8 Gossip WordPress Themes for Celebrity Gossip Websites

A splendid assortment of advanced gossip WordPress themes is emblazoned in this article.

These themes can be used for magazines, online journals, personal, business or fashion blogs, celebrity and artist websites and not only.

Celebrities and worldwide famous individuals, local stars and other influential people matter heavily when it comes to the millions of average people’s lives and even the way they behave.

Choose their style and behavior or values, confirm their identity, use this or that expression, believe in this or that, etc.

And they are constantly in the focus of attention and are openly discussed, praised, adored or criticized in the digital domain based on the gossip, rumor or assumption catering to them.

And since massive groups of people are always puzzling over the around clock coverage of this or that celebrity or artist, singer or actor, sportsman or team.

gossip wordpress themes

Lots of magazine and journal website owners or bloggers direct their working policy to the way so that to be able to receive more traffic from those fans and followers.

They assign separate columns or sections for the most interesting topics and niches, frequently write about this or that famous person or notability and, all in all, keep their websites always fresh – faced and energetic full of interactive content.

The below – determined list of the best gossip WordPress themes is particularly foreseen for magazine and news – based profiles, blogs of various nature and denomination, as well as celebrity fans, followers and supporters to establish and run their website or blog in a matter of minutes and in the easiest way imaginable.

SKT Journal:

SKT Journal - Journal blog WordPress Theme

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SKT Adsense:

Adsense Friendly WordPress Theme

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SKT NewsPaper Pro:


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Inevitably modern culture and lifestyle are polychromatic and multi – dimensional and so is the audience following it. Therefore any magazine or journal – style website should be flexible and zealous enough to satisfy all tastes and visitor perceptions.

SKT NewsPaper Pro has been coded and developed with the above – notion in the authors’ mind to make it as bright and practical, as alluring and user – optimized as your reader may expect from your profile to be.

SKT NewsPaper Pro is ready – made to win the storm of applause of storm with its strictly categorized framework, cross – browser and mobile compatibility, color changing and other controllable elements, grid and list view available types for category and yet much more to be delivered with this amazing template of category gossip WordPress themes.



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Elegant and truly charming, well – dressed and well – framed, Charm is one of the top – quality gossip WordPress themes at your fingertips to breathe life into your e – journal, news website, personal blog or whatever you are engaged in.

Easy to use and lightweight, Charm is the one to be acquired without forking your hard –earned financial means over and anoint you as the only expert of your website to intuitively master it right from behind the scenes.

This top – rated blogging – style ecosystem consists of a nicely – formatted framework integrated with accurately arranged theme sections and areas to showcase your content with categorizations and sub – categorizations.

You can also easily show off your high – quality images via the homepage slider and control the way is they are going to appear for every single website visitor landing on your homepage.


personal WordPress theme

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Whether it’s good or bad, the coverage of this or that individual goes on, and the reason is that people are evidently tuning in.

Character has been specifically projected and launched to be engrossed in life and activities of some famous personality and to serve all that content in the most attention – grabbing fashion or to be successfully used by someone aiming at sharing his or her articles and pieces of writings in relation to certain industry, hobby, team, cultural manifestation or whatever it is.

And no matter what celebrity or the “hero” of your website is associated with, you can handle the content about him or her in the way to be easily found and enjoyed by your web visitors and readers.

SKT Magazine Pro:

magazine WordPress theme

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Meet one of the most credible and versatile, smart and totally intelligent pattern among the gossip WordPress themes to power up your future money – making website at an affordable price.

Tired to fight with incomprehensible coding and styling procedures causing headaches? The solution is the responsive and all – inclusive SKT Magazine Pro projected with an average Internet user without any knowledge of programming or styling ins and outs.

Moreover, you will be capable of adding your favorite or final touches to the existing template via the theme backend easily, yet effectively, without getting stuck into anything bewildering.

Political Candidate:

political candidate WordPress theme

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Balanced between stability and seamless usability, Political Candidate is battle – ready when it comes to letting your website visitors, followers or fans stay abreast of the latest.

Since this template has been cultivated and released to cover any kind of political issues and campaigns, debates and elections and anything of the kind.

It can be successfully used for political gossip and political news ensuring transparency or accountability on the one hand, and presenting assumptions and considerations at a rumor level at the same time.

This type of mixture will inevitably result in high – rate participation of people in your profile and its hustle.

Generally speaking, Political Candidate is a sum of much – needed essentials and characteristic features to keep your content alluring, fresh – faced and responsive enough all the time.


Lovely and beautiful, subtle and susceptible Girlie is the last product in our article sharing gossip WordPress themes.

This one is wonderfully convenient for girlie gossip online magazines and news websites, since lots of feminine touches and colors are incorporated into the theme to make an exceptionally nice look and feel.

From home décor to lifestyle trends, fashion and beauty, career and personal life, celebrities and artists to culture and politics, the role of woman in the modern society and culture and much more can be inserted into the theme parts and sections.

Top images can decorate your virtual face when added to the homepage prebuilt slider to affect your potential audience as soon as they browse your website.

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