10+ Most Free Creative WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers

Are you looking for the perfect WordPress themes for graphic designers.

In these article we have listed best WordPress themes for graphic designers, freelancers, media agencies, graphic design agencies, personal portfolio, illustrators, artists, designers, creative folks and photographers.

Creativity should never stop, especially if you are a graphic designer. Hence, it’s better you check out the latest and mesmerizing free WordPress themes for graphic design portfolio in the blog below.

Other than that, this website theme is rich in flexibility and runs quite fast on different mobile devices. Hence, the customer or readers with low network coverage can also access this theme in need of urgency to check the products and services out.

This theme can be suitable for adventure sports, bloggers, spa clinics, hotels, tour & travel agencies and consultants, start-ups, and others.

However, if you are experienced with HTML5 coding, then you can tweak the template as per your or the client’s needs.
Otherwise, before buying a premium package for increasing perks, Kitchen design is one of the creative, intuitive, and regularly usable free WordPress themes for graphic designers.

Creative Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers

10 Most Creative Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers

SKT Design Agency | WordPress Themes For Graphic Designers

design agency

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This is one of the best free WordPress themes for graphic designers, which was last updated 2 years back but is still demanded in full-spree by the beginners as well as those who are at the advanced level of designing.

Whether your clients are a big bunch of corporates, spa clinics, consultants, agencies, cafes technology, fitness centres, and others, this WordPress theme is considered to be the top most priority for digital agencies, web designers, and more.

One of the best reasons is that this is one of the free WordPress themes for graphic design portfolio, which is highly responsive; that is, it has a high degree of compatibility for the latest devices.

Web Programmer Lite | WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers, Freelancers, Media Agencies

programmer WordPress Theme

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If you are a programmer along with a graphic designer and you want to experiment with your skills on the website design, then this is one of the free WordPress themes for graphic designers, which can be bought after you are satisfied with the user experience.

In the free version, you get to use logo upload, more slides, and page templates in the starting. Other advantages of the free version include that it is based on HTML5 codes, or if you want, CSS3 sheets can work fine too designing the templates.

In fact, the compatibility with other browsers and mobile devices is already tested, and thus, the responsiveness of the website will never be an issue while choosing such free WordPress themes for graphic design company.

The App

The App Pro

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This landing page theme available freely at the WordPress is quite enriching because of the real and genuine user experience. It has state-of-the-art features like interactive user experience along with unmatchable compatibility to run on multiple platforms or smart devices.

In fact, the PSD file is also downloaded of this graphic landing page when you download the theme. In brief, this landing page theme is focused on displaying on-point information about any application that you or your client wants to list.

The targeted audience will know what kind of application is that and how can they use the world-class benefits attached to it.

SKT Launch

author WordPress theme

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For products like eBooks, apps, and landing pages specifically for any product listing, these kinds of free WordPress themes for graphic designers are used in general.

The theme overall is pretty light, easy, SEO rich, and tested across 7 modes for computability. Also, the theme is tested for online translations, if required by any foreign visitor.

IT Solution

IT solutions WordPress theme

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For flexible graphic designing solutions, themes like these are best in the market right now. Actually, you can also use this for a simple, easy, and interactive user experience, if that is your immediate aim.

Or else, it’s one of the best free WordPress themes for graphic designers available right now for helping out the corporate clients in functional areas like HR, IT, software, R&D, and much more.

IT Consultant Lite

it consultant new

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If you are aiming for a minimalist website theme, then definitely choose this design whenever you would feel like it. This free theme has social media enabled, along with the pages for the customers like 404, search engine, as well as the blog section to update the regular content.

With the help of HTML5 and CSS3, you can continuously update this theme on your own, as well, if you are familiar with the coding. Other than that, this theme comes with WordPress Customizer, Nivo slider, and compatibility with every latest mobile and desktop device.

SKT Filmmaker

This WordPress theme is rating around 8.3/10, which is a good sign to trust a theme for the creative, latest, and impactful content that you wish to display on your site or for your client’s website.

This theme is easy, reliable, and compatible to use for filmmakers, moviemakers, highly qualified photographers, videographers, bloggers, travellers, and other professionals who indulge in video-shooting and photographing regularly.
In the feature section, you will get a slider, demo, free hosting, logo upload, and much more.

Laptop Repair

If your clients are somewhat related to service providers for computer and laptop repair and maintenance services, then this is one of the ideal free WordPress themes for graphic designers to impress them at once.

The template here is super interactive and responsive. The end-customers will be easily able to contact the laptop and computer repair consultant with the contact form, and other information displayed easily on the landing pages that will be quite visible to the audience.

More than that, you can also choose this theme for digital services, online support services, or anything related to providing learning and training models to the employees, students, or any kind of targeted audience who wants to get help through a helpdesk.

Kitchen Design

Graphics designers always have a bundle of different clients like those are who interior designers, architects, real estate, realtors, carpenters, and those who provide other modular kitchen services.

For meeting such client needs, this template is available for free on WordPress, and it was updated recently this year. So, the modern template design will not be a problem to inculcate into the WordPress site you are bound to make for your client.

In fact, you will get to download it for its benefits like it is already tested for SEO and user-friendly experience with the famous WooCommerce tool for WordPress website and themes.

SKT Elastic

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for meeting multiple purposes and that too at free? Then this theme is a definite choice to make today. It has a different block of pages that you can tweak, create, and add as per your wishes and requirement of creativity.

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