establish and inherently exercise all the primary and roundabout channels to showcase your pet care services, pet shop items, and much more, a user and customer–centric, – inclusive, and intelligent–looking website can be the best initial step towards future success and broader market – base.

This working principle based on the accented advantages of the digital world will speak in favor of your pet–centric business from many different viewpoints.

Pet Shop WordPress Themes

Apart from gaining social proof and boosted online recognition, running your website is lucrative also from a financial standpoint.

You don’t have to fork over your hard–earned financial means to acquire a seriously developed and coded WordPress template to run based on your future website.

Hence, in case you want to economize your money but acquire a totally valuable and well–laid out, easy to use and follow animal or pet–related template for your future niche–specific website, our list of pet shop WordPress themes is specifically for you.

Take a look at each of them and give your preference for the one that fully matches your objectives.

Ele Pet:

Ele Pet Lite

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My Dog:

Dog Wordpress Theme

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SKT Cats:

skt cats

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Pet Care:

Pet Care

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Lively and interactive, thoroughly – managed, and energetic, Pet Care is long known as one of the best ways to monetize your pet–related business.

By the application of this top–rated template you can easily give a start to your pet care or pet–related online store, sell animal food or care products, toys, accessories, clothes, or whatever it can be.

This initiative will be much appreciated by thousands of pet owners who can make a quick search and purchase whatever is required even without leaving their homes and overcoming all the traffic jams, shop queues, and other difficulties.

The theme’s package comes prolific with full color changing controls, as many as 20 sections available on the homepage, responsiveness, and mobile–friendliness, as well as WooCommerce compatibility for e–commerce experiences.

Flat Pro:

flat pro

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Highly elegant and businesslike, as well as challenge-ready, Flat Pro is also among the top offers among pet shop WordPress themes for every relevant businessman or pet shop owner.

This template is strong enough to make you celebrate a powerful website the creation and management of which will not cost a paw and a leg.

Multipurpose and cost–effective, Flat Pro smoothly coordinates visually engaging design with unbeatable inner functionality.

Stylize by the modern and much-preferred flat web design tendencies, this pet and animal – and animal-optimized and SKT Themes – authored template is devoid of excessive colors, shadows, and textures that paved an outermost way to simplicity and precision, as well as better legibility.



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Functionally pliable and robust, highly versatile and persistent, user and developer – and developer-optimized, Shopzee is also one of the most popular pet shop WordPress themes to run for your animal content-based website.

This website and online shop building solution is custom–built to record the maximum deliverables and results with the efforts and expenses reduced to the critical minimum.

Meaningful and award–winning, responsive, E-commerce optimized, slider–armed and translation–ready, Shopzee is meticulously coded and developed to exceedingly live with all your requirements and claims.

Hence, you can easily exercise all the business models and commercial channels in the collision of a boundless digital arena.


girly WordPress theme

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Girlie does not require any mastery from you to get the most out of the theme and is available in the contemporary repository of pet shop WordPress themes at an affordable price.

To underpin your pet and animal-related, horse club, or other relevant website and make it a profile worth attention, this general–purpose and massively dynamic website builder comes with a wide array of elements and controls so that anyone can play with text colors, size, and much more.

Homepage nice–looking slider is out there to host your images and photos of lovely pet creatures or anything else that pops into your mind at the moment.

Shortcodes are also at your hand to make your website more presentable with additional parts like accordions, as well as calls to action to grab the visitor’s attention and let them get in touch with you.

Local Business Pro:

local business pro

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Make a great impression with Local Business Pro as one of the high–ends while simple usage pet shop WordPress themes to highlight the most important parts of your website or run an impeccable online commercial management system in your website.

It represents an offshoot of advances that can be easily manipulated by every website admin without any additional assistance from WordPress experts or other developers.

With fully customizable, widget–friendly, and WooCommerce-compliant Local Business Pro, you will be capable of ending up with a digital monster ready to welcome all its current and future clients with the most environmentally–friendly layout imaginable, bundled with everything instructive and entertaining.

Go Fishing:

go fishing

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Go Fishing is the last WordPress – based template in our list that is particularly handy for pet and animal–centric initiatives and undertakings.

Anyway, this SEO and SMO–optimized template feels fantastic when it comes to other fish–related industry manifestations online, ranging from fish trade to seafood.

With this zealous and totally smart website builder, any expert or even a novice with limited experience in the digital field will be able to expand his footprint online, as well as boost his social fame and recognition, increase sales rates, or enhance the number of website daily visits.

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