17 Online Store WordPress Themes for Grocery Fashion Websites

Is it worth to explore Online Store WordPress themes and use them for an e-commerce website?

Themes that enable users to set up an online store are widely preferred because of the boom in the e-commerce market.

All kinds of products including antiques, daily use objects, electronics, and many other things are shipped across the continent through e-commerce channels.

Websites have become an essential medium for owners to directly sell their products and not rely on any multinational companies.

But are these themes capable enough to survive the competition? Considering the technical aspects and offerings such themes are no less compared to the ones used by MNCs.

Online Store WordPress themes

If you can find the right audience for your product then everything else can be managed by the website. For your convenience, this compilation includes some of the best options that can help you establish an online store.

Online Store WordPress Themes for Grocery Fashion Websites

School Uniform

school uniform

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SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro

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SKT Appliances Pro

home appliances

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SKT Nutristore


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SKT Tailor


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Grocery Store

grocery store

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The Grocery Store is a popular and well-rounded theme for creating a terrific grocery-based e-commerce website. Despite the major focus being on grocery, it is used as a multipurpose theme that can project a variety of products.

There are pre-built templates, demo pages, standard pages, and high-quality images that can help you in making a professional site. Moreover, it also preserves considerable time and effort to find the best images and graphics.

The templates are all HD-ready and retina-ready and if you intend to create fresh templates then it is also possible. All kinds of small, big, and graphical customizations required can be carried out with the help of a customizer and page builder.

It not only offers you the provision of setting up a competent online store but many other features as well. It exhibits supreme performance irrespective of the device, browser, and screen type selected by the user. It is translation-ready and completely optimized for search engines.

Ele Fashion


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The fashion industry has revolutionized since its inclusion in the e-commerce industry. Ele Fashion is amongst the most versatile online store WordPress themes that can quickly adapt to your needs.

When it comes to fashion it requires constant updating as per the trends. Hence, this comes with minimal, clean, and easy to alter designs. Depending upon your requirements and audience preference you can create various sections for showcasing your collection.

Adding images, content, and all necessary information is also possible. A default slider is also offered that helps you in featuring new content, sale, discounts, and upcoming stock. The slider can be completely controlled in terms of animation, transition, and the number of slides.

You can conveniently integrate all the required external plugins with zero compromises in basic performance. The default template is professional but the same can be customized or a new template can also be created. The same is also applicable to the overall layout and page styles.

Ele Store

ele store

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One cannot miss out on including Ele Store in the list of online store WordPress themes. It is a versatile, adaptive, and responsive option for the assortment of various products irrespective of their niche.

All the products relating to different industries can be brought under one-roof for online buying by visitors. Necessary SEO optimization and coding required for the same has been done by experts in Ele Store.

If you want to set up a niche-based e-commerce website then it can also be established without any challenges. The possibilities for modification and customizations for a personalized experience are infinite.

The experience with the page builder and customizer for managing modification will be simple and easy. Predefined templates will enable you to focus your time on all other essential aspects of your website.

Integrating payment gateways and modifying the checkout window as per the commodities is also manageable. You will not only create a terrific e-commerce website but also live and enjoy the development phase here.



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Shopzee is a built-in class option in the compilation of online store WordPress themes. It is reliable, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing to manage all sorts of products from fashion to furniture.

It comes with customizable nature across all its elements and offers a highly intuitive user interface. To ensure that end-users across all demographics can relate to your site, it has been made translation-ready and multilingual.

Page builders help you in creating fresh templates and in making all the required customizations in the prebuilt templates. Colors, backgrounds, widgets, sliders, footer, header, and the rest of the elements can be personalized as per your brand.

It also includes hundreds of commercially friendly shortcodes so that you can quickly upgrade and add new features. External plugins of all kinds are supported and compatible for use.

Adding a blog to your e-commerce website and integrating social media channels for better engagement and reach is possible. So what are you waiting for? Start selling with Shopzee today.

Dairy Farm

dairy farm

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Dairy Farm is one of its kind online store WordPress themes. It is widely used for creating an e-commerce website related to milk farms, poultry centers, dairy farmers, etc.

By default, it offers a dedicated space for the business logo in the template. In addition to that, it also offers a full-width slider, blog page, testimonial, service button, widgets, footer, and more.

All the customization tasks are simplified by the page builder so that you can set it up in several minutes.

The overall design structure is modern and still does justice to the kind of niche that is based on. You can find support through an online support forum for a lifetime and developer support for a period of one year.

External plugins relating to contact forms, email, tables, pricing, etc. are fully supported and works flawlessly. The drag and drop feature enables you to swiftly carry out the modification process without any coding.

Luxury Watch

Luxury WordPress theme

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Luxury Watch is one of the multipurpose online store WordPress themes that is peculiarly used for projecting luxury brands and products. It comes with hundreds of features for building sophisticated online stores.

It is ideally preferred for best in class accessories, apparels, shoes, watches, bags, and fashion-related products. Tweaking the default layout is quick and easy so that molding it according to the brand’s preference becomes easy.

