Liquor Store WooCommerce Themes for Wine Bars

Why limit your business potential? When with the help of these themes, you can get more crowd in your bar. The reason for that is simple; these themes help you build a website which provides details, imagery, booking plugin, product details, and more. With the right theme, your website will create a desire or need to visit your bar.

Just opening your wine bar will not get the crowd there. To ensure that your bar is filled with a crowd every night, you need to spend some serious time marketing it. Now the generic ways of marketing, like putting on a billboard, are expensive and may not even provide the best ROI.

However, creating a website for your wine bar and providing details about the place may generate some online buzz. Online buzz can convert to an actual crowd, which means your business will grow.

There are thousands of websites about bars, but not all get good traffic or business. Certain features in a website ensure that visitors will convert to customers after visiting the website.

liquor store WooCommerce themes

When designing a website, you must ensure that the theme you pick has those features. We have finalized the best liquor store WooCommerce themes to make your work easy.

Wine Pro

wine pro new

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This theme is perfect for you if you have a vineyard and want to specify how you make your wine before customers tase it. Along with exquisite details about the winemaking process, you can also add images of your winery.

Those rich images will attract a lot of people to visit. Any special offers on their wines are highlighted with this theme. People who are looking to cut costs and drink fine wine can easily move forward to utilize these offers.

Beer and Pub

Beer Pub Wordpress Theme

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There is a great market for selling amazing craft beers, but you need the right theme to highlight your products. You will be able to highlight why your beer is better and the right choice for your customers.

Other than that, you can also highlight the top beers of your pub. It is always a good idea to push your top-performing products to customers. Because if other consumers like it, then there is a chance that new consumers will love it too.

Some people go to a pub for the hospitality experience. It is necessary to give credit to those who make your pub what it is, so you can add details about your staff with this theme.

Pubs always draw in more crowds when happy hour is happening! Now, you can highlight discounts on drinks with this theme.

Tea Shop

Tea Shop

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This theme is for people who own a tea shop and want to promote it. You will be able to provide your customer’s reasons for choosing your shop with the help of this theme.

You can highlight all the different types of tea you provide, their ingredients, and their price. Describe in detail what makes your tea so healthy for the customers.

This website has the space for vivid imagery and text. You can display your tea and then describe it to the customers. It comes with a WooCommerce plugin so you can sell your tea online.

It is important to have a diverse distribution chain, and if you already sell your tea in retail, you should try selling it directly to consumers.

When you sell online, your market can be the whole world. This increases the potential of revenue, starting with the Tea Shop theme.

While this theme works for tea plantation companies, it can also work for liquor stores or companies that sell craft alcoholic drinks.

Coffee Shop

coffee Shop

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Now highlight the products that you provide with the help of a Coffee Shop theme. You can also provide a detailed background about the history of your cafe. With the help of the menu plugin, you can add your entire menu online.

People can see what you provide in your cafe before making a purchase. You can make a reservation on their website and save your table.

Don’t think that this theme is only good for coffee shops. It is one of the best liquor stores WooCommerce themes out there as it has all the needed features.

Ele Chocolate

Chocolate Lite

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The internet has revolutionized how people buy their food. Now people with bakeries can cater to a global audience without any hesitation. All they need is a place to make their products and store them.

People love chocolates, they are tasty and useful for special occasions, and they tell people they are loved. There is a huge demand for chocolates throughout the year, whether it is just for someone’s cravings or for valentine’s day.

If you make chocolates, then you can benefit by selling them online. This theme has a menu plugin, you can tell people about the ingredients that your chocolate is made from, receive customer feedback, highlight your bestsellers, and publish customer testimonials.

If you are looking for liquor store WooCommerce themes and have not had any luck, then you can consider this theme too. It has all the necessary features, and with some tweaks, it can work wonders for your wine bar.

Juice and Shakes

juice and shakes

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This is a very colorful theme for juice shop owners. Now you should proudly display your menu on your website. You can point out the offerings that differentiate your store from your competitors.

Other than that, you can also write about the healthy ingredients of your products. Throughout this theme, you get many opportunities to pitch your juice shop to visitors. By investing $39 in this theme, you can increase your store’s revenue by a great margin.

We Bake

We Bake is a WordPress theme created for bakeries or stores that sell cookies. The opening hours of your store are displayed on the website. This way, people know when to show up to have a tase of their favourite muffins, cookies, pastries, and cakes.

You can add a widget on the footer where people can submit their email addresses. There is an Our Products section, where you can display your best products and lure customers. If customers cannot make it to your bakery, you can always take their order through your website.

You can do this by adding the WooCommerce plugin. What works for a bakery also works for a bar. This can be your pick if you have a bar and have been looking for liquor store WooCommerce themes.

SKT Cafe Pro

If you run a premium cafe, you can promote it by highlighting the services you provide. People love to read up about coffee before they taste it or buy it. This theme is HD ready, which means people can see how each cup of coffee will look before buying anything.

People say that it is impossible to replace the experience of a cafe online, but with just the right images or videos, you can pique people’s interest in your products and cafes.

GB Hotel

This theme will solve all your problems if you are a guest house, motel, resort, or hotel owner. The real advantage of having a website as a hotel owner is that people will be able to make online reservations for your property.

That is where the booking plugin helps you. Before booking rooms for vacation, people need proof that the place is worth it. So this theme comes with a testimonial plugin.

Now, you can publish the testimonials of your satisfied customers. When others see this, it builds up the authority of your hotel, and they consider booking the place.

Dairy Farm

In their daily life, most people use alot of dairy products. Whether it is milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese, and other products. If you have a dairy farm, you can build a fortune by selling your dairy products online.

It is hard work, but if you can establish a brand identity online, people will keep buying your products. The first thing this theme helps you do is to mention the products that you sell.

Customers need to know that customer service will take care of their orders. That is why you can place your phone number on the footer. If your customers have problems, they know they can reach out to you.

Seeing details like phone numbers or email is a big assurance for customers before purchasing a product. Both dairy and liquor have high demand, which is why this theme can also work in liquor stores.

If you have browsed hundreds of liquor store WooCommerce themes but are still unsatisfied, then try the Dairy Farm theme. Once you apply the theme, you can customize it to your needs.

Ele IceCream

Ele Ice Cream is a great animated theme for your ice cream parlour. First, you can highlight what makes your ice cream different from others. Then with the help of the menu plugin, you can virtually display the ice cream options you have.


If you run a bistro, you can win customers by showing them the highlights of your restaurant. In this theme, you have an entire gallery available, where you can add all the beautiful images of your bistro. Out of many liquor store WooCommerce themes, this theme can work fabulously for a bar.

SKT Food

This theme comes with an exquisite combination of colors and fonts. It caters to the needs of chefs and food bloggers. You can use this theme to write about various recipes; your audience will love it.

It can help you build a responsive and mobile-friendly food blog in hours. If you have a classy bar, this theme can fit well there too. Once you have applied the theme, you can make the changes according to your needs.

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