All kinds of advanced designing tasks from modifications to creating new templates can be done without writing any code. Beginners and professionals everyone will be at ease while using and maintaining it.

Megamenu, translation-ready, copyright-free images, compatibility with external plugins, font based icon support, and post variations are some of its functions. More than a hundred shortcodes are offered for including features like gallery, team, etc.

All the standard pages are provided, and extensive documentation regarding the theme is also available. With this option, your visitors are entitled to receive the simplest navigation and the best user experience.

Coffee Shop

coffee Shop

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Coffee Shop is an elegant, attractive, and reliable theme in this collection. It is fully powered and tested for compatibility with WooCommerce.

Hence, setting up an online product based presence is possible here. You can easily create a café or restaurant-based website with this theme with an exclusive addition of e-commerce.

This enables you to provide your recipe books, frozen products, and other niche-based food items. The best part is that it is multilingual and translation-ready as well which enables you to create content for the local audience.

You can easily add a gallery with the help of shortcodes or through external plugins. This will enable adding photographs of your dish, restaurant/cafe ambiance, and achievements.

You can directly choose one from the prebuilt templates and make necessary modifications as required. You also have an option to completely redesign any particular element of the entire structure according to your preference. Lastly, all images, content, and styles provided by default are copyright free.

SKT Pottery


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SKT Pottery is a rare, unique, and powerful theme for creating a website. Given its flawless compatibility with WooCommerce, it has been included in the collection of best online store WordPress themes.

Pottery and ceramic-based art form are limited to only a few regions in the world but have a large market. They are used for domestic and industrial applications along with home décor.

Hence projecting your products in an e-commerce personalized website with this theme can be extremely beneficial.

The peculiarity of using SKT Pottery is that it has been molded with colors, structures, and layout relating to this industry. This gives you an added advantage of features and aesthetics that helps you remain on the cutting edge of competition.

Additionally, you have full control over all the aspects and there is no requirement of coding knowledge in it. Modification, customization, and creating fresh elements are also possible with the help of a page builder and customizer.


Lifestyle WordPress theme

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Lifestyle is a soothing and amongst the aura-based online store WordPress themes. It is user-friendly, versatile, and comes with a diverse set of features that are combined to provide personalization and flexibility.

When it comes to diversification it offers multilingual support, translation-ready features, and by-default integration of hundreds of Google Fonts. You can select the templates based on any lifestyle choices or occasions from the prebuilt collection.

The entire collection is 100% responsive across all devices, screen, and browsers, and can be customized as required. Matching the vision of your e-commerce website is the primary goal of this theme.

Mobile accessibility for modification enables administrators to make changes swiftly and on the go. High-quality images and icons are also featured and tested for assuring retina-ready projection.

You can also choose to run the best blogs on the same website without any extra addition of features. You can also choose the matching and desired version from various blog and page formats.

Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme

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Flower Shop is another unique inclusion in the online store WordPress themes compilation. This is a distinct theme created exclusively for florists across the globe.

It has been crafted with the florists’ approach so that all their requirements for an online presence and e-commerce operations can be fulfilled.

The Internet and globalization have enabled exports and imports of special and unique flowers. Hence, this website provides you the best medium to maintain a flawless presentation of your business in the online space.

In addition to this, with spectacular WooCommerce support small or big online stores can directly receive orders for their specialty.

You can create multiple sections and add your desired content including photographs and videos in them. It is optimized for SEO and is mobile-friendly so that projection across all devices is best.

Shortcodes and external plugins help you in adding peculiar distinct features that are required for your business operations.

Toy Store

Toy Store WordPress Theme

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Toy Store is a niche-based e-commerce compatible website that is elegant, attractive, and feature-rich. All the different kinds of toy products manufactured or sold by your organization can be conveniently projected here.

You can also create bifurcation according to color, age, and gender preferred products. Including detailed information about your company, certifications, and infrastructure is also possible.

The default prebuilt templates give you exactly what you need to attract the audience in this industry. It can be managed and personalized as per your brand requirements. The flexibility in creating new HD-ready templates and adaptability in modification will make you enjoy this process.

Sliders will help you in redirecting your audience directly to your latest or most sold products. External plugins for pricing, inventory, and statistics can be installed from trusted sources.

Security, SEO, and all other technicalities of the theme has been tested and verified for a flawless experience.


Eye Care wordpress theme

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The last in this best collection of online store WordPress themes is Spectacles which is an industry-specific theme. Frequently referred to as glasses or shades, a business involved in this industry has created a worldwide market through e-commerce.

This theme is capable of providing visitors with a world-class experience online through a user-friendly interface and convenient navigation.

Eye-care based glasses and all related products can be easily featured in the prebuilt templates with only minimal modifications. It has been successfully tested for compatibility across devices, browsers, and screens for responsiveness.

It is incorporated with a gallery so that adding images of your vast collection is possible. Shortcodes are also offered and external plugins are also compatible so that you can quickly add any missing functionality.

